The Adventures of Captain Jack

Part six: Silence.

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"You! Hey, you!"

It wasn't the most eloquent of greetings, but it served its purpose. Liatia turned and faced him, eyes sparking in anger when she saw him. The woman she'd called Metra stood behind her, thin and willowy with silver hair down to her waist and pearly purple eyes that narrowed at the sight of the Doctor.

He ignored her, and he ignored that fact that Liatia's eyes had turned a nasty shade of red, grabbing her wrist and holding her tightly, heedless of the hissing sound she made.

"I want to know where my friends are. Now." His tone left no doubt as to his determination, and he knew it was pointless to keep up the pretence of wanting to buy Jack at this stage.

"Are you so pathetic that you couldn't find them yourself on your little rescue mission? You didn't do yourself any favours, fool; every security officer in the house is looking for you. I don't know where the little blonde slut went but you'll not get the other one freed now."

His grip on her arm tightened.

"Where are they?" he demanded through gritted teeth, his voice low and shaking with barely suppressed anger.

"Play your cards right," a cool voice intervened as Metra stepped forwards, "and you'll be taken to them very soon. We can always use more prisoners."

There was a click, and the Doctor found himself faced with a silver and very hi-tech looking gun. It looked, on the outside, like a jazzed up pistol. He raised an eyebrow as he let go of Liatia's arm.

"Is that…"

"Sonic," she muttered, glancing to her colleague as though for instruction.

Liatia was smiling cattily, arms folded as she stared lazily at the Doctor. She yawned and started to examine her sharp red nails.

"Take him downstairs," she said, disinterestedly. "May as well keep them together, they'll be more use to us that way."

"What, give him what he wants? Could be dangerous, putting him with them…"

As this short exchange took place the Doctor had considered just making a run for it again, but he knew what sort of damage that gun could do, and there was no telling how well this Metra knew how to use it. She certainly looked tough. She was keeping it trained steadily on him and he could see the concentration in her eyes, despite her conversation with the other woman; if he tried to knock it from her hand she'd be more than ready for him. He sighed and leaned back against the wall, hoping he looked as thoroughly bored and pissed off as he felt.

"They'll be locked up in a high security cell that only opens from the outside, how much damage can they do? Besides, if we want a separate cell for him we have to register it and get clearance and this has already taken up most of my afternoon. Can we just go?" She yawned again and set off.

Metra nodded pointedly in the direction which Liatia had taken, eyes narrowed, and the Doctor followed grudgingly. He shrugged, letting his jacket shift slightly over his chest and thus reassuring himself that his sonic screwdriver was safe in his pocket. He glowered to the best of his ability.


Jeyanna was not much of a talker, Jack soon discovered. She was jumpy, nervous, never met his eyes. After a while they fell into a silence that was not altogether uncomfortable, Jack continuing to stroke Rose's hair and Jey biting her nails or drumming her fingers on the metal floor, or pulling at her top agitatedly. Whenever Jack managed to catch her eye she would smile briefly and then look away, chewing on her bottom lip in a manner that reminded him of Rose.

"How long has it been?"

"No idea."

"I'm…" she sighed. "I'm really sorry about this."

"It's not your fault, Jey!"

"Reckon I made it worse, though. She hasn't even… moved, or anything…?"

Jack sighed and looked down at Rose's still form. "Nothing."

He tried to smile at Jey as she crawled over to them and peered down at Rose, but he was unable to keep the fear out of his eyes. Jey placed a gentle hand over his. He looked her again, but again she smiled and looked away, so he reached out and cupped her chin, forcing her to look at him.

"Why are you so…" He struggled to find a suitable word.

"So what?"

"I don't know. What are you hiding? You worked here, were going out with the sleazy guy upstairs, not much of a favourite with 'The Boss,' as I can gather… What am I missing?"

She stared at him a moment more, and the look in her silvery blue eyes one he couldn't decipher. He let her go and her gaze remained fixed on his.

