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If you've forgotten what's happened so far; here's an account of it:

Hermione told Harry about David, her ex; H/Hr had to kiss at the office (Seamus made sure they did); Cho comes by to the office for lunch with Harry; Harry says no; Cho acts like a toot again in response and huffs off; The whole office knows about it; Cho gets a call from someone she met a few weeks back and decides to cheat on Harry again…

Oh, and Diane is Harry's PA…remember that! Hehehe…

So what happens now? Read on…

"…No. That can't be where they're operating. Have we got any new leads?"

"The last time we heard anything about them was six months ago, Harry. The newest, if you want to count it in, was a couple of weeks ago, when you told us what happened to Hermione at Cho's party. Even that's a blur, since we don't even know for sure who did it. It might not even be them… Might have been some nutter who thought it would be fun to scare a woman half to death while dancing–"

"Harry…", a voice called out.

Seamus stopped his conversation with Harry. Diane was entering the room, carrying a basket on one arm and a folder in the other.

"…I've felt so bad about what happened, so I –", she broke off, noticing Seamus. "Could you leave us alone, please?" Diane said, batting her lashes at Seamus and giving him a fake smile.

Seamus cocked an eyebrow at her and turned around, pretending to shuffle papers. "Sure", Seamus muttered under his breath, rolling his eyes.

Harry himself was a bit surprised at her manner.

Ignoring Seamus, Diane sat on the desk next to Harry and leaned close to him, her plunging neckline revealing more than it should for Harry to see.

"I felt so sorry about what happened so I wanted to give you this", she said, placing a small cookie hamper on his lap. "I always nibble on something when I'm troubled. So I you thought you might want something to nibble on". She pressed herself against Harry suggestively.

Seamus, who was eavesdropping, made noiseless gagging motions before muttering, "No wonder you've gained weight."

Diane heard it; she looked at him and scowled. Seamus quickly went back to his paper-shuffling pretense.

"Oh, thank you", Harry replied unsurely, taking the beribboned hamper and placing it on the table. "I'll be sure to try one of these later. Uh, Diane, do me a favour; could you tell Kellerman that I've already finished Hermione's assessment ?"

Diane faced Harry again, giving him a smile.

"Sure, Harry. Bye", she said seductively, giving him a wink. "Oh, and I almost forgot… Here's the report you wanted me to get you," She placed the folder on his table, smiling. The door closed with a sharp snap.

"Good Lord, I don't know how you stand her!" Seamus said, throwing up his hands. "I mean, how many times has it been already, her doing that?!"

Harry, despite what had happened earlier that day, laughed.

Seamus shook his head. "I guess some people never give up. She must've heard Cho just now and thought she had a chance with you… Aahh," he sighed. "What I wouldn't do to have women throwing themselves at my feet."

A few moment's silence ensued, from where Seamus realized it was unwise of him to have brought Cho up. "Look, Harry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything about you and –"

"No, no. It's fine," Harry said, waving his hand in dismissal. "You're right anyway. It does seem like it ended just now…You can't blame Diane for thinking that as well," he said, sighing before continuing, "Well, at any rate, it seems like I have to patch it up before she sulks away again. Or else, I'd be in trouble because the public will be on her side…again," he sighed.

Seamus remained silent for a bit, in which he refrained himself from shaking his friend of more than 15 years by the shoulders for being so blind. Was Harry just kidding himself, or did he still want to be with Cho? Seamus was annoyed at the thought that he was concerned of someone else's love life. Now he sounds like a tabloid journalist, or worse, his mum. He tried to give out as little advice on relationships as possible if he could help it. But now, he knew it was his responsibility. Harry was not going to spend the rest of his life with someone like Cho. If Harry liked it, fine. But Seamus knew his friend didn't. Not truly, anyway.

Besides, he'd already placed a 30 galleon bet that Harry and Hermione's wedding would be by the earliest, next month. After losing 10 galleons to Kellerman this morning, he wasn't about to lose 30. Not a fat chance.

"Uh..Harry," he began tentatively. "…have you, by any chance, thought about a life with her?"

"Who?" Harry asked, at the moment occupied with thinking about what he would say to Hermione as an awkward-moment-breaker at home.

"Cho," Seamus said, surprised by Harry's confusion as to whom they were talking about.

"Yes…no… I –I don't know…I must have, right?"

"Have you?" Seamues asked him again.

"I…no. No, I haven't," he said slowly, testing the feel of the truth in his words.

