Tears I Cry

By Seniya

It is a sad day indeed when the fate of the world;

is placed into the hands of children

Chapter One

The iron gray skies emptied their tears of anger onto the awaiting earth. Children, or the chosen few who had escaped their mothers' protective glances, dashed outside, to imagine a world of pirates and sea monsters; as only children can.

Those mothers trapped inside however; had quite a different outlook on the rain. Its horrible, continuous patter was an annoyance to most. It obscured the glorified view of the sunset, and it ruined picnics.

Yes, the rain ruined picnics.

The room was dark, illuminated only by an ever faltering glow of a sole candle. This was strange, especially for here, since before, it had always seemed to hold that one constant source of comfort.

Now, it was judgmental, drafty and confining. The smell of the peppermint tea heightened this atmosphere, what was given to reassure, now only threatened to sicken her.

Yan Lin approached the seated girl. Her aged face told many tales; drawn into the lines of her face were stories of childhood fantasies, and teenaged heartbreak. Not that one could ever tell, for many of us aren't taught to read wrinkles.

"Tell me more about these dreams" her voice sounded across the table, pausing once to admire the centerpiece.

"They're getting worse now" Will's voice faltered, blocked by shame, "It's getting harder for me to tell that they aren't real"

The purpose of the confession had been to aid the girl, to relieve her of her confusion. It hadn't worked, and now the bewilderment traveled upwards from her stomach, and lodged itself inside of her chest.

The younger continued after hearing no words of wisdom "I can't stand them anymore".

"They are only dreams" she offered a weak smile, which Will promptly declined.

"What do you see in them?" she had asked then, failing to mask the curiosity behind the voice.

"I see myself...I'm...hurting people...everyone...and..." after debating it in her mind whispered "I'm scared"

"There's no need to be Will"

"But...they're so real; I was thinking that they might be a prophecy..."

"They aren't" Yan Lin's voice had suddenly become very harsh, almost fearful. Her dark eyes fell upon the red haired youngster, suddenly wary. "These are being sent by someone, but I would advise you not to take them seriously, fear is what they want from you...don't let them succeed"

"But who would do this?"

"You mean you can't guess..."

Beyond the boundaries of fantasy, within his granite palace; paced a prince, though not the fantastic kind of whom fairy tales are weaved around.

Worry veiled his striking features, giving him a sickly, pallid color, which clashed terribly with his gorgeous silver blonde hair.

He would pause, occasionally between steps, to allow a cough to shake his thinning frame, but would quickly resume his walk in order to reject the help that was embodied in the form of his many servants.

"I'm dying" he repeated to the crowded room, although his words were only directed to one man.

"Sire…I beg of you to keep optimistic…your sister—," the words slithered from a darkened corner of the majestic room.

"She isn't enough" Phobos gestured for the others to leave, to which they hastily complied.

"Lord Phobos, how can you be certain of that?"

"Her powers would sustain me Cedric, but only for a time…death would find me eventually"

For the first time Cedric felt doubtful, dangerously so; "Sire, surely you cannot be seeking immortality…no one, no man could ever hope to become immortal…"

"Are you aware what will happen to me when I die?" a smirk played across his sweaty face "There is only one place for men like me, and from what I have heard, it isn't pleasant"

"So, instead you will fix your prayers on an unattainable alternative?"

"No, there is a way Cedric" his ice blue eyes gleamed with a fiery passion. "The Heart Of Kandrakar…legends speak of its powers to heal the sick"

"Does it matter?" Cedric emerged from his place among the shadows. "It is currently in the possession of one of your enemies"

"I haven't forgotten"

"So then what is your plan…we steal her away, and convince her that all of the times you attempted to murder her were only in jest?" his voice held a bitter laughter.

"You should not worry about my plan Cedric…its flawless" He stopped as another convulsion racked him; Cedric, knowing his master, took this as a signal for his own departure.

Once certain of his loneliness, Phobos raised a blood stained hand to the rays of the naked moon. He watched as the light played with the crimson…bemused, he noted, his blood was red; just like her hair.

