Tile: When You Where Mine

Summary: Kagome and Sesshomaru have been dating for more than four years, and still Sesshomaru hasn't proposed to her, one day Kagome gets fit up with waiting and breaks up with him. A year later, Kagome gets engaged with a guy named Hiten Kino ,when Kagome goose and meets his whole family and his close friends, what she didn't expected was to see her old lover there. Dose Sesshomaru what her back? Who will Kagome choose, Hiten? or Sesshomaru?

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A Twenty-one-year-old woman, with jet black hair and big chocolate brown eyes, was sitting on the edged of a bed. That had dark blue bedspread, and pillow of all sizes and all different shades of blues. The woman then signed and walked over to a phone which was on a dresser. She picked it up and dallied a number, she waited for a few second and finally said "Hey Sango, It's Kagome...and no he didn't ask me, I don't know what to do..right now, I feel so lost, But hey, When you get this message please call me" She then hanged up the phone, with a signed.

For this whole past year, Kagome Higurashi a junior in collage as been waiting for her Boyfriend to ask her hand in marriage, but the only thing they ever got close to marriage was living together, now Kagome fears that she'll never get married to the man she loves.

Now sitting on the floor Kagome began to cry, "Dammit all. Why do you have to do this to me?" She cried out.

"Do what?" Asked a clam voice, it was no other than her love of her life. Sesshomaru Youkai, Sesshomaru had very long black heir which he kept up in a low ponytail. He had almost golden looking eyes. He was also very tall, and had muscles like a Greek god.

"Oh, nothing" She said, as she quickly got up and walked passed him, which didn't work. As he gently grabbed her arm and pulled her to his chest. As embraced her in his arms, she felt like she could stay in his arms forever. He then whispered into her right ear, and asked "What is wrong?"

"Nothing, love" She lied.

"Kagome, you know that I know you better that, so what's with the face?" He asked, as he kissed her lips.

"It's nothing, Sessho..really" She lied, and reached up and gave him a light kiss on the lips.

He rose a brow at her, and then shrugged. "I love you" He told her. She smiled and kissed him and said "I love you too"

"Alright, so what do you want for dinner?" She asked.

"I can think of something" He said as he groped her butt, and kissed her neck. Making Kagome moan.

"And what would that be?" She asked, as he made her moaned again.

"It involves us and that bed of ours or evan the floor" He told her. Evan know she would love to make love to Sesshomaru, she just couldn't. "Sess..we can't" She told him.

A little shocked by what she said, Sesshomaru stopped touching her and looked deep with in her brown eyes, and what he saw made his heart fall into his stomach. He saw sadness and above all fear.

"Kagome?..." He asked.


"Want's wrong, and why are you so sad?" He asked her, as he held her in his strong arms.

"Nothing, I'm just not in the mood" She lied. Sesshomaru was no fool he could tell when his love was lying to him, and yes it did hurt him because of her dishonesty with him.

"Kagome, please don't lie to me" He told her, with a stern voice.

"Sesshomaru, look I've had a hard day at work and I'm just not in the mood..right now!" She snapped at him, which was the first time in years.

"Alright...would you like to talk about it?" He asked.

"No" She told him.

"Alright" He said and kissed her on top of the head.

"Sess...why haven't we- or you- never mind" She said.

"No, Kag go on" He said.

"Why..haven't we gotten married or engaged for that matter? We've been dating over four years and knew each other, gods knows how long?" She said to him, Kagome searched his face for answer. But their was no answer not evan a clue to what he was thinking or feeling. He just stood there looking straight at her. He then told her after a long time "Kagome, I'm not ready to get married to you"

His words hit her like a ton of knifes all hitting in on place which was her heart, "Kag.." He said, as he stepped closer to her. Kagome was near tears, and stepped away from him.

"Kagome, love come here" He told her, but she back away and ran out of the room and down the steps and out the front door. Thankfully Kagome grabbed her purse which had her car keys in.

"Kagome wait!" She heard Sesshomaru yell as he came running down the driveway, But quickly putting the car into drive, Kagome drove off into the moonless night.

"Kagome!" Sesshomaru yelled as he saw her black BMW, driving down the rode. "Kagome...don't leave me... come back" He whispered as a single tear. Had tailed down his cheek.

It was around ten o'clock when Kagome parked off on the side of the rode, to gather her thoughts and feelings. Kagome had been crying ever since she left the house. She couldn't stay to look at him, or evan talk to him.

"Why! Why!...don't you want to be with me...what if I got pregnant would you have married me?" She asked, the moonless night.

"Do I mean anything to you? Why do you not to be married...to me? Do you want someone else?" She asked again, with tears sliding down her cheek. She then remembered a particular time when she thought she was pregnant.

Sesshomaru had been out of town, with his father and half-brother Inuyasha. They where on a fishing trip.

She was all alone in her's and Sesshomaru's house, she just had taken five pregnancy test. Thankfully she was not pregnant, because she know knew that he would never married her, or maybe evan help her rise their baby.

One rainy day, Sesshomaru sat down in the living room looking at a photo album with pictures of them, He couldn't stop himself from crying he hated to cry, because it made him feel so weak. He missed Kagome so much, he felt like he couldn't move on..he needed her touch his kiss to see her. To smell her sweet scent, but most of all he needed to see her, but he just couldn't.

'One day, I shall see you again Kagome." He vowed.

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