A Ranma 1/2 Fanfic
By: Aaron Nowack

Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 belongs to Rumiko Takahashi. I am not Rumiko
Takahashi. Therefore, I do not own Ranma 1/2. The text of this fanfic
is mine, and may not be used without permission. Thank you. This
disclaimer brought to you by the letter 'H' and the number '9.8752544'.

Darkness surrounds me. I hear nothing. I feel nothing. And so
it will remain until the transformation is finished. And then, I will
save my people.

A sound! It's too early. Something, probably someone, has
somehow managed to crack my shell. This cannot be! With the
transformation incomplete... my fire will rage uncontrolled. Already, I
can feel them coming... and nothing will quench them. Nothing!

I slowly rise out of the wreckage of my shell, and search the
cavern. There! There's that... that insufferable landling boy! The
one who's struggled to stop me at every turn, who visited indignity upon
me at the springs.

Now, once more possessing an adult's mind and body, I might have
forgiven him that, and even for stealing the Kinjakan. But not for
this. Not for dooming my people to another century of slow extinction.
Without control, I cannot provide for them.

I will have vengeance!

I almost laugh as the boy mutters a curse. At least he
understands his situation. I will most enjoy slowly roasting him and
his friends. They deserve no better.

Without words, I launch a firebolt at the landlings to keep them
busy. It will almost certainly not be enough to kill them... but then I
don't want them dead, yet.

The boy speaks. Good, he recognizes me. He will know why he
must die. I quickly accept the apologies of Wombat and Kima. No doubt
they did what they could, and this disaster is not their fault. I put
on a false show of hope, speaking of future opportunities... but
undoubtedly my people will all be dead before one presents itself.

I step forward and turn to the boy. "Ranma..." I growl.
"Before I horribly dismember you and your friends, protocol requires me
to explain the entire plot to you." I pause for a moment, memorizing
the looks on their faces. I will savor their pain for a long time.
"Let me tell you of the true fate of all kings of Phoenix Mountain..."

I being to explain the enormity of their crime. What is this!
The boy dares to mock me! My talons clench and my whole body shakes
with rage. The boys yells something about sharing... the fool doesn't
understand the enormity of the magic required for the transformation.
Besides, it does the world a service, by draining the malign magic of
the Pools of Sorrow.

Heh. Apparently the boy's wench... or one of them at least...
needs the water to survive. Normally, I could care less... but I will
joyously deny that access now, so that the boy will suffer as my people
will be made to suffer by his actions.

"So be it," I reply. "The die is cast. Better show me what you
have before I fry you to the bone!" I yell as I hurl a fireball at the
landlings. They survive, of course. I want their deaths to be slow.

I think I'll let them know that. "Ranma..." I say as they
huddle over the shrunken form of the wench. "You caused my premature
rebirth, ruining the happiness of my people. The crime is
unforgivable!" I smile at them. "I'll have to kill you slowly, so you
will have time to regret your mistake."

What insolence! They insult me? No, they threaten me! The
fools think that my powers are weakened! "Weak, am I?" I ask. "Then get
ready for a fraction of my abilities!" I scream, throwing their own
words back at them.

I unleash my flames, raging uncontrollably. White hot fire
fills the cavern, scorching the ancient stones. They... will... DIE!!

Ha! The idiots flee before me, scattering like the rodents they
are. Run all you like, humans. My flames will turn your flesh to ash
in the end. Kima is already explaining their mistake to them. Good. I
won't have to waste my breath.

What? The boy has grabbed the Gekkaja! He's trying to get the
water flowing again. How amusing. I let him almost reach the tap
before lashing out. "You DARE to ignore me?"

The blast blows the boy out of the cave, and I follow quickly. He's the
biggest threat, so I'll deal with him first. What? Has the idiot
managed to fall down? Pathetic.

No, he's above me. Interesting. But not enough. I send fire
up to meet him. Heh. The boy swears vengeance on me! For what? He is
the one who chose to become involved. Pure insanity. This boy couldn't
even take on one of the Musk, much less the Lord of Phoenix Mountain in
his full glory.

