This is part ofa series of scripts I wrote, labelled; Can I Trust You. The are all taken from I Dream episodes which I felt weren't completely completed! They are about Felix and Amy, so it's full of fluff! This one takes place at the end of episode 11, And the living is easy. Hope you enjoy and please tell me what you think!

"How are you feeling Felix?" asked Patrick abnormally nice.

"Better" he admitted quietly. He went to speak again but paused,

"But still a little confused?" sussed Patrick.

"Well, yeah. I mean, this is so unlike me! 'I'm not normally the type to give up on anything. So what's wrong with me?" He asked.

"I'd say you're trying to show off to a certain someone" he smirked.

"What are you going on about?" groaned Felix.

"I'd say there's a certain American lady that you've got your eye on".

"Me…fancy Amy…don't be ridiculous" he spat quickly.

"Amy eh…I meant Natalie" Smirked Patrick.

"Natalie? Give me some credit" he laughed with honesty.

"So you fancy Amy then. Yeah, I could see that" he winked.

"I never said that…What do you mean, you could see that?" he asked slowly

"Well, you're both stubborn, loud mouthed, cocky…"

"She is not cocky!" he yelled suddenly, Patrick smiled.

"Now I know you like her" he smiled.


"You just stood up for her"

"I did not" he argued.

"Whatever Felix, there's your reason for your lack of carelessness. You are unconsciously trying to impress Amy" he grinned. Felix's mind was agreeing, but he just couldn't bring himself to admit it.

"I think you're crazy Patrick"

"Think what you like, deny it even. But that's your answer"