The crew had arrived at an unknown island after being caught in a storm. They'd split up to try and discover where they were.

Maeve took Dermott inland to see if she could find a village. She was walking along when she felt something tug at the bottom of her dress. She looked down to see a small girl standing there. She had no shoes and wore a sand colored rag as an excuse for a dress.

Maeve bent down on one knee so that she was eye level with the girl.

"Hello" she smiled. "What's your name?"

"Me Lottie" replied the child. "Is he yours?" she added pointing to Dermott who was perched on Maeve's arm.

"His name's Dermott, would you like to stroke him?". Lottie nodded eagerly, so Maeve moved her arm towards Lottie so that she could reach Dermott.

"Your so lucky" smiled Lottie, gently stroking Dermott. Maeve just smiled.

"Lottie" came a sudden voice. "Thank God I've found you. I've warned you about running off like that before."

"I'm sorry mummy" said Lottie.

"It's ok. I'm just glad they didn't find you first" she replied scooping the little girl up in a motherly embrace.

"They?" asked a curious Maeve.

"Oh, I'm sorry" smiled the woman. "My names Erika. I see you've met Lottie".

"She's lovely isn't she." smiled Maeve.

"She's a strong character. It'll get her into trouble someday."

Off in the distance a siren sounds.

"Oh no. They've realized were missing." She turned to Maeve. "You couldn't do me a favor could you?"

"What?" asked Maeve.

"Take care of Lottie for me." She pleaded.

"Of course, but why?"

"I'm a slave at the castle, Lottie was born into slavery. But the Queen dislikes her and treats her badly. She doesn't deserve it." Erika sobbed.

"Of course" answered Maeve. "I'd be happy to help"

"Don't let her be seen. The Queen has spies all round this island, she is not safe."

"Ok, but soon I shall return for you,"

"There's nothing you can do" sighed Erika.

"Not alone, but when I tell Sinbad and the others..."

"The legendary Sinbad the Sailor?" She gasped.

"Yes, I am a member of his crew." replied Maeve.

"Your Maeve!" she gasped.

"Yes. How did you..." started Maeve uncertainly.

"You and Sinbad are legends here. You are well known, and not safe. The King and Queen would give a great reward for your must not let anyone know who you are!"

"Thanks for the warning."

Rustling sounds and shouts sounded behind them. Erika handed Lottie over to Maeve.

"Quick, before they see you." said Erika.

"Bye mummy" smiled Lottie waving.

Then Maeve carried Lottie into the bushes before the army appeared.