Damn! I let him get too close. The boy has severed one of my
wings. Annoying, but hardly crippling... at least for me. But perhaps
I shall just finish the boy off. Playing with him might be a bit too
dangerous. Hah! The boy thinks he's won! Not so easily, Saotome

With one arm, I shoot a pillar of flame towards the ground,
arresting my fall. I send more fire towards the boy, forcing him back.
"You foolish landling! I am as the Phoenix! The greatest of my people,
even should I die, I would rise eternally from the flames!" He might as
well know that his battle is hopeless.

Hmm... the boy's intelligence is less than adequate. I should
probably make it clearer. "Give up your foolish quest, landling! I am
immortal! You can never win!" To illustrate my point, I regenerate my
lost wings.

Time to finish this. Saotome, you have been an amusing
opponent. Not a challenging one, but amusing none the less. Your
bravery is of legendary to stature, to take on a god. But your
foolishness is equal to your courage, for the same reason.

I float before landling, and decide to taunt him one last time.
"I am immortal, landling. To even defeat me on this day, you'd have to
cut my entire body to pieces. But then, to do that... you would have to
get close to me! Lots of luck, landling scum!"

I rip off my own wing. This will finish him off. "Blazing
Emperor's Wing!" The flaming wing darts towards him, there is no way he
can dodge in time. He blocks with the Gekkaja. Fool. That will only
give him a few more moments to live.

Heh. He's dropped the Gekkaja! He has no chance now! What's
this? He's dropped his wench, also! Delightful. Her death can be on
his hands. I form my largest fireball yet, and send it towards the
pair. They will certainly die.

I float towards the smoking ground. "How pathetic... looks as
if even his bones were reduced to ash." Wait... "What?" I exclaim.
Saotome's hardly singed. "In the name of the egg?! HOW?! A puny mortal
survived a direct hit from my fireball?! Inconceivable!"

The boy checks on his wench... wait. Yes, that's it. "You have
a fool's luck, Ranma." I proceed to explain how the girl blocked my
attack. Fascinating in the abstract, but very frustrating in reality.
"You landlings are such sentimental fools," I finish, and prepare for
the next round.

Though... I myself am not immune to sentiment myself. The wench
really did nothing to deserve my anger. "My condolences on the girl's
death. My vengeance was not directed at her. But, like her, I have
little time left." Why? Why do I explain myself to the landling... to
Ranma? "I must to the hot spring bath in order to complete my
transformation. I cannot turn my fire off and I must gain the
regulating ability before I burn myself out." It probably won't work,
but it's my only chance. "So, sorry to say..."

"...You won't be touching the cold spring water in this
lifetime, landling scum!" I resume my attack as Ranma leaps towards the
Gekkaja. As though he could figure out how to use it properly. "It's
time to end this dance! DIE, RANMA!"

It can't be! The Gekkaja blocked the attack. Saotome has the
luck of ten thousand fools, not just one. I scan the ground, as soon as
he shows himself... there! "You are a fool to expose yourself!"

What?! He's using the girl as a shield... on purpose?! "You
scum! You disgust even me!" Wait... it was a fake. For some reason, I
am pleased. I would hate for such an opponent to prove himself unworthy
of facing me. I resume my attack.

Ranma's figured out how to use the Gekkaja as a shield! He
begins to amaze me. Too bad he wastes his time sketching some design on
the ground. Time for him to die...

"Hiryu Shoten Ha!" roars the boy. What? I should have
realized... after all, that attack was designed to try to stop me. But
why would the Amazons have taught it to a male, much less an outsider
male? A question for a later date. I will deal with Saotome now.

"Tricky little bastard! But what do you hope to accomplish with
this attack?! Fool! I am a bird! No wind attack can defeat me! I can
simply fly through them!" As the Amazons had discovered when they first
tried the technique on me.