"Don't you think that you should have, if you really do love her?"

"Look, Seamus. It's not like I don't have anything to do besides thinking about my future married life everyday.."

"No, no...I don't mean you have to remind yourself, Harry. I mean, subconsciously,"

Harry fell silent.

"I don't want to tell you who you should or shouldn't be with, Harry…I mean, I may be my mother's son, but I'm not her. Anyway, you should really think about what I said. Because you know…" he stood up, aware that their discussion about the Death Eaters had ended, "in the end it's who you really want to be with that matters. The one you feel is right to be with. Don't settle for a consolation prize. You want the golden trophy, Harry. Fight for it,"

Seamus clapped him on the shoulder lightly before handing him the folder Diane had brought in. Then he left Harry alone, pondering his words as he got out of the office.

The door closed behind Seamus. Harry looked down at the folder in his hands. 'Public Reports of Death Eater Sightings' by Hermione Granger and…

Harry sighed as his thoughts clouded again.


"No, you shouldn't," Cho said, laughing.

"It's okay…I've done this once before," David said as he massaged Cho's shoulders.

"Mmm…that's good. Where did you learn to do this? I swear, if my boyfriend had your hands…"

"Your boyfriend?" David asked, his movements still for a moment.

Cho brought his hands to her shoulders again. "Ex-boyfriend," she said, without guilt.

She heard David laugh. "I wouldn't care if you had a boyfriend, it's just you and me here. Right now," he said, whispering in her ear.

Cho smiled. Just the way she liked them.

"You read my mind, stranger," she said, turning her head and kissing him full on the mouth.


As she apparated herself back home, Hermione was in a resigned mood. The mood that you get when you tell yourself that the pink lady with her string of pearls deserves to buy the champagne and caviar for her party more than you do, just because it suits her style perfectly; even when you know she probably hates it as much as you love it. Why? Because it suits her. Urgh.

Hermione was going crazy. Comparing Harry to champagne and caviar…And Cho? Wearing pink and a string of pearls to go with it? Maybe she had had too much Firewhisky at the bar just now…

Groaning, she closed her eyes as she stopped walking.

Fine, so maybe it wasn't the Firewhisky. Maybe she wasn't as resigned as she thought she was. But she had made a resolution. Think nothing of him more than a friend, and everything will just stay safe. But…she sighed as she sank into one of the sofas. Maybe she didn't want safe. Maybe she wanted… Her thoughts went back to the kiss. She touched her lips slightly.

"No!" she said out loud as she sat forward, determined to make it clear to herself. She stared into the misty rain outside and her vision slowly blurred. The tears were getting in the way again. She buried her face in her arms.


Harry had made his choice. Well, sort of. He wanted to go back with Hermione that evening, to set things straight again. But when he found that she had gone back first, he decided he might as well get the whole apology thing with Cho settled. Then, maybe he could think properly about what Seamus had said. He had thought about it a bit, and decided perhaps a little, but somehow, he didn't like what he had concluded. It was like resigning himself to a fate he wasn't too happy with, and done nothing to change about. Harry sighed as he knocked on the door three times.

No response.

It was raining outside, and he was already soaked enough as it is.

"Darling?...It's me. Open up Cho…" he said as he twisted the doorknob. It wasn't locked.

Harry entered, his eyes looking for a sign of Cho. 'Maybe she's not home yet', he thought as he walked into the living room. He took off his cloak and draped it over a chair. The fire was cracking merrily enough, as if laughing from a secret only it knew. There were cups on the coffee table and a plate of cookies untouched. She had a visitor before him, he concluded. Harry picked up a cookie from the plate. He took a bite of the cookie as his eyes roamed the room. Maybe she wasn't home, after all.

He headed for the bedroom. Maybe she was inside, taking a nap. Cho had seemed tired earlier today. Harry felt guilty as he thought of how he had snubbed her offer of lunch. He just passed the piano when his eyes caught a pool of something black on the floor. Still chewing the cookie, he picked it up. It was a black dress, and he knew it was Cho's. What was it doing on the floor? His eyes caught something else on the floor; shoes, socks…trousers. He stopped chewing. The dress fell from his hand. So did whatever was left of the cookie.

He turned his head as a familiar female laughter broke from the bedroom. In turn, it was followed by a man's voice, speaking in low but audible tones. Again the woman laughed.

