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This is wolf talk if it has ' if it has these then it's thoughts in wolf form,' "if it's these then it's talking in wolf form,"


"This of course is talking,"

Chapter 1: "Scar's"

----Toboe's POV----

"I wonder where the others are…."Thought the young wolf as she lay under a mature oak beneath her was crisp grass, gazing up at the heavens as if they would revile the other wolves' location. The sky was barren besides a few stray clouds. The only response to her question was a light breeze gently lifting her brown coat.

The young wolf sighed, "Your right, what am I doing asking you these questions when you aren't even there?" the wolf's eyes opened, revealing brownish gold orbs. The oddest thing occurred… the once light breeze turned into a huge rushing wave of air, blowing hard against her.

'That's odd…'

Nothing else happened. 'A storm must be on its way, odd though…you'd figure I would have sensed its presence…'

The female at once took off at a sprint leaving the city's park in search of an abandoned alleyway that might shelter her in the up coming storm.

You would figure walking around in broad day would attract unwanted attention from the humans that occupied the run down city. But it never once occurred to the humans that what appeared to be a dog was actually a wolf.

After searching for what seemed like hours Toboe turned to the right, leading to a seemingly deserted alleyway. A light breeze blew some soda bottles around crashing them up against the hard concrete wall. Giving the alleyway a sinister look, the dimming light didn't make the situation any brighter.

After only taking a few steps Toboe stopped, fear gripping her mind that something bad was bound to happen.

'I don't have to stay in this alleyway…I could go back to the park,'

Something seemed to be walking towards the alleyways entrance.

Were a wolf had once been now stood a lean teenager that looked like she hadn't had a decent night's rest, or any food. Besides those things, Toboe looked the same…Short brown hair that went to her shoulders, short red jacket, green kaki pants, and to top it off brown combat boots.

Two minutes later the intruder appeared. It was a teenager no doubt about it. He had blonde hair that was cut short and spiked. He wore faded blue jeans and a long sleeve black shirt.

They guy just continued to stare at the ground, with his hands in his pockets oblivious that someone else occupied the alleyway.

When he was five feet away is eyes finally looked up, reveling brown eyes.

"Hey, what's a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?" he asked standing only a matter of feet in front of her, it was plain fully obvious that it was going to take awhile to get him to leave.


'What to do, what to do!'

"What? cat got your tongue or something?" he replied back, mocking her now that he thought she was scarred to talk to him.

"NO!" Toboe practically yelled at him, now upset that he was making fun of her.

"You shouldn't be out here at this time of night…you never know what could happen," he replied back, as he was saying this Toboe just stared at him not quite sure what to do. When she noticed something catching the light…

'Hey…is that what I think it is?' Noticing the girl's expression the guy moved his hand down to his pocket trying to hide the dagger.

Thinking she was in danger Toboe quickly revealed her true form. Praying the guy would just vanish.

No such luck, so she made another desperate attempt. She barred her fangs, while her fur bristled

The guy just stood there mouth wide open.

"You're…you're one of those wolfs, " he yelled angrily, now P.O that some wolf tricked him in to believing it was human.

As fast as he could he pulled out a silver dagger from his back pocket. After a few moments of hesitation, Toboe realized he was going to cut her. She quickly pushed off with her hind legs. While in mid-air she felt a strong force pulling her back, snapping her head around.

To her horror he had some how managed to catch up with her and grab a hold of her bushy tail. The guy concentrated on using all his energy to sling her to the ground. She hit the ground with a loud thud. The impact had been so strong that she kept tossing and turning on the cold, hard concrete, until friction stopped her.

Now dazed, she just lay there. The teenager took this as an advantage and sprinted toward her, with his Dagger still in hand. Unknown to him she had used her side to cushion her fall, which i left her with a broken rib making it almost impossible to make a fast exit. She howled out in pain.

"Go ahead, howl all you want. But no ones going to hear you, it's just you and me out here," He smirked as he slowly approached her.

Cutting noised filled Toboe's mind, 'He's going to kill me, He's going to kill me!'

Blood went everywhere; Toboe felt pain slowly cover her like a blanket. She looked down at her fur now stained and patted down with fresh blood, which gushed out freely from her neck and side. The smell of her own blood was strong and started to make her dizzy. The blow to the neck had been close to fatal because it was less than a centimeter away from her windpipe. One thing was sure; she would have a scar there.

Toboe's wolf instincts took over again. She lunged at the guys face her claw retracted.

More blood flew; she had managed to put a deep cut under his eye, which would eventually heal into a scar. So now the both had battle scars to haunt them of their misfortune.

He screamed, Toboe looked up whimpering knowing in her heart she had scared him for life…did she really wish mean him harm? No…that's the sad part, even in her own defense it tugged at her heart strings to attack.

He fell to his knees covering his face with his hands whimpering. Toboe noticed this as a chance to escape, and limped off. The only evidence that a wolf had been there was her blood on the concrete. After what seeming less hours of limping Toboe found an abandoned cardboard box to hide from the scared guy.

After several minutes of waiting to see if he was pursuing her, she collapsed onto her hindquarters, and started cleaning her bloody wounds trying to make it stop bleeding, but her efforts where in vein. The wounds were too deep.

Hoping that darkness would over come her she just sat there waiting.

'This would have never happened to the guys' whimpered Toboe.

' I'm tired of being weak, and making stupid mistakes' thought Toboe bitterly.

She started howling for her missing friends, and the pain from her wounds. Five minutes later she heard a wolf returning her call .The wolf's howl was more mature and deep than Toboe's own.

'A male'


The name brought her a comforting feeling despite the condition she was in. 'Answer him back,' her heart told her.

"Tsume." two minutes later she heard him reply,

"Where are you runt?"

'He never changes,'

Both were silent…

Tsume starting howling again, but oblivious to the fact the Toboe had blacked out from blood loss.