Well, hey everybody!

I'm afraid I have some bad and yet somewhat good news for all of you lovely readers who are waiting for the next chapter of The Sniffles.

I'm sorry to tell you that the next chapter is not written and will not be written for quite some time. I have decided to completely revise this fic from beginning to end. I will be looking through every single chapter with a fine tooth comb, correcting mistakes and adding things in that now that this fic has progressed somewhat, I have realised I need.

When I started this fic I was very new to the world of fan fiction and was so excited with the idea of actually writing and posting a fic that I don't believe I actually thought it through. But now, I have honed my writing talents and many people have told me how much my writing has improved over the past 8 months since I began.

Reading back over the first few chapters of this fic, I almost wince at some of the mistakes that I now see and some of the things that I know I would have written differently were I writing this fic now. If you read the whole story one chapter after another, I think and other people do to, that you can really tell how my writing improves with each new chapter. They get longer, more detailed, and more descriptive and I want to make the whole of this fic like that, not just the last few chapters.

I really am sorry but I do hope that you all understand. The new improved Sniffles will be much more enjoyable to read I can assure you and I really think that you will prefer it when it's done! The current version of The Sniffles will remain here and will not be deleted like some of my previous fics for the moment, but will instead be deleted when I start to re-post.

If any of you have anything you would like to say about this then the review button is there and I always love to hear what you guys think! I really want to know what you think about the idea of changing the name of this fic too. I have been thinking about it and am still not sure. I know that I will definitely be changing the summary but the title…well, you decide!

I will of course be saving all the beautiful reviews which I have received and loved, but I hope that you will all come back and review the new version too!

Lotsa love,

Trinilee Greenleaf