No! The boy's behind me! How the... the wind. Of course.
COLD! He's using the Gekkaja on ME! "Damn you!" How could he have
mastered it so quickly? It's impossible!

What? "The Kinjakan! This isn't over yet!" I snag the weapon
with my free hand. "I WILL NEVER YIELD! Just try your futile attack
again! I will prove the error of your ways with your death!" We lock
weapons, and a grin forms on my face.

"Idiot! You are a fool to brazenly use a weapon you know
nothing about. The two key tools mirror each other, perfectly
reflecting the other's attack. The irony is delicious." My grin widens
as the last of the ice melts off of me. "How is your resistance to
cold, stupid mortal? You will freeze yourself to the bone, while
bathing in the fires of the Kinjakan is like a cool summer's breeze to
me!" It's almost sad, in a way. Ranma is an excellent fighter. "Young
fool... only now... at the end.. do you understand."

I renew my attack, screaming words I hardly pay any attention
to. This time, Ranma will die this time. That is certain. His skill
cannot save him. The Gekkaja cannot save him. Nothing can save him! I
smile at his cries of pain.

Heh. Even now he struggles! "Give it up. Even if you escape
the force of the flames, I will only..." Something... the rock that was
falling under him, slams into me with tremendous force. Damn! I should
have kept track... My flames weaken as the pain fills me. Curse this
new, weak body!

One of Ranma's companions is even now hurling more rocks into
the fray. Another Amazon technique in the hands of an outsider male.
Interesting. But... how will I stop the assault? Damn there are so
many... "Keep them away!"

This was a duel! The landling had no business interfering! He
can wait his turn! "Damn you! Fight fair!" I blaze away at the
oncoming rocks. Damn! I lost track of Ranma again, and he nailed me
with a kick! This is insane! I am the Lord of Phoenix Mountain! I...
will... not... lose!

I unleash the full power of my flames, melting the very rock
around me. This ends here! I rise up out of the fire, searching for
Ranma. I will finish him now!

There! I scream at him for a moment. I don't really recognize
what I'm saying. It's not important. He won't live a moment longer.
"Mount Phoenix Royal Family Final Attack! Any-Mortal Instant-
Annihilation Emperor-Sized Ball Blast!"

The fireblast turns the entire mountaintop into a massive pile
of rubble. Saotome is dead. He was at the center of the blast.
Finally, I have triumphed. Now, to see to the others...

It can't be! Ranma... froze himself solid! Damn! He's still
alive. I can't believe it. What will it take to bring that boy down?
I have to get back to the cold spring water in time! I hurl the
Kinjakan's blade at him, wounding him a little.

"You actually froze yourself solid with the Gekkaja to stop my
attack?! Your persistence is incredible for a mere mortal. And very,
very annoying!" But very well. He can't maneuver, he can't make an
attack. "A clever trick, but you only delay the inevitable! My next
blast will shatter your frozen body to pieces!"

I muster my energy for one last blow. Hold nothing back. I
will make sure he dies! "Any-Mortal Instant-Annihilation Emperor-Sized
Ball Blast!" Ha! He cannot escape my final attack a second time!
Victory is mine!

The girl! She's punching a hole through the flames. Damn
idiot! I try to spare her as best I can, and she throws her life away!
Does she even realize how hard it was to make that cursed spring without
killing her?! "Foolish girl! How many times do you wish to die? My
blast will incinerate you!"

What? The boy... Dragon of Ice? No! He's using the hole,
he's going to... I will not fail! I will triumph! No! I feel the ice
puncture my chest. Breath come with difficulty. I can feel myself
dying. I no longer have the strength to keep myself in the air.

How? I am the Lord of Phoenix Mountain! How could I have lost?
Lost to a mere mortal, to a piece of landling trash, to Ranma Saotome!
When everything was on the line, I lost! I failed my people... if only
I could truly die here, and not have to remember this day for the rest
of eternity.

But... but... I am immortal.