"What!" Felix almost yelled, finally looking up at Ollie. "I can't do that!"

"Why not?" asked Ollie.

"I…uh…" he sighed. "She might not feel the same"

"So?" he asked. "What if she does and she's just waiting for you to ask?"

"But what if she really does despise me? And she turns me down? And she can't stand to be near me anymore and I lose her?" Felix said all too quickly.

"Calm down" soothed Ollie. "Listen, Amy's your friend, right?" Felix nodded slowly. "That's why you're afraid to lose her?" another nod. "Well, she's not much of a friend if she abandons you just because you feel for her"

Felix thought about it, it made sense… 'I suppose' he thought.

"Besides, this isn't even a real problem" he grinned.

"What do you mean?" asked Felix.

"I know for a fact that she won't turn you down"

"How?" asked Felix.

"She likes you too you moron!" laughed Ollie.

"And what makes you so sure? She doesn't act like it" sighed Felix.

"Do you?" retorted Ollie.

Felix thought back;

'That's great; you're a lady…just about'

'Yeah, but we all know that listening isn't one of Amy's strong points'

'What's SHE doing here?'

'I'm alright for stretching myself but if I have to play opposite her I'll crack'

'I've been horrid to her ' he thought sadly.

"Why would she like me when I've been so horrid to her?" he asked quietly.

"Because you aren't always nasty, what about when you rescued her from the cliff? Or when you helped her with her project? Or how you make her smile? It all adds up Felix" he smiled.

"I'd just rather, you know, forget abut it." Felix sighed.

"Felix, we go home in a week. If you don't do anything soon, it'll be too late" he sighed, watching his friend lay back down.

"Yeah, maybe it's for the best" he shrugged.

"I feel sorry for you Felix" he sighed. "I really do" With that, Ollie also lay down and went to sleep. Felix didn't manage to get to sleep that night; he was too caught up in his feelings for Amy.