Written by: Trinilee Greenleaf

Title: Name giving

Summary: A young prince is born and two elflings give him a name.

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don't own any Lotr characters. Except Legolas! Sigh no I unfortunately don't own him either. But I might soon. If I can just prove that I am a descendant of Tolkein. evil laughter

Note: My elvish is not very good but I do try. Any corrections will be most appreciated.

Note: I made up the name of Thranduil's wife so it is NOT her real name.

Note: I wasn't sure if legolas had been born before or after Greenwood had been changed to Mirkwood. I always thought it was before and that it changed when he was young. Sorry if I was wrong!

Rough Translations

Tawiandrís – Woodland Queen

Ada – Father

Naneth – Mother

Penneths – young ones

Tired and worn out, she lay there. Looking as beautiful as ever thought Thranduil. But there was something even more beautiful about her today. There in her arms fast asleep like his mother, lay a tiny baby less than ten minutes old.

The young prince of Greenwood had been born.

There was a soft knocking at the door. Thranduil looked up from where he was stroking his Queen's face lovingly. Elrond, who had been until now standing in the corner of the room watching over the newborn baby, silently walked over to the door.

He smiles as he saw who had knocked and he opened the door a bit more to let them in. Thranduil was about to protest until he saw who it was.

"Lady Celebrían. Elladan. Elrohir," the King acknowledged each of the guests.

"My Lord," Lady Celebrían said with a nod, "how is the Queen?"

"She is tired but she will recover quickly," replied Elrond, putting an arm around his wife's shoulders and guiding her to a chair opposite Thranduil.

She looked across at the new father, smiled, then looked at the bundle that lay sleeping in her best friend's arms. She shot a questioning look at Thranduil and he nodded.

Elrond's wife stood up and took the babe out of Tawiandrís' arms. She moved the blanket away from the small face and gasped in awe. The elfling was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

He yawned up at her and blinked his small eyes open. Again the Lady gasped as she looked into his bright blue eyes. Together with his shining blonde hair the elfling was truly a sight to behold.

Hearing small, shuffling noises behind her, Celebrían turned and looked at her twin sons, who were craning their necks to see the baby. She walked over and knelt in front of them.

Staring at the child, both twins fell in love with him at once.

"Can we keep him?" Elrohir whispered.

"Please?" Elladan looked up at his mother.

Celebrían shared a look with her husband and then turned her attention back to her children.

"I'm sorry my children, but the prince is not ours to keep." Seeing their crestfallen faces Celebrían had a sudden thought. "But," the twins looked up, hope clear in their eyes, "your ada and I, promise to bring you to visit him whenever we can."

All three adult elves smiled when the twins starting dancing round the room in happiness. They both stopped and turned at the time to look at the baby.

"What's his name?" They said together.

"Why don't you decide, penneths?" All the elves turned this time. None had realised that the Queen was awake.

"Us?" The twins whispered excitedly.

Tawiandrís nodded, "you."

The twins put their heads together and whispered to each other. The adult elves watched amused as one twin would say something and the other would shake their head. But then, Elladan and Elrohir both nodded at each other and turned round.


"Greenleaf?" said Thranduil, "Aye! It is perfect. Legolas Thranduilian, Prince of Greenwood."