Dreams are an odd group. We can all remark without the slightest feeling of wrong doing that we seldom ever understand the complexities of our own.

Will, however could not be a part of our merry clan. Her dreams were obvious, and painfully so. They made no effort to cloak their meanings; indeed, the only question she had to ponder, was if they were still only dreams.

Gruesome visions clouded her dreams. A horrible monster arose from the depths of a misty wonderland, and destroyed all that was around it. It could not be stopped. Even worse was, that it didn't wish to be.

This creature fed on fear and pain. It delighted when it heard the pleas of others; they caused it to become stronger, more violent. And finally, still fueled by rage and bloodlust, this beast would pause.

And the moonlight would dance in its hair, which was always the same remarkable red. And Will would stare, with confusion dawning on her pretty face, as she saw herself.

She hadn't told her friends. Of course not, they all had the uncanny habit of either completely ignoring her or fussing over her to such an extent that it became sickening.

She had told Yan Lin. Who had only supported her initial plans of secrecy. She had uttered some ineffective advice, of not granting these visions any attention, advice Will had tried her hardest to obey.

She was actually doing a rather good job at--it in fact if you hadn't heard her screams at night, or seen her tears in the morning. You would actually believe her answer to Irma's question of 'how are you doing?'

That was until one night. I believe it was in October. When her dreams suddenly took a different turn, and it was during this turning that she became familiar with a Prince.

The room was dark, and unfamiliar. It carried the air of someone who knew a delicious secret and was relishing in the fact that it wasn't telling. The only light came from the moon outside, and it entered through a small window in the corner.

She knew at once that she wasn't alone. She could hear his breathing, fragmented and slow. He lay on the bed, white sheets caked around his naked body, asleep.

Her breath caught in her throat at the sight. What was he doing here? What was she? Was this just as Yan Lin had warned her of?

She turned to leave, but stilled, finding there was no escape. The moonlight faded as the darkness closed in.

A gasp came from her lips when she heard him stirring. She should hide. She knew it, but her body seemed unwilling…it wanted him to see her.

He didn't seem to be surprised at her attendance, or even slightly embarrassed by his own indecent state. Instead he stared at her, with his ice blue eyes, causing her breath to come in short strokes.

"Welcome" he breathed finally.

"You brought me here?" her own eyes had found solace in the floor.

"You could say that"

She could feel the heat as a soft blush painted across her cheeks. She had never before been the center of such attention.

Her mind tried to lace some sense into her body. He was her enemy, a threat. But still, sitting here, in the darkness of this room, she didn't see the danger in him, only the man. And what her eyes had glimpsed wasn't dangerous, only beautiful.

And what harm could he do her here? It was only a dream.

He could just make out the features of her face through the fading lights. Her hair, a familiar red color, stopped just above her shoulders.

Her hands were clasped in front of her, and she was shaking slightly, perhaps due to the cold, or maybe…a smile tugged at his lips, she was frightened of him.

His gaze flickered over her body.

The plan.

A voice, surprising reminiscent of his own hissed within his mind. He ignored it.

His own eyes had found sweet sanctuary with her lips, and he refused to let his gaze leave the prison that they kept him in.

Perhaps…the plan could wait for just a moment longer; he could after all, have some fun with her first.

"What's your name?"


"Your name, girl, what is it?"

"Does it matter?"

"I suppose not"

He knew who she was, of course. The keeper of that blasted crystal. But she didn't have it here with her now, unfortunately, unless she had it strapped…somewhere. In any case, he had the intension of finding out.

"Come here" he held out his hand, but she didn't take it.

"Are you afraid?" he said thickly, immensely enjoying the way her eyes met his in defiance.

"Of what?" her voice was almost as constricted as his own; he took it as a signal.

She was already his.

She drew closer despite her reservations, stopping in the space between his legs; although she still didn't take his hand.

"Red hair" his fingers tangled with the strands, holding each with an infinite care. "My mother had red hair"

"Where is she now?"


