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Title: A World That Doesn't Care

Author: Mei Kimari

Disclaimer: I don't own Beyblade, as much as I wish I did...

Warning: This fic is yaoi...ReixKai. Therefore, if you don't like, don't read. Don't flame me just because it's yaoi. Other reasons do not apply.

Summary: Rei is stuck in a world that doesn't seem to care. His two step brothers and step father make his life a living hell. One day, he meets a boy, who like himself, is unhappy with his life. Will Rei finally be happy?


Chapter 6

The Hospital
(Kai's P.O.V.)
How could this happen? I knew it was coming. I saw it coming. It's all my fault!


A nurse walks over to me asking for the patient's name. I tell her, "Rei Kon." She looks through her cabinet messily till a folder is pulled out with his name 'Rei Kon' written clearly on it. She sits back down in the seat she was in before, starts tapping away on the computer. A few minutes later, she started to dial numbers into the phone beside her.


Not long after, a tall man with purple hair walks through the glass doors of the hospital and to the desk where the nurse Kai had talked to only moments before sat. In kind words he said, "I'm here to see Rei Kon."
"Ah! Yes! You must be his guardian!" She shouted, almost jumping out of her seat at the surprise. He nodded giving her some acknowledgement. She smiled, facing him. "Follow me."


Two boys, one with flaming red hair, and the other pale lavender hair walk in soon after. They ask for Rei and are shown into the same room.


Upon entrance, they saw Kai sitting there on one side. "It's nothing serious. He has just been under too much stress that this happened. There's nothing to worry about." The doctor tells Kai, quickly gathering his things. Kai gives him a nod, and says a quiet "Thank you." As the doctor left, he heard a knock at the door.

The purple-haired burly man who Kai assumed to be Rei's stepfather entered the room. "Doctor."
"Mr.Ivanov I presume."
"That is correct. May you tell me what is wrong?"
The doctor brings him to the side, and tells him the details.

(Kai's P.O.V)
I stand, and walk over to Rei's side. All I could keep thinking, 'It's all my fault. It's all my fault. It's all my fault!' I'm so sorry Rei. If it wasn't for me, if I hadn't told you to stay...

The purple-haired man walks over to me as I take Rei's hand in mine. I look over to his face which has a peaceful expression. I can't help but smile. "Kai Hiwatari? Is that right?" I nod hesitantly. I wasn't sure whether he was going to do something to Rei. Throughout the day though, it seems I'm the only one that has done something, and I feel horrible about it.
"I'm Boris Ivanov, Rei's step father. Were you with him when this happened?"
I nod again, afraid that he will do something unmentionable if I actually had said a word. Two boys enter the room. Once seeing the bright flaming red hair, I knew it was Tala. I assumed the other to be his brother. In a matter of seconds, our eyes met. And not soon after was he standing beside me, putting an arm over me, making me let go of Rei's hand.

"Hey Kai." He smirks. "Tala."

"Are you worried about Rei? He'll get better and he'll be up in a little bit. You don't have to worry." Tala told me, letting me go.

"Mr. Ivanov." Boris looked from the spot he was staring at down on the ground. "Yes?"
"I just wanted to give you my deepest apologies for making him come to this state. If it wasn't for me, he'd probably be at home right now. I'm sorry." I bowed, trying to show my pure apology.

"Yes. I see. It's alright Kai."

I didn't want to bring it up, but, I can remember it clearly. What I'm talking about is the accident that happened at school. The fact that Rei forgot that...of all things...
"Also, there was an accident with school, and one of the teachers..." I trailed off, not sure how to finish the sentence I was saying. He looked straight at me and nodded. "Yes. The doctor mentioned it. The school did contact me about that also, especially since he left school early as well."

"Actually sir, I took him out of school." I quickly responded, for fear Rei would be punished when he would wake up.
"I see. By the way Kai, you are welcome at our house any time for dinner on a day Rei is awake." He smiled sincerely. I wasn't sure whether to be angry, or to be happy; angry at myself, or happy for the fact of this invitation. But it was too much at the moment. I had to get away.

"Please excuse me. I hope to see Rei at school soon." I told them and went over to Rei's side, grabbing his hand one more time. 'Rei, please wake up soon. Please...be okay.'

I smiled and said my 'bye-s' once again.


Kai turned to leave. Mr. Ivanov (1) walked over to Rei's side, giving him a little shake. "Rei'll be fine dad." He heard one of his sons say.

"I know that Tala. I'm not worried."
"Of course you aren't. Can I go?" Tala asked seemingly in a hurry. Boris knew it was because he wanted to catch up to dear Kai and talk to him again. "Whatever."

Tala quickly ran out of the room, and out the hospital doors in order to catch up to Kai.


"Bryan, tell me. What do you think?"

"About what?"
"Rei. What should we do?" He looked over at his son, the one who spent most of his time with Rei. "Give him a few days? I don't know. The doctor said he couldn't remember anything right? About what happened?"

"That's what it seems. He was overstressed. But with what? How could he be more overstressed today, when compared to when he's usually at home?"

"I know." He said sternly back, throwing a glare at him. Suddenly a mumble and a shifting body were heard.

"Rei." Bryan whispered.
"Rei!" Boris shouted, patting Rei's shoulder harder and harder till Rei managed to get up and was helped into a sitting position. "What happened?" He asked, seeing his step father and step brother before him. Suddenly, he cringed. 'What's going on?' He thought to himself.

"It's alright Rei." Bryan said, looking at his dad. "Just go back to sleep."


"Kai!" Tala shouted, spotting Kai as soon as he walked out of the hospital. Kai was getting into the limo. "KAI!" He shouted louder this time.

(Kai's P.O.V)

I kept hearing voices. I thought I was losing it. It kept getting louder and louder till I realized, I should turn around. I looked over the person that was calling his name. Familiar voice. Of course. 'It's Tala.' I told himself.

"What is it Tala?" I asked him cruelly. "I...wanted to talk to you."
"About what?"
"I promise, nothing like last time."

"Nothing like last time you say?"
"Yes Kai. I want to talk...about Rei." He paused. I was surprised at myself. I wasn't hesitant about letting him into my limo. "Hop in. (2)" Which came out more of a demand then a request.


Rei was brought home. Boris couldn't understand how something like being harassed by a teacher could make Rei forget it happened, in comparison to all the other times that actions had been forced on him before.


(1) Perhaps, I should say Boris instead, Mr. Ivanov just doesn't seem like him, his usual last name is Balkov. XD I just randomly picked a last name out of the three – Boris, Tala, and Bryan. Whatever. It should be okay, I think...as long as you guys don't get confused.

(2) "Hop in." I just found it to be the wrong words Kai could say to Tala, after last time, letting Tala into his limo and bringing him to his mansion? Kinda awkward situation, but go with me on it.


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