Title: Pool Boys (2/2)

Author: Allaine

Email: DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Bruce Timm, the JLA animated series, etc, etc. No profit intended from my infringement.

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Takes place after the final chapter of "Dragons, Demons, and Other Wonders of the Heart".

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Summary: Courtesy of a writer's impulsive nature and fifteen minutes to kill, the new inner circle of DEMON learns how to relax. Socialize. Check each other out. Manipulate. The usual.

Part Two

"Are they still watching us?"

"Yes, Pamela," Talia sighed.

"Men are pigs," Ivy sneered as she continued to face away from those . . . men.

"I am sure J'onn isn't even paying attention to you. He is only there because it is his duty as Ubu. If he was not, the other servants would wonder why."

"And because you're rutting with him," Ivy muttered.



"And Matt - well, face it, Red. He hates you."

"Fine then. I would hate to think men are staring at my body," Ivy said unconvincingly.

"And he's not looking at me," Harley went on, "because he knows my Puddin' is the jealous type, he loves me so."

Ivy gnashed her teeth but said nothing.

"And I highly doubt he is leering at me with J'onn sitting right next to him," Talia added. She glanced over at Volcana. "I guess that leaves you, Claire. Lucky girl."

Volcana smiled. "Oh, I don't know. There's an upside to having a man who's putty in my hands."

"He's putty in everyone's hands," Ivy pointed out. "That's what he's made of."

"All the easier to mold him into something useful," Volcana replied. She picked up the bottle of suntan lotion and waved it in Clayface's direction.

He leapt out of his chair and, taking the shortest distance between two points, dove into the pool.

"See?" Claire added. "Putty."

Ivy chuckled. "Now this could be - amusing."

The End.