Her eyes captured his; they were searching, for something they simply couldn't seem to find.

At last her fingers brushed his lips, a bold move on her part, and then with her virgin like care she explored the remainder of his face.

Her touch only excited her already heated body. He wouldn't be able to take much more of this.

He had seen her before; then, they had been on opposite sides. And he had only managed to purloin a few glances of her perfect face, and they had started this obsession.

Strange, how he hadn't known he had been obsessed until just now.

His powers were fading, undoubtedly due to that accursed disease. His sister's energies could keep him once he was done with her, but for how long?

Right now, he knew that he should focus on conserving his last remaining strength, on his survival tactic…

But strangely enough, she had bewitched him, mind and body and the only thought running through his frenzied mind at this moment was of his concentrated desire to be with her.

In every sense of the word; and this, here, was the only way to make such a fancy possible.

How had she done this…was this trickery of her own?

'Restraint' he begged himself to remember.

But when he heard her breathless whisper of his name, he knew then, that all restraint could meet him in hell.

His fingers met hers on their path along his face. He drew them to his lips, tasting her skin.

She gasped, and her body stiffened, but she didn't move away.

With a groan, Phobos swept her onto his lap. His arousal pressed against her thigh. She jerked at the sensation, pushing her arms against his chest; her own feeble attempts at self preservation.

He laughed; an abnormal sound. And then pulled her face towards him; bonding them with a kiss.

The tip of his tongue slid inside of her, causing an awakening of sensations in her chest. She moaned with the feelings, and opened her mouth to him, she was quite unable to resist. Her fears, for the moment at least were pushed aside.

"Have you ever been with a man before?" his husky tone interrupted her train of thought.

She shook her head, not fully understanding what he meant, she just knew that she wanted more than anything for him to continue.

There was a moment of silence, in which she wondered if perhaps she had done something wrong. But when she bent her head, he kissed her once again, deeper and more passionate than before.

"Don't be afraid" he whispered against her neck, "I promise not to hurt you"

He moved downwards with soft, brief kisses. They sought the skin along her collarbone, and it was there he that rested, his lips burning against her fiery skin.

She threw her head back, whimpering. Still he journeyed lower. He paused again to attack the clasps of her bra. It was only then she realized that her camisole had long been removed. The wind touched her naked flesh, cooling her, if only for a moment.

His mouth was on her again. Evoking more cries of yearning. His arm encircled her, pulling her closing to him, until their chests came together.

Even this contact wasn't enough to cure the heated commotions now ravishing his body. He still wanted more. It was just as he had feared. He was hers, she controlled him, and she was completely ignorant of her power.

In a fluid motion, he had placed her beneath him. His mouth once again on hers. He moved now to remove the final barrier of cloth. He threw it aside, and paused to admire her nakedness.

The girl cried out in dismay at the subtraction of his lips, she wanted for him to carry on…whatever it was that he was doing.

He kissed her face, brushing his lips past her eyelids; meanwhile his legs parted her thighs and he settled there.

She gasped, and her body rose, on its own accord to meet his.

He entered her then, seamlessly, as quickly as he could. She screamed with the feeling, drowning out his moans of pleasure.

He had never been with a virgin before, and was dreadfully unaware on how to quell the pain she was now enduring.

He took her lips again, by way of apology. He tried to calm her; he couldn't endure much more of her thrashing.

Soon she had quieted, her discomfort already faded; her body had endured his assault.

He moved within her, slowly at first, but then faster as he found a rhythm. He took her to a place, showed her all of its secrets, and then joined her there.

It was over now.

He still hadn't released his grip on her, occasionally whispering into her neck. She felt…safe, there with him, in his bed, wrapped in this cocoon of flesh. She knew it was only an illusion, only a dream, but still…

Yan Lin had warned her of this…of him—

"Stay with me" he was looking down at her, with some unreadable emotion masking his eyes.

"Here—but this isn't real" she almost laughed as she had said it, he couldn't be serious.

"We wouldn't have to wake…we could stay here…forever" he dipped his head to kiss her.

