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Chapter 1: Flawless

And flawless she was. Her skin as smooth as marble polished more than twenty times, her hair holding the faint scent of candles and dark magic, her walk so confident and strong, her gaze never breaking, always steady. But her eyes, oh her eyes. They were alluring and mysterious. Dark amethyst moons calling you to them, crinkling in the corners before a soft smile, flashing brightly when she laughed, a flash of crimson hues when her rage was building, a sparkling of crystal tears when her world was crumbling. Indeed, she lacked only flaws, for she was flawless. And he in turn, lusted after her.


Alas, she was on his mind again, thrice that day and it was yet three seconds after midnight. In his dreams her voice called to him, and he woke with drygasps of lust and felt shame burn his face. How could such a beauty think twice of him. He was a leader, yes, he was popular, yes, he was what every girl in the world wanted. He was the perfect boy. But she, she was a goddess upon the world and he was yet a mortal. He was not enough, he thought, to fulfill her needs. The comfort she needed, the arms to hold her close, the voice to tell her "I love you", the fists to defend her life. Inside he felt wrong indeed, for he felt as though he was not enough. But clearly what he did not know, was this:

Polished marble may be beautiful, but even beauty has its flaws.

And she was not indifferent to that.

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