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Chapter 8: Wasted

The bile tasted bitter and cold on her tongue. Her cheeks were drawn into the bone structure of her face and her body was wasting away slowly. Dissolving, almost, into nothing. She glanced wearily at the familiar, growing puddle of dark green liquid, and almost fell into it.

Goddamn. She thought as she leaned against the wall, knees close to her chest. Refusing to eat ever since she was first brought here, Edamir was furious and finally, as a punishment, decided not to offer anything at all to her, until she begged for food. Which, of course, she would never do. She didn't remember how long it had been. It was too long. She wondered about her friends, and choked back a bitter sob, wondering if they'd forgotten about her, as she was sure they could've reached her by now. Would she suffer alone again?

"Like always." She murmured softly to herself. Closing her eyes, she could hear the slow, irregular beating of the heart, as if screaming for something. For fuel. For nutrition. For life. But she couldn't give it. She wouldn't let that happen. Then she collapsed to her side, paralyzed with starvation, and although her body frantically worked to heal, her soul was broken into pieces and she ignored the voices of reason in her head. She'd given up.

Just let me die. I have nothing more to live for...She fell away into a wasted stupor, her old costume too large for her, the rotten, putrid smell of bile tainting the air.

You, my reader, are asking, 'Did the Titans forget?'. The answer is simple and quite obvious. Of course they did. Not. Every day the only thing on their minds was Raven. Her goodbye, her sacrifice. Why couldn't we protect her? What can we do to help her? Where is she now? What is he doing to her? How is she doing? WHY WHY WHY! Frustration laid his slabs of emotion down slowly and steadily, a wall of anger and rage filling them each day as they thought of her.

It had been too long. They knew it. But none of them had an idea. What if she was dead by now? What if she's hurt? What if? What if? What if! They never spoke of it, just went about their routine, though much harder without her skills and protection. They closed themselves off from her room, her stuff, her, altogether. But Starfire, who could never keep a secret for too long, couldn't stand it. It burned her from inside out.

They were eating dinner. Calmly, peacefully, serenely. Her hands began to tremble slightly, her right eye twitching. She was sitting across from the empty seat, where Raven used to sit. Her mind raced with thoughts.

Friend Raven, where are you now? Our home is empty and full of sorrow without your presence. We all miss you, we all need you. Has that evil man hurt you? Are you in pain? We all live as before but without you something is missing. A part of our lives are all missing. Friend Raven...friend Raven...

"FRIEND RAVEN!" She slammed her powerful fists on the table and her eyes glowed bright green. The others jumped and stared at her.

"How long shall we stay here without doing anything about our friend's situation? Are we such cowards that, we cannot even think of one plan to save one friend? A friend whom we all care for dearly and miss so much..." The sentence couldn't be finished. A sob broke it in the middle and the others shook as well with sorrow. Beast Boy bit his lip and stared at his feet. Cyborg closed his eye and set his face to look grim. Robin made no change in expression but his heart, haphazardly put together with tape fell apart again. Starfire was right. Raven was the most important right now. They had to protect her. She was still a Titan, no matter what.

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