"I can't" she moved beneath him, the cage of safety now gone…she knew she must escape.

"Why not?" all sense of caring had left these words, and his face.

"I don't belong here…I have to go back…to my family…my friends"

"Why do you insist on returning to them…they don't care about you, not like I do…I could learn to love you"

"Don't say that" she removed her eyes from his powerful gaze, and desperately tried to blend in with the darkness.

"It's the truth…all they care about is that crystal, and you know it, I can sense that"

"Stop it" her voice was supposed to sound bold, but she knew it only came out frail.

"Please" he whispered. His fingers brushed along her face once more. "Please"

"Oh God, Phobos…the sun would rise on this world before you and I could ever be together" she felt the tears start to fall from her eyes.

"Just let me go"

He didn't respond.

Success, after all didn't require a response.

"Will, get up honey, its time for school"

Enough light crept into her eyes for her to seek the blurred image of her mother leaving her room.

He had let her go.

A thought that made her feel worse inside, if it were possible. She couldn't be feeling these things for him.

He was evil, demented. But still, last night…

Last night had been a dream. She reminded herself. Nothing more, no matter how much you wanted it to be.

She made the daily trudge over to her bathroom, pausing to check her appearance--horrible, per usual.

Out of the corner of her eye she caught something, a mark, was it? No, it was a bruise… along her collar bone.

Oh God.

How could that be?



It has always proved to be an extraordinary fact to me; and indeed it should be one for all of you as well; exactly how a single person can endure event so significant in their life's path, while everyone and everything else in their life can remain completely unchanged.

Will found herself wondering just that as she sat, silently among her friends. She was wholly immersed in her thoughts of the night before; and completely oblivious to the chatter that was around her.

Her entire body was sore…but from what? Her lip throbbed and felt swollen—could that be from him? Wasn't it just a dream?

Of course it had been. She couldn't have left her room last night, she hadn't done all those things with him…she couldn't have.

But the marks, the scars that now littered her body, told her differently. They wrote a tale of ardor and longing along her back. Her own memories of last night were quickly fleeing although she wanted so much to forever cling to them.

It was such an unusual situation…she couldn't go ask him anything of these events. And she most defiantly couldn't tell Yan Lin. So inadvertently, she was forced to stay uninformed.

"Will, are you there?" the voice shattered her concentration. Her eyes readjusted to take in those sitting around her.

"Yeah…I was just—thinking"

"Don't try to hard Billy" Irma's light tone was instantly recognizable.

"You've been zoning out a lot lately" Taranee put in. "Are you sure you're okay?"

'They seem to be in fussing mode today' Will noted grimly.

"Well I'm glad to see you're so concerned for Elyon's safety, seeing as it was your "Cornelia's sarcastic brogue made its appearance.

"Get over it Cornelia" Irma quipped.

Silence followed, it often seemed to as of late.

"Well" Taranee cleared her throat "We decided Will--well Caleb thought that it would be best if you sat out tonight's mission"

"Did he" her voice sounded dead in her ears.

"Can you blame him Will, you've been collapsing everywhere…we're scared" a spongy voice, that could only come from Hay Lin replied.

An anger rose in her chest, threatening to spill out into the air, but she managed to keep it grounded with a smile.

"Stay home, and get some rest—you've been stressing yourself out way too much" Irma seemed pleased with Will's silent reaction.

"Besides Will, you've got that crystal to think about" Cornelia was never one to keep silent.


"The heart" she rolled her eyes "If you passed out, and Phobos got you, can't you imagine what he could do?"

"You've got to keep the heart safe Will, remember that—"Taranee stopped when Will stood up.

"I'm going home, call me later…when you need me…you know to shut the portal" it came out much drier than she had wanted it to. She turned and left in any case, without apology.

"What's her problem?" Cornelia called from behind her.



She wanted to be sick. Sour sensations soared through her chest, annoying her to no end.

She tried to ignore it. She tried to remind herself that she should be good at that by now.