Harry stood rooted to the spot. He couldn't believe what was happening. He couldn't even think properly at that moment. He had a growing suspicion of what was going on, but he couldn't bring himself to accept it. The suspicion proved true however, as someone came out of the room.

That someone was a woman, her dark hair tussled, a silk robe tied clumsily at her waist. He could have recognized her even if she shaved her head bald and had tattoos drawn all over her face. It was Cho. His Cho.

"Hey…I'll go fix something in the kitchen. Then we can…" She stopped dead in her tracks. All colour drained from her face as she saw Harry standing in her living room, a confused and hurt look on his face.

"Harry…" was all that came out of her mouth. A soft whisper to herself. Nothing else registered at that moment but his being there, standing there in her living room, knowing…knowing that she had…

"Cho?" called someone who came out of the bedroom.

Harry's gaze moved slowly from Cho's face to the man who stood in the doorframe. He was blonde and half dressed. At the sight of Harry, the man stopped with a slight jerk. Even a fool could have figured out what had been going on in that room.

"So…this is what you really are, Cho," Harry said, voice low with an edge to it, eyes fixed on the face of the woman before him. Cho didn't look at him as he said it. Her face was turned down. Harry could feel the man looking at him across the room.

After a silence that seemed to go on forever, Cho was forced to look up. She could see the sign of betrayal, of hurt and pain on Harry's face. Two…three…four seconds their eyes met, then Harry turned away, he didn't want to see her face. "Tell your parents I'm sorry I won't be able to make it to their wedding," he said, reaching for his cloak. Putting it on quickly, he reached the door.

"Goodbye, Cho." He turned around as he said it, eyes on the blonde man, then shifting on Cho.

With one last piercing look at her, he closed the door behind him as he walked out into the rain.


Harry got inside and saw that Hermione wasn't there. A surge of panic grew in him, then he remembered the time. 1.03 am, his watch told him. She's probably asleep. As he took off his cloak, he saw hers already hung on the coat hanger. Touching it briefly, he loosened the buttons in his shirt and went over to the kitchen. He poured himself a glass of wine, then sat down at the table in the darkness. The dying fireplace cast shadows in the room, and a flicker in it made him notice a note on the table.


There's food in the refrigerator –spaghetti napolitan. I was lazy tonight.

Love, Hermione.

Harry smiled as his thumb went over her name on the note. He got up and took the plate of pasta out of the fridge. Setting it on the table, he muttered a charm and directed his wand at the plate. One…two…three…four…five…done.

Picking up the fork Hermione left to keep the note in its place, he shoved the warm food in his mouth. He smiled again. Lazy? This is delicious. The woman's crazy. He didn't know whether it really was delicious or that it was his empty stomach that was making him think it delicious, but he sure as hell knew Cho couldn't even toast a slice of bread without getting it burnt.


He looked up. Hermione was at the top of the stairs, blinking at him. She had probably heard him.

She took in a deep breath. Exhale. "What time is it?" she asked, wrapping the robe around her tighter. Harry could see her outline as she made her way downstairs and peered at the grandfather clock.

"One o'clock, Harry…where have you been? Were you at Cho's? Why didn't you just stay there overnight?" she asked as she sat beside him.

Questions, questions, questions. All of them needed answering. Answers that he didn't like one bit.

He swallowed and took a swig of the red wine."I was at Cho's for a while. She…had someone over. So I went back to the office instead," Harry didn't look at Hermione in the eye as he told her.

"She had someone over? Well, why didn't she ask you to stay? No one could have been that important for her to ask you to leave,"

Harry played with his spaghetti. "She didn't ask me to leave…I decided to leave."

"But…Owh," Hermione said, rolling her eyes. In the darkness Harry could still tell what expression she was making. He'd known her too well. "Harry…you needn't have worried about me. I was doing fine. Sleeping, actually when I heard you come in… Nobody's going to attack me while I'm sleeping, Harry. You made sure of that when we both placed wards around the house. So the next time you –"

"I found Cho with another guy," he cut her off quietly, still staring at the plate of spaghetti.

"…Oh," Hermione said, her face gone suddenly blank. For the first time in her life, she didn't know what to say.

"Blonde man…Never seen him before. She didn't even lock the front door…" he continued.

Hermione just looked at him, one hand finding its way into his left clasp, the gesture comforting.

"You know…I don't think this was her first fling…She didn't look at all shocked when she saw me there, standing in her living room. Surprised; yes. Shocked? No. Probably been replaying the scene in her mind over and over again during all those other flings; scared of being found out. It's like she had been practicing this since forever…and now that it really did happen, it just didn't mean anything anymore…"

Harry looked at Hermione, his lips forming a bitter smile. He gave her hand a squeeze.

