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Warning: Yaoi!

Broken Dragon

Chapter 1


I'm Jou, Jounouchi Katsuya to be exact. My first name is Katsuya. In Japan, that's how it is, last name first and first name last. But everyone still calls me Jounouchi, or Jou for short. Truth be told, I have some problems. High School Graduation is creeping up on me and I don't know what I'm going to do. Sure, I know I'm going to get a job and become a working man, but other than that, I really have no plans. I want to find my 'special someone' even though it's harder than it seems for me. I'm a guy, and being a guy, it's normally expected of me that I like girls. Unfortunately, I don't. I like guys, same as Yugi. Yugi admitted it to me a few weeks ago that he was, more like admitted it to all of us, and we were okay. How could I not be if I was the same? Turns out his true love was the pharaoh that had been in his body all that time. I figured enough; they were each other's half and really came to depend on one another. I remember how devastated Yugi was when the pharaoh left. The wackiest part is now Atemu (that's his real name) is pregnant! Go figure. Of course, after Yugi had explained to me what had happened while Atemu was in the hospital it made a little more sense…although I had pegged Yugi to get pregnant instead of Atemu. Now I owed Honda five bucks.

But now back to my problem. I like guys too, as I've already said earlier and that's a problem for me. I don't know why, but it's probably because I think it's a problem that it is for me. I haven't told anyone, not even Yugi about it, which for me is a hard thing to do. I never liked keeping secrets from my best friend, even if he kept some from me. Well, he did for good reason for that matter and always told me when he was ready. I think that's how it should be with me, if I understood any of it really.

The other major part of the problem is my first crush. It's still just a crush because I haven't said nor want to say anything about it. I'm not about to say who it is either. He's a jerk, a right handed brown haired dragon toting freak! He keeps referring to me as 'his puppy' and calling me a mutt! What kind of a turn on is that? For that matter, what kind of a nickname would that be unless we were a couple? Stupid moneybags, no good rotten jackass.

"Jou, what's wrong?" I looked up to see Yugi's big eyes staring down at me and then looked back down to see my paper was torn in several places and my pencil was broken. "You seem really distracted."

"I was just got a little angry and distracted in my thought, that's all," I said. "Don't worry about it Yugi." He smiled and went back to his seat. I got a fresh sheet of paper out of my desk and went to sharpen my pencil so that I could hopefully finish the impromptu essay we had to write by the end of class.

"Breaking things mutt? And here I thought you were weak." That cold… and laughing voice again, I hated it! I turned, my head practically snapping as I stared at none other than Seto Kaiba, with my newly sharpened pencil in my hand.

"What's your problem moneybags?" I asked. "You better not push your luck or I'm going to hurt you one of these days."

He smirked. I hated that smirk. "And here I thought it was going to be a bigger threat. Not, one of these days. That's as vague as it gets mutt."

"Ignore him," Yugi muttered as I felt him tug on my shirt. "Just finish the essay." I growled at Kaiba before going back to my desk and sitting down again. I looked at my pencil and groaned, I had broken it again!

Seto Kaiba

Yugi came running up to me before I left school. "Why'd you have to go and do it Kaiba?"
"Why'd I have to go and do what?" I asked.

"You provoked Jou deliberately. If perhaps you left him alone more often and didn't tease him he wouldn't think so badly of you!" His chiding manner sounded childish but I saw the truth in it. "He says he hates you enough already, that won't turn to love if you keep baiting a hook for him to bite!"

"Interesting analogy Yugi," I said, mulling over the words in my mind. "But he's so easy to bait."

"It's just habit by now for you isn't it?"

"What is?"
"Baiting Jou and teasing him more after he bites."
I blinked and turned all the way around to face him. "It isn't a habit!"

Yugi's look frightened me a little. "It's a habit; you know it and you have to break it!" He stormed off without another word. I assumed he was moody because the pharaoh was so moody. I had no idea what a pregnant male behaved like and I wasn't too keen to find out, at least not right now.

Brushing off the conversation, although the words rang in my mind, I stepped into my limo and told the driver to take me to my office. I leaned me head back and stared out a window, watching various buildings and trees and other things drove by. "Is it really a habit for me? If I can't stop insulting Jou, I'll only push him further and further away…"

Was that something I wanted? Because I wasn't sure whether Jou liked me or not, or rather if he even was gay or not was it just better for me to push him away than try to get him to come closer? I sighed and buried my face in my hands, running them through my hair and I let out a frustrated breath. I didn't know, I honestly didn't know. But if breaking that habit, stopping the teasing every time I could…maybe there would be hope, right?


I arrived home from school and headed to the answering machine. I'd been expecting a call from my sister for a while now, just to check up on her so I kept checking every day to see if she called. I saw there was a message so I pressed the button and sat down in a chair nearby to listen.

"Hey big brother, it's me. I'm sorry it took so long to call. School's been a little hectic lately and I'm studying for exams. As soon as they're over though, mom says I could come spend a little time with you during summer. You'd like that right? Just so you're not worrying, my eyes are still fine, in fact, they almost seem better than ever. I'll call you later, I'm sorry you weren't home so we could talk. Bye!"

