Chain Letter

I'm redoing the story because the first couple chapters were kinda...y'know? So, here's Chain Letter, revised!

Chapter 1: The Legend

There once was a little girl named Chelsey McCann. She was a quiet, sweet girl who loved her parents. But one day, her father attempted to kill her, because she had a dreadful secret. She then vowed that when she did die, that she would bestow a curse on her family, until they, too, suffered and died at her hands.

The little McCann girl was found dead, drowned and beaten. The father was charged with murder of his daughter and sentanced to twelve years in prison. The mother continued to live on the farm, but was suffering from evil and deadly hallucinations, and was found washed up on shore three months after her husbands sentance.

The police assumed that Mother McCann had committed suicide, having gone crazy after the death of her daughter and the inprisonment of her husband. But that was far from the truth…

Japan, 2004

The young man wiped sweat from his face and looked at the car in front of his. A nice silver Farari (sorry, but I don't know anything about cars, I just go for what looks good.) sat in his driveway, polished up nicely. He put the car polish away in his garage and took the rubber band out of his hair. His ruby-red locks fell carelessly down his back and his emerald eyes shimmered in the afternoon sun.

"Shuichi!" a young woman called from the house. The man looked at her. "Yes Mother?"

"Did you finish up on your new car? It looks nice!" his mother complimented. Kurama smiled. "Thank you. It's my baby." he said, patting the hood.

She went back inside the house and began cooking. Kurama sat out on his knees, inspecting the car, for the longest time. There was a black blur and a displacement of air and a short man in a black cloak appeared in front of him. Kurama smiled. "Hi Hiei."

Hiei looked at the car. "What is this thing? Some new torture device Yomi had you build?" he asked.

Kurama chuckled. "Nope. My new car. A ningen (that means human) mode of transportation. I just bought it." Just then, Hiei grinned. Kurama swallowed hard. Hiei never grins, he thought.

"Let's test it out…" Hiei said, running his finger along the rim of the hood. Kurama then smirked. "Okay, but no trashing it."

Okay, that was chapter 1, with the author's note revised! Review please. Here's the Spoiler:

What will happen when Kurama gets behind the wheel of his new car for the very first time? And what's wrong with Hiei? Is it even real?

Alright, there you go. The answers lie ahead in the next chapter, so press the little button on the lower right-hand section of your computer screen and get on with the story!