"She's gone. But I still have you, don't I Hermione? I can always count on you." Harry smiled weakly at her. He wiped his mouth with a napkin, drank whatever wine remained in his glass, and gave Hermione a kiss on the cheek as he got up. Placing the dish in the sink, he stretched and yawned.

"Thanks for dinner, Hermione" Again, a yawn. "I promise I'll get the dishes done first thing in the morning tomorrow," Now, stifling another.

She nodded as she looked at him.

"Goodnight, 'Mione." He turned as he said it, grateful that his bedroom was only a stairs away.

Her eyes on his back, she called out to him as he climbed the first step.


He looked at her.

"I'm…really sorry," she said.

He nodded his head once, swiftly, in acknowledgement. "Goodnight,"

"Goodnight," she replied, sitting on a chair, eyes following him as he disappeared up the stairs. She poured herself some wine in Harry's glass, drinking it as she mulled over what had just happened.

Suddenly, she didn't feel so sleepy anymore.


"Harry," She said, giggling.


"Don't do that,"

"Why not?"

"Because everyone can see you," Hermione continued, feeling tiny jolts along her spine.

"So?" he said, kissing her neck again. "We're married Hermione…That gives me license to do this,'

He kissed her full on her lips, hearing her sigh contentedly. He smiled.

Around them, everyone was talking, eating or dancing. Harry heard George or Fred somewhere, joking. The next second, a roar of laughter. To him, the world had spiralled down to this moment, him holding Hermione close, swaying together to their song. He held her closer, and felt her lay her head on his shoulder.

"Harry…' Hermione said, lifting her head and then looking at him.

"Mmm?" He was lost in her brown eyes.




He sat up in his bed, eyes trying to focus on the person in front of him.

"Uurgh…what time is it?" He asked her, hands quickly reaching for the alarm clock.

"It's ten in the morning,"

"WHAT?!" He said, jumping out of his bed, eyes wide open. "Why didn't you wake me up? …and why are you wearing that?" he pointed at her yellow t-shirt. "Oh, wait…it must be Saturday, isn't it?" he said, hands covering his face.

Hermione couldn't hold it in anymore. She snorted, then went into a fit of laughter.

"Hahaha…" he said dryly.

She wiped off an imaginary tear at the corner of her eye dramatically. "You got that right, mister. Especially…' she said, turning around and facing the door '…that you've only got your boxers on right now."

She heard a sharp intake of breath, then a sudden rustle of sheet. With a smile tugging at her lips, she turned around to face him again. "You might want to get ready, Harry. We wouldn't want to fall behind our schedule for today…Breakfast is ready. I'll wait for you in the kitchen,"

She walked out of the room, pleased her mission was successful.

"Wait! What schedule?" he asked her. But she was already making her way downstairs.


"So this is our schedule for today? Shopping? You woke me up to go shopping?"

They were in a crowded market, filled with people in the midst of haggling and goods in every shape, size and colour.

"Well, I prefer to call it bargain-hunting. But you're entitled to your term." She said, looking at a carving of a bear closely.

"But what do we need to buy, Hermione? There's nothing here except old junk!" He said a little too loudly. The stall owner who had heard his comment huffed, took the bear carving from Hermione's hands roughly, and gave Harry a deathly glare.

"Sorry," Hermione said, smiling apologetically at the woman before pulling Harry by his arm as far away as possible from the aforesaid stall.

"I mean, seriously 'Mione…What are we doing here?" He asked, crossing his arms and looking at her. His feet was planted firmly on the ground, he refused to budge.

"Well, if you really have to be a spoilsport…we're here to have some fun. I wanted to show you a good time. God knows we both need it. So…what do you say? You up for it, Master Potter?" She raised her eyebrows at him.

Harry looked at her through narrowed eyes.

"Promise you'll tell me where we'd go before we actually go there?"

"On my great-aunt's life." She said solemnly, hand over her heatt.

"Well then, I guess I'm up for it," he said resignedly.

"Good!" She smiled. Pulling him by the arm, she headed for a stall filled with balls of yarn. "But first, Master Potter, help me find a nice-coloured yarn so that I may knit a scarf for Dobby. It's been a long time since I've given that elf anything as a present. It's about time I did. Come on,"

Harry let himself be led by Hermione, all the way shaking his head and smiling. Hermione will always be Hermione…and he liked that. A lot.



