Written by: Trinilee Greenleaf

Title: The Sniffles

Summary: A young Legolas finds out that even elves can get sick, sometimes.

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don't own any Lotr characters. Except Legolas! Sigh no I unfortunately don't own him either. But I might soon. If I can just prove that I am a descendant of Tolkein. evil laughter

Note: My elvish is not very good but I do try. Any corrections will be most appreciated.

Second note: Legolas is roughly about the age of nine in human years but for an elf I have no idea how long that would be so … sorry about that.

Chapter 1

Moving with much more stealth then would have been thought possible for one who had not seen more than 12 summers, the young, light-footed elfling walked across the floor towards the miniature weapons that lay propped up against his wardrobe. He knew that the slightest noise would wake the twins who slept with the doors that connected their rooms to the elfing's open.

When Legolas finally reached his bow and quiver that had been a gift from the afore mentioned twin sons of Elrond, the child breathed a sigh of relief. Now was the easy part. He quickly crossed the space to the window which led to the balcony, still trying hard not to make any noise. Bow in hand and quiver strapped firmly to his back, Legolas jumped from the balcony onto the floor below. It was not a very big jump and the elfling managed to land gracefully.

It was not yet light though Anor's rays could be seen just peaking over the top of the small valley just beyond Imaldris.

Two hours until sunrise he thought. That will be long enough.

Legolas slowly made his way to the archery field. When he was just about the right distance away from the target he took an arrow from his quiver and carefully notched his bow. Although Legolas' bow and arrows were smaller than that of Elladan or Elrohir, they could still do some damage if the small blonde haired elfling wanted them to. Just recently had Lord Elrond allowed him to have metal tips on the ends of his arrows instead of the wooden tips that just bounced uselessly off the target.

Legolas fired. His arrow hit home. Legolas had to stop himself from shouting with glee. He went to retrieve his arrow but just as he was returning to his previous spot for another go, the heavens opened. He had been so intent in sneaking out without being heard that he had not seen the storm that resided over Rivendell.

Oh well he thought. It's just a little bit of rain, it won't do any harm. I'm an elf so I won't get sick.

But Legolas was about to find out just how wrong he was.