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Broken Dragon

Chapter 10


"Welcome to your final destination," I said with a small bow. I watched Jou emerge and his eyes widen, while big brother came out and started sniffing the air. It seemed funny, but I wasn't about to laugh. He had been doing that a lot lately; it was amazing what he was starting to notice with his sight gone.

"Mokuba, you smell like bad cologne. What are you up to?" Seto asked. "And why are you wearing cologne in the first place?"

"This special date I've planned for the two of you is something pertaining to all the senses," I said and beckoned Jou to lead Seto towards the entryway to a small building. They didn't know it but this building was an entryway to their dinner date. It was as romantic as I could make it, with just a small bit of help from Anzu.

"What do you mean?" Seto asked. "I demand an answer now."

"Calm down fancy pants," Jou said. "I'm sure he'll explain."

"Fancy pants my ass," Seto said. "You try imagining the smirk on his face."

"I can see it," Jou asked and Seto scowled.

I started to laugh, "You two are such a pair, and you deserve each other."

"Are you going to explain…what?" Seto's demanding question turned to one of wonder as we entered the building, which to him would smell very strongly of flowers and a wide variety of plants.

"Like I said, something pertaining to all your senses," I said. "Since big brother can't see, a fancy upscale kind of date wouldn't do much. Jou hates those and most of those entail a lot having to do with sights."

"You thought this through," Jou said.

"It's not hard to figure out you hate all those upscale places I'm used to," Seto said.

Jou growled. "Fancy pants."

Seto grinned and did his best to lean over to Jou and whispered something I found I could hear quite easily. "Maybe later you'll see me out of said pants." Jou turned red and he looked away, but I could see Seto grin wider than most of the times I've ever seen him smile.

"AHEM," I said, getting their attention again. They'd have private time, later in the night. "So instead I decided to go for something that would be on neutral ground, so to speak. Well, it seemed like neutral ground to me. Something that both of you could enjoy. I think I'll let the rest of the evening speak do the talking, come on!" I beckoned Jou to help Seto through the building and into the greenhouse, where Seto gasped at the onslaught of smells that awaited him.

"It's beautiful," Jou whispered and Seto nodded.

"I can imagine. It smells wonderful," Seto said. "I wish I could see it."

"Flowers everywhere, trees and plants…" Jou trailed off.

"Come on," I said. They followed me down a short path and towards a table centered in the middle of the greenhouse.

"You clever brat," Jou said. "You really planned this out thoroughly." I smiled proudly as a waiter took out a chair and held it out for Seto to sit in, and then did the same to Jou.

"It will be a pleasure to hear the details of the evening, but I'm through with what I was needed to do. Enjoy," I said, bowing in a sort of fancy fashion before running off with a smile. Tonight was going to be perfect, so long as they didn't start bickering about stupid things.


Mokuba had planned everything down to the last part of the meal. I was willing to bet he'd had just a bit of help with choosing out some things though, as he wasn't exactly an expert in the culinary arts. I really wasn't sure who was though, but no doubt he found someone to help.

"This is amazing," Jou whispered sometime in the middle of the meal. "You're little bro is something else."

"He probably had help," I said. "But he did do a good job overall. Is it beautiful? I can only smell everything…"

"It is," Jou said with a laugh, and sighed. "I'm going to guess Anzu for this. She's such a romantic."

"Apparently," I stated and felt a hand on my shoulder. I tried looking in that general direction and felt a kiss on my cheek. "What was that for?" I heard a laugh as the hand disappeared and I heard the sound's of Jou's chair scraping along the sides as he sat down again.

"What, you didn't like that Seto?" Jou asked.

"That's beside the point," I said with indifference and started eating once again.

"You're so cute when you blush," Jou whispered dreamily.

"I'm not blushing," I said. I could feel it, but I couldn't see it, and so I wasn't going to admit to it.

"Where do you think Mokuba's going to drop us off next?" Jou asked.

"Wasn't this our final destination?" I asked.

"He'd just leave us here and not complete the night? Doubtful," Jou said. "I'm very doubtful your brother is like that."

"Right," I replied as I finished the last bite. "Are you almost done eating?"
"I finished long before you did Seto. It was so good I couldn't help myself," Jou replied and I found myself smiling. "I hope there is desert."

"I'm certain there will be," I said. "Mokuba's not one to leave things like dinner without desert."

"Wonder what goes with steak?" Jou asked. "I hope its something good."

"If it's an entire cake, make sure I at least get one piece please," I said jokingly.

"Hey I resemble that remark!" Jou protested but I could tell he was smiling.

"Well then, I stand correct," I replied.


I looked out from behind my hiding spot which I was using to check up on the two to see if they were done. The last leg of the trip included the desert that Jou was talking about and other things besides. Anzu had actually offered to make the desert, saying it was a special 'rose' romantic recipe her mother had taught to her and left the recipe for her as well. I only hoped it was as good as she claimed it was, but I trusted Anzu.

I emerged from my hiding spot and prepared for the final leg of their first date. They hadn't argued at all throughout the entire thing, which was a really good and hopeful sign. It might yet work out for the both of them.


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