The beep followed and the answering machine recited the day, hour and minute she called, although I had already figured when she had. I smiled, it was good to know she was all right, and it was even better to know that she'd be staying with me a little over the summer. I stood up and went to the fridge, pulling out a coke and popping the top. Gulping it down I headed into my room to do some of my homework. I resolved this year to pass more classes than the last. It had been my new year's resolution!


"Atemu, Grandpa, I'm home!" I called as I opened up the door. I was immediately greeted by a warm hug and a long kiss. I loved being greeted like that.

"I'm glad your home Aibou." Atemu's voice filled my ear and when he let me go out of his embrace I looked at him. His stomach hadn't increased that much yet but he was glowing…not that I'd tell him that. No, I think I tried to tell him once and ended up with a bruised arm. I never had pegged him for the motherly type and was a little jealous at times he got to bear our future children. Of course, he still didn't quite act all motherly and was more than the dominant one in our relationship (not that I minded) but it would probably hit him when the cravings started coming…or at least that was what Anzu told me would happen. He was sick though, morning sickness, as he experienced it, didn't just come in the morning. It came pretty much any time of day and any time of night. I did a little reading and was relieved to see that morning sickness wouldn't be as big a problem in the second trimester, from about four to six months into the pregnancy. Yes, I had been doing a lot of reading.

For one thing I couldn't figure out for the life of me how he was going to give birth, I only assumed now Kana had some plan for this to all work out. I really was okay with that so long as Yami didn't die in childbirth and if she had to change him into a woman to do it, she changed him back into his male self when it was all said and done.

"Aibou, stop thinking so hard you're hurting my head," Atemu complained as he clamped down on my arm with his hands. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry love, I didn't mean to."

"I know," he whispered, kissing my hair lightly as he wrapped an arm around my waist. I couldn't be happier that he was back in this world with me, we were together.

"So, how are you doing?" I asked as we headed towards the living room.

"I haven't been able to eat much lately. Well, not so much as eating much as when I eat it all doesn't want to stay down. I've stuck to some simple foods like bread and pasta and it seems to be working fine today," he explained and I sat down on the couch, Atemu sat down next to me. "Although now I have found an interesting combination that doesn't taste that bad when I'm…tangoing with the toilet, it's quite tasty actually."

"Yami, I don't want to know," I said as I stared at him. He would find something like that. "Just keep it to yourself and use that knowledge to the best of your ability. Just don't tell me please, I don't want to know." I let out a yelp as Yami pulled me into his lap and kissed my neck, intertwining his hands with mine. "What is it?"
"I love you," he whispered. "My Hikari, my little light…"

"I love you too Atemu," I whispered back, leaning back against him. "My darkness, my love."

"I'm thinking there is more than one in here," he said, guiding a hand to his stomach.

"You mean like…you're pregnant with twins?" I asked and he smiled proudly.

"Who'd have thought you'd have that kind of skill."
"It isn't skill it's luck!"

"I'd say it was skill, one of the best nights of lovemaking in our relationship as of yet and it came to be we might have twins." I couldn't tell if Yami was teasing or if he was entirely serious. "Of course, this just means that for the next couple of nights I'm going to try and beat that."

"I don't think I would get pregnant…"

"Oh, but did I say I was hoping for that?" the gleam in his eyes told a lustful tale. "I just want to make them better than the one you gave me…"

"Really love? I'd like to see you try."

"Is that a challenge?"

"It's the start of a game pharaoh."

"Then I better get ready to play." He kissed me gently, his soft lips pressing against mine and his hand slinking down my chest slowly and coming to rest over my pants. He released me from the kiss. "A game I always intend to win."


"Honda, I don't think that's how it's done," I said through the phone, staring blankly at a few of my math problems. "I'll just call Yugi and get the answers from him."

"When you do get them let me copy them tomorrow then, all right?"

"Fine Honda, geeze," I said. "Goodnight!" I hung up the phone and leaned back on my chair. It was late and I didn't get the answers. I couldn't call Yugi this late at night for two reasons, what he'd be doing with Yami and it was late, if I woke him up he'd be upset. ARGH! Why in the world did someone have to invent the concept of math?


It was around eleven o'clock at night when I finally was able to go home from work. Tiresome, trivial things had to be taken care of, not that I minded taking care of them. Mokuba would be in bed and the chefs would have gone home for the night, leaving me to try and get something to eat on my own. My driver pulled up to my house and I went to the door, unlocking it with my key before heading inside.

I felt unusually tired tonight, and not just from the late hours. I suppose it was because I spent most of my time pondering how I was going to break my 'habit' and try for Jou…try for Katsuya. He was my puppy! I had to try at least, even if it may break my heart, but it would eat me away if I didn't at least try. It already started eating me away inside, not that I'd tell anyone anything, except perhaps Yugi, who was supposed to be helping me in this endeavor but it was. I had to try, the only problem was, and I didn't know exactly how I was going to do it. I should ask Mokuba in the morning if he had any ideas…he might, I didn't know. I'm sure he wanted to help though, I remember how he scolded me a few times for provoking Jou instead of doing other things…which I'd rather not repeat what he said. I ran my hand through my hair again; this wasn't going to be an easy task. There wasn't a manual for 'winning over the puppy of your dreams and getting him to bed'; of that much I was certain.


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