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Who are the kids? Who are the parents? I will own Teen Titans… someday…

(Ok, at the beginning the titans are BB: 33, Rae: 33, Rob: 35, Star: 35, Cy: 37.) Raven and Star grabbed their children. "Ok kids, since today Beast Boy turns 33, Robin turns 35, and Cyborg turns 37, we're sending you to the past to help stop Slade. Remember, that's why they… Or Robin… forgot their birthdays," Raven said. "But…" one of the kids started. "No buts, now go!" Raven said, pushing the 4 through the portal. They all landed in the Teen titans' tower, 18 years ago.

"Ow!" Cutefire shouted, "Get off of me, Sonic!" "I'm not Sonic!" Techno shouted. "Crow! I didn't mean to! I promise I didn't-ow!-mean to land on you!" Sonic shouted. "Liar!" Crow shouted, her gray skin turning red. She kept throwing objects at him, until they all looked at the past titans. "Hi! We're the Toddler Titans!" Techno shouted. "Go figure… I knew I shouldn't have tried the tofu…" Cyborg said. "Hey! I like tofu!" Crow and Beast Boy shouted. "See? Is dad the only one who agrees with me?" Crow asked.

"DAD!" all the past titans shouted.

Theme plays:

When there's trouble you know who to call


From their tower they can see it all


When there's evil on the attack

You can rest knowing they got your back

'Cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol

Teen Titans GO!

With their superpowers they unite


Never met a villain that they liked


They got the bad guys on the run

They don't stop 'til the job gets done

'Cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol

Teen Titans GO!

If your heart is black you'd better watch out

You can not escape the team

When they catch you there won't be any doubt

You've been beaten by the team (Beaten by the team)

One… Two… Three… Four… GO!

Teen Titans

"We're from the future! Our moms sent us! Well, Cutefire and Crows' moms, anyway," Sonic said, "Our mom was helping dad with dad's 'baby'." All eyes left Beast Boy and turned to Cyborg.

"I was right in the middle of meditation, too!" Crow shouted. All eyes turned to Raven. Raven flushed. "Dad was teaching me combat skills!" Cutefire shouted. All eyes turned to Robin. "I knew I shouldn't have let mom teach me that tamaranian folk song, it's stuck in my head!" Cutefire said. All eyes turned on Starfire. "Mom was telling us about the HIVE." Techno said. All eyes would've turned on Bee, had she been there.

"Ow! This hurts my head!" Beast Boy shouted. "Go figure," Raven remarked, sarcastically. Crow and Sonic sighed. Cutefire and Techno were still busy talking on and on. "STOP!" Crow shouted, "Let's tell them who our parents are!" "Yeah!" Sonic agreed with his girlfriend… er… I mean teammate. "Ok," Cutefire and Techno sighed. "Ok, I'll start. Raven's my mom and Beast Boy is my dad," Crow said. Raven and Beast Boy turned red, so red that Beast Boy looked like a Christmas ornament. "BumbleBee's our mom, Cyborg's our dad," Sonic said, which made Cyborg turn into the red tin-man. "Starfire's my mom and Robin's my dad!" Cutefire said, happily. (She must be so proud… Not. Now CROW is someone who should be happy! Yeah, Sonic and Techno, too.)

"Please tell me you're joking!" Raven shouted. Everyone else seemed… Quite peachy actually… "I'M GOING TO GET MARRIED TO BEE! (Clears throat), Umn, I mean, aw man! This sucks!" Cyborg said. "This is most glorious!" Starfire shouted. "Yeah… umn… Great…" Robin said, trying to breathe but Star was giving him a bone-crushing hug. Beast Boy and Raven were ignoring each other. "Ya know, you two make a cute couple, I mean, Raven is a bird's name, which fits perfectly with Beast Boy!" Cyborg said, nagging on the two. "Be quiet if you know what's good for you," Crow butted in.

"How would you know they would hurt dad? My dad could totally beat your dad!" Sonic shouted at Crow. "Nuh-uh! Wait… That means you think you're better than me!" Crow shouted. "Umn… Well I sorta am." Sonic said. "Hey! If you're so tough why don't you fight?" Crow asked. "I can't hit a girl!" Sonic said. "Neither can I," Crow said. This went on for quite some time.

"You two over there, SHUT UP!" Cutefire shouted. "Who are you and what did you do with Cutefire?" Techno asked. "I'm trying to concentrate!" she shouted. "Her dad's genes are kicking in." Crow said, "I hope the only gene I have of my dad is not eating meat." Crow said, "I like mom's genes." Raven gave a small smile. "Hey!" Beast Boy shouted. "I'm glad I got my dad's genes, Techno got mom's." Sonic said. "I do have one other gene of my dad…" Crow said. "Being stupid?" Sonic asked. "HEY!" Crow and her dad shouted. "He's not stupid!" Raven said, slapping her hand over her mouth. "Mom's right! My dad and I aren't stupid!" Crow said. "I don't remember her saying you're not stupid!" Sonic said. "My other gene is how good I am at videogames!" Crow said, "How 'bout we play some?" "Fine!" Sonic said.

"Well, that's a way to calm them down," Cutefire said, pulling Techno over her. "Remember our mission! Tell those two to stop flirting, and to get over here!" Techno, confused as he was, followed orders. "Cutefire says stop flirting and get over here!" Techno told them. "But I'm about to wi-… Hey! I wasn't flirting with that tin-can!" Crow shouted. "Yes you were!" Cutefire hollered back, and flew over to them. "Now, you'd better stop flirting and get back on topic!" Cutefire said. Game station: WINNER: CROW! LOSER: SONIC! "YES! I WON, I WON,-I wasn't flirting-I WON!" Crow shouted. "I, for one, wish that you had your mother's opinion on videogames. WE WEREN'T FLIRTING! AND BESIDES, CUTEFIRE, YOU WERE OFF FLIRTING WITH TECHNO!" Sonic shouted. This argument also went on for a while.

"Kids!" Robin shouted. "Settle down!" Cyborg finished. Raven wrapped a black aurora around the 4. "Please stop fighting, and while you're at it, tell us your mission." Raven said. "Well, you and Mrs. Grayson told us to help defeat Slade because in the future dad, Mr. Cyborg, and Mr. Grayson are preoccupied with defeating him, though he's already dead. You both figured it would help," Crow said. Raven shivered every time Crow said mom or dad. It made her sick. "Are you okay, mom?" Crow asked. "Mom?" Bluebird asked. "Mom's fine, Bluebird. BLUEBIRD!"

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