This is part ofa series of scripts I wrote, labelled; Can I Trust You. The are all taken from I Dream episodes which I felt weren't completely completed! They are about Felix and Amy, so it's full of fluff! This one takes placeat the end of episode 3, Hold the Front Page. Hope you enjoy and please tell me what you think!

"I'm glad that's over" sighed Amy as she fell back onto her bed. Khush looked up from the magazine she was reading and grinned.

"Yeah" she agreed. "So, how's Lover Boy?" she taunted.

"Ugh" groaned Amy. "You call him that once more and I'll kill you"

"What's the matter?" asked Khush knowingly.

"I can't believe he said that to some scheming journalist. I thought he was better than that" she sighed. 'I trusted him' she added in her mind.

"You don't still think he did it do you?" she asked wearily.

"Well, yeah" replied Amy. "I mean, who else would have said it?" Khush gulped. She knew they secretly liked each other. She'd hoped they'd have just admitted it by now.

"I might, know someone…" said Khush slowly as Amy stared at her.

"Who?" she asked quickly, hopeful that Felix really hadn't deceived her, but at the same time slightly disappointed that he didn't think of her in that way.

"Well…" sighed Khush. "I didn't think you'd find it so bad. We thought we were doing you a favour, we didn't realise you'd react like this…" she said quickly. "Sorry" she whispered.

"You" said Amy in disbelief.

"Not just her" sighed the boy as he walked in. He looked at Khush guiltily. "I couldn't let her think it was just you" he explained to Khush.