"Come on, Harry," she said, pulling his arm.

"No. It's nonsense."

"Harry, it'll be fun. We don't have to believe in it. You know how I feel about those things…Come on," she said.

"And yet you still want to do this…" Harry said, looking purposely skeptic.

"…For fun," she said, before hugging him a little and looking up at his face, pouting her lips.

"Urgh," he said, controlling a smile. He looked at her upturned face again, and relented. "Fine. But don't –"

"Yes!" Hermione said, and pulled him into a tent. As they entered, the light around them minimized, as if filtered. Hermione sat down on one of the stools and patted the one beside her, telling Harry to sit.

Not a moment too soon, the flap opened. A woman, dressed in a deep purple robe and wearing a gold scarf around her head entered. She sat down before them, across the small table and smiled.

"How can I help you?" she said, looking at them back and forth.

"We just wanted to see how our future would be like," Hermione replied.

Harry snorted, and earned a sharp look from Hermione. He soon developed a cold to cover up his mistake. He hoped the 'seer' didn't notice.

She didn't.

"Your future…hmm, let me see," she said, bringing out a deck of cards. They were cards with drawings on them, of people doing different things, one running from a black dog, one holding an orb in on hand and a rat in another, one with a woman who…There were many of this, and Harry looked on, interested as the woman before them turned the cards on their side one by one, carefully arranging them in a meaning lost to both Harry and Hermione.

When that was done, she looked at them and clasped her hands.

"When did you meet?" she asked, looking at Hermione.

"Uhm, 15 years ago," Hermione said, looking at Harry unsurely. She wanted to know what the future held for both of them; but as individuals. The 'seer' however, thought she had meant them together. Harry had seem to caught on.

"Uh, excuse me but we aren't –"

"Hush!" the woman said, silencing him with a glare. "I thought you had a cold. Leave it to me, this fortune telling, and don't involve your befuddled mind…Leave it to Cassandra," she said, looking at Hermione, smiling. Maybe she had heard him snort after all.

Madame Cassandra turned over a card on the far left. It had a drawing of a cat and a dog, facing backwards, looking at the moon. She smiled. "Aah…then tell me, my dear, what is your star sign?"

"Virgo. But what he said –"

Madame Cassandra cut her off. "…and his, my dear?"

"Leo," Harry answered, cooperating.

Hermione looked at him, slightly incredulous. Was Harry okay with this? She knew she was a little curious about them…Fine, a lot curious. But she thought Harry would be against this…

'Well, maybe he's finally believed it's harmless as well,' she thought.

Madame Cassandra smiled. "Good, good…very good," she said as she counted five and turned another card beneath the first. This time, it was a picture of an exotic flower, under a sun, with rain pouring around it. Madame Cassandra knotted her eyebrows.

"Hmm, very interesting. You know, this card has been turned only twice in my life; once when a couple on their first date came in, and another time; now. The couple before you had theirs turned first, you now have it as a second. Very interesting," she said, looking at them both.

Then, counting ten –Harry read her lips- she turned over a card to her right, and sighed. The card shows two feathers, identical in each way. She still didn't tell them anything.

"Hmm, last question," she said as she looked at Harry. "What's the colour of her eyes?"

Harry looked confused. What had the colour of Hermione's eyes got to do with the future?

Madame Cassandra looked expectantly at him. So did Hermione, but on the latter's face he could see a mild confusion, the former however, made him feel as clear as glass.

"Honey-brown when she's happy, and dark chocolate when she's mad. If you look at it with the sun behind you, it looks almost amber, with hints of olive green. But when it's the other way around it's soft auburn, almost black… but only almost. Then when she's sad, you see dark…dark chestnut," Harry said as he looked into Hermione's eyes.

"And when she's confused, you see the brown lighten; like now," he added the last part, smiling. Hermione smiled too.

Madame Cassandra looked fondly at them. "It think it's time I told you what your cards mean.." she said, placing her hands on the table, palms down. She picked up the first upturned card; the cat and the dog silhouette against the moonlight. "This tells me that you've been friends for a long time," she said, smiling a little. "The cat and the dog indicates that your friendship was obtained a little out of the way than what most people do…"

Harry immediately remembered the troll incident during their first year. A little out of the way was true.

"…and the second card –" she said, picking up the card with the flower in the midst of a sunny downpour, "says you'll be facing some danger soon." Her face formed a grim smile. "What that danger is, or when it will come, I do not know. But it will affect you both," she said.