"Well The Boss is my father, as it happens. So I guess you could say I'm having family problems at the moment. He's going to kill me," she added, glancing around the stark metallic room. "This'll be the last straw."

"What, grounding you out of the question?" Jack muttered humourlessly. "How old are you?"

"Nineteen." She moved from the kneeling position she'd been employing to sit cross-legged on the floor opposite him.

"So's she," he told her, taking Rose's hand. "So the redhead, she your sister?"

Jey snorted. "Not at all; if she had her way she'd be my stepmother."

"Something tells me she's used to getting her way."

"You certainly fell for it, anyway."

Jack looked away, a mirthless and uncomfortable laugh dying on his lips.

"Sorry." There was a pause, then, "she's… y'know, it's a sore subject."


"Does it hurt?"

He blinked, startled by her abrupt question, and frowned.


"Your chest." She nodded towards the angry cut across his chest.

"Oh, not much now," he lied. "It did."

"I'm sorry."

"Will you stop apologising?"

"Sor – " She smiled as she broke off, and then laughed suddenly.

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Funny?"

"No, of course not," she laughed. "Look at us. What are we going to do? What if she doesn't wake up?" The spark of amusement in her eyes was one of vague hysterics, and Jack could only wish he had answers for her.

"I guess we just wait. The Doctor's still around out there; he'll think of something." He didn't mention his unease at the amount of time his friend was taking. He stopped stroking Rose's hair and took one of her hands in both of his, leaning his head back against the cold wall and shutting his eyes.

"You trust him that much?"

He kept his eyes shut. "Yup."


He didn't know how much later it was - it felt like it could have been ten seconds or half an hour - but the strangely calm silence that had settled between them was disrupted suddenly by the sounds of hurried footsteps approaching the cell. As Jey scrambled to a kneeling position and Jack climbed to his feet, with more grace than he'd have expected given the pain he still felt, the door slid open with an empty, ominous hiss. Jack's heart leapt and the pain was forgotten as he saw the Doctor standing there, grinning.

So when the Time Lord was shoved roughly into the cell by unseen hands, Jack felt confusion settle frostily over him and he wasn't quite sure what to say. He grimaced at the sound of the electric lock sealing them once more inside the room.

"Hello," the Doctor said brightly, taking out his sonic screwdriver and immediately starting to scan the walls and door of the cell.

"How the hell are you supposed to get us out if you're locked in with us?"

"Working on it."

"Why are you in here anyway?"

"Not sure, to be honest."



"Doctor will you stand still for a moment?" He grabbed the older man's wrist and turned him around to face Rose where she lay, unmoving, on the floor.

The effect was instantaneous, and Jack's chest tightened in pain at the look on his friend's pale face. The Doctor stood absolutely still, fear and guilt and finally rage flashing across his face before he kept his expression carefully neutral. He calmly, too calmly, knelt down by her side, gently brushing the hair away from her face. There was a cut across one cheek and some bruising from her earlier struggles with the guards, and Jack could see the Doctor's jaw clench, the only sign of what unknown emotions might have been raging beneath his composed demeanour. He drew his fingers down to the scratches on her chest, his knuckles brushing the torn edge of her t-shirt, and then turned to fix Jack with a look that would have broken a lesser man.

"It didn't happen. Jey saved us," he nodded towards her, still kneeing nervously a little way away from Rose. "I couldn't… they had me chained up…"

The Doctor reached up and grabbed Jack's hand, inspecting the scraped red skin around his wrist. He smiled at him.

"It's alright, Jack. Though we really do need to discuss your taste in women at some point…" his eyes held the familiar spark of amusement for just a moment, and then he turned back to Rose. "How long has she been unconscious?"

Jack stepped around to the other side of her and knelt down, ignoring the pain his body inflicted on him at the awkward movement.

"I'm not sure. Less than an hour, and she woke up briefly at one point…" He watched the Doctor as he switched his sonic screwdriver to one of its infinite settings, and told him all that he could remember of the past few hours.

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