How dare they tell her what to do? How could they ever think that they understood anything--

Cornelia's last words echoed along her veins. The crystal, of course. Protect that.


Oh God, why didn't she ever shut up?

Everything always had to be Will's fault, of course it was always Will's fault, no one ever questioned that.

Will wasn't allowed to make mistakes, but everyone else could.

She wished that they would all go to hell.

Defy: to renounce faith in; challenge; rebel: to oppose or disobey one in authority or control.

"Will what are you doing here?" Taranee's voice sounded more frustrated than anything else.

"Well, to be honest I went home and tried to get some rest, I really did, but me and the heart, we decided that we're fine and we just wouldn't be able to forgive ourselves if we missed this—we got a blood test and everything…well I did, the crystal…well see it doesn't have any blood"

Sarcasm was evident on every word, but Irma was the only on who seemed to catch onto it, the others just stared at her with the same faraway expression as she was accustomed.

Was it pride that led her to this?

Perhaps. She knew she that protecting her friends hadn't been the first thing on her mind when she had stormed out of her apartment.

In fact now standing there in front of her acquaintances she almost wished that she would collapse and the Prince would swoop down from the heavens to take her away. If only it was just to piss them off.

They didn't fight her decision anymore. She almost wished they would.

Cornelia muttered something to Caleb when he met up with them. And Hay Lin kept sneaking glances at her from the sides of her eyes, but other than that there was nothing to show that they hadn't all reverted back to the 'ignore her' method.

The portal opened with a sickening rip. The buzzing sound drilled into their minds, and one by one they walked through.

"What do you think you're doing?" Caleb held her back when they were the only two left "I told you—"

"Taranee told me to stay home, and well I can't say that I feel much like watching TV today…so if you'll excuse me Caleb"

He didn't release his hold on her. "Do you think this a joke?"


"Do you think that if Phobos gets the heart everything will be fine, that he won't use it…Will how you can be so…"

"So what?" the smile had vanished, and the anger freed itself. "Say it Caleb, so what…so stubborn, so stupid, go on, say it"

"Will I wasn't going to say—"

"No, of course you weren't—here's a question though Caleb, since you obviously know so much more than I do on such things, what will happen to me when Phobos gets the heart, you see I'm confused since no one ever seems to tell me that part, I guess they don't know…" she broke off and then added what had been festering in her mind for almost a year "Or maybe they don't care"

He didn't answer right away "Is that what you think"

"Forget it Caleb" Now the anger had subsided she found herself feeling very embarrassed at the outburst. "I don't think"

She loosened herself from his clutches and followed the others through the portal, ignoring the stomach turning sensations that washed over her when she did.

She didn't detect if he followed, because the moment she stepped onto the soil, all her attention followed the gaze of her friends.

"The sky" she whispered.

"It can't be…this isn't possible…I don't understand" Taranee fumbled to explain it to herself.

"I thought Caleb said that it was always night here" Hay Lin looked around for an explanation.

The sun's bright rays coated the orange sky. Purples and blues, the hues of morning, danced with their eternal promise of a new sunrise. Across the landscape people stopped and stared, just as they were doing, no one had any sort of an explanation.

"It's magic…it has to be" Caleb had joined them.

"But whose magic is it…Elyon's?" Irma questioned.

"Maybe" someone continued. And the conversation dragged on. Will was glad that they didn't expect her to contribute. Her eyes still hadn't left the scene. She knew extremely well who had done this.

Her words from the night before rang clearly in her mind.

The sun would rise on this world before you and I could ever be together.

It hadn't been a dream.

Author: Since no one understands my work of art (not even myself). I'm redoing it, in a clearer format, so that you guys can pick on what's happening. Yes, Will is VERY evil in my story. Perhaps more confused than evil, but still, she's not our good girl. You may need to re-read the entire thing…sorry about that, but I got some really cool ideas here and there and it would have been a sin to leave them unwritten.

Disclaimer: I disclaim.

Dedicated: To all my lovely readers, whom I know won't flame me because of my editing spree. :P.