Hermione's throat constricted a little as she drew a sharp breath. A danger?

"But this card, my dear…" here she placed the third card next to the second, "assures me that at least a little if not all, will be alright. A little is more than enough, if you ask me. Normally I would never have expected this card to show up after the second…The usual thing would be the Grim…but in your case dear," she placed a hand gently on Hermione's hand, "there's a little bit of hope," she said, smiling a little.

Harry looked at Hermione. He cleared his throat a little, and gave the woman an appreciative nod. "Thank you, for reading our future…How much will that be?" he said, taking out his wallet.

Madame Cassandra held up her hands. "It's on me, dear. I've had a pleasure of reading both you and Miss Granger's future, Mr. Potter. It is a relief to know that some good will come out of this; a nice change from a tale like your father's…"

Harry's body froze. "You…you knew my father?" he asked.

"Yes…" she said, ushering them both out of her tent. " –him and your mother, the only other couple besides you both that has had the second card turned." They were now outside. "Good day, Mr. Potter, Miss Granger," she said, with a flourish of her hand. The next second, she had disappeared into her tent, leaving Harry and Hermione thinking over what she had said, outside.


"They're outside now; just coming out of the tent. This will be a lot easier if Potter wasn't with her right now…" A man wearing a long overcoat cast sideways glance at his target nearby.

"Potter is with her?" the voice sounded curious, excited even.

"Yes," the man answered, gritting his teeth.

"Well…Potter, eh?" The man in the overcoat could hear the smirk in the voice. "You're wrong, Albright. This will make our job a lot easier…"


"Well, what do you want to do now?" Harry asked Hermione, his hands in his pockets.

Hermione turned to look at him for a while, thinking. A sudden breeze blew from their right and strands of her hair managed to free themselves from the ponytail she wore. Harry tucked the strands away, and brushed her cheek with the back of his hand, smiling.

Feeling blood begin to rush to her face, Hermione turned away, feigning to look for a place. After a while, she exclaimed. "Oh! I know…Why don't we have a drink? Butterbeer. It's been quite some time since I've had one, Harry…" she said, pointing to a small hub tucked away in a little corner.

Harry looked at Hermione, a look of peculiar observation on his face. "…And you call yourself a witch! Come on then, Granger…" he offered her his arm. "A witch,' he said, opening the door, 'takes Butterbeer at least once a week." He smiled.

Ordering drinks from the bartender, they waited in at a table in a corner. When the drinks came, they sat in companionable silence, drinking. Hermione was looking intently at her mug, Harry had noticed. Something must be bothering her. Harry decided to ask.

"What's wrong, 'Mione?"

Looking up, she knotted her eyebrows. Something definitely was going on, Harry knew.

"Do you think what she said was true, Harry? ..About the danger…" She lowered her eyes, looking at her mug in her hands again. She knew she shouldn't be asking, especially after she told Harry herself she didn't believe in fortune-telling. But…

"I don't know…Maybe there is, maybe not." He began saying, unsure himself. "But you know what?" he said, lips beginning to form an assuring smile. "I don't think there's anything we need to worry about just yet…especially since we heard it from a woman who's name is Madame Cassandra," he finished, grinning.

Hermione smiled. "You know, this is the first time I've ever even suspect that any truth can come out of fortune-telling…and I agree with you, I don't think it's a time to start. Especially,' she said, gesturing to Harry's drink. 'that here is a chance for me to finally taste Pepperscrew Death." She took Harry's drink out of his reach and took a small sip of it. Harry raised his eyebrows at her, a smile tugging at his lips.

"Wow…" she said, returning Harry his mug. Harry chuckled.

"Well…do you like it?" He asked, genuinely curious.

Hermione coughed a bit. "It's alright…But I prefer vodka," she said, giving him a wink.

Harry laughed.

Checking her bag for a lip balm and finding it there, Hermione stood. "Oh, Harry…I have to go to the ladies' for a while… Won't be long," she added, heading for the door at the other end of the room. Harry nodded.

Feeling her chapped lips, Hermione took out her balm, and applied some on her lips. Pushing the door of the toilet open, she placed it back in her purse, checking her reflection in the mirror. Satisfied, she turned around to return to her seat. But someone was blocking her way.

"Hello, Hermione," she heard the person say.

The next second, she felt mind-blowing pain to the right of her head.

Then, all went black.

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