Fic: Remembering You, Part 1
Author: Lindsey
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2391
Pairings/Characters: Logan/Veronica, Ensemble plus original characters
Warnings/Spoilers: up to 1.22
Summary: Everything Veronica does always comes back to a fling that happened oh so long ago.
Disclaimer: I don't own veronica mars. rob thomas and upn do. All hail king rob!

an: just something that popped into my head a while back. Veronica lives in Baltimore because I know more about this city (where I live) than New York. Also, I took the first part of my fic from my other vm fic: Untitled. I really didn't feel like rewriting the whole "I was hoping it was you" stuff. Enjoy! Italics are vm flashbacks.

Veronica was awoken suddenly by a knock on her door. She lifted her head to see what time it was—3:07 in the morning. She walked to the front door, an immediate smile appearing on her face when she saw who stood before her.

"I was hoping it would be you," Veronica said softly while smiling.

10 years later…

Veronica strolled into the Baltimore Sun office, ready for another long day of work. She loved her job, don't get her wrong, its just sometimes she wished she could just stay home and chill out. But that was something she could never do, unless she wanted to live on the streets for the rest of her life. She needed the money and that's what made her come into work every morning.

It had been five years since she moved from New York to Maryland, and 10 years since she had moved to New York from Neptune, California. She mostly kept in touch with everyone that she truly cared about in high school, except for one person, who she chose not to think, talk, or dream about these days. He had done everything in his power to hurt her emotionally, and hadn't even apologized to her when she told him she was leaving on the night of their high school graduation. He had just shrugged it off, like it was nothing important and telling her not to worry, he'll find some other hot blonde chick to occupy him.

Veronica blinked away the single tear that threatened to fall, as she recalled the heart breaking memory.

Veronica sat in the cold sand of Dog Beach, watching the ocean waves crash onto the shoreline. In about three days she was leaving for New York, to start a new job she had been hired for during the summer. In the fall, she would be enrolled at NYU. She had broken the news to all of her friends earlier that evening except for Logan. After the ceremony she wasn't able to find him, so she came here thinking he might be here too. She didn't want to leave without ever saying goodbye.

A few minutes later, Veronica heard the motor of a large vehicle pull into the parking lot. She craned her neck to see who was joining her on the lonesome beach; she sat up quickly when she saw the yellow X-Terra.

"What are you doing here?" he asked coldly as he stumbled across the sand, obviously drunk.

"Last time I checked this was a public beach," the tiny blonde replied.

"Screw you," he said flat-out.

Veronica scoffed at his comment and started to draw an outline of a heart in the sand, absent-mindedly.

Logan plopped down next to her and stared out into the ocean.

"Where did you go after the graduation ceremony? I tried to find you but I couldn't."

"Went out for a little joy ride. What's it to you?"

Veronica shook her head, not understanding how she could still be in love with such a jerk. "Forget I asked." She then cleared her throat and looked straight into Logan's eyes. "I only wanted to tell you something. Something really important."

"So then why don't you tell me right now?" he asked bitterly.

Veronica cleared her throat, not wanting to have to say this to him. "I'm leaving."

"No one's asking you to stay around here, toots."

"No, Logan. I'm leaving. I'm moving to New York in three days." He looked away for a minute, but then turned back to face her, no emotions showing in his eyes.

"Again, no one asked you to stay." Veronica's heart stopped beating for a second. How could he be this cold when only about two months they all lovey-dovey before their bitter end?

"You don't care that I'm leaving?" she asked in disbelief.

"I can honestly say that I don't. When our relationship died last month, so did all me feelings for you."

It was Veronica's turn to look away. She wouldn't let Logan see her tears, especially since he had caused them.

"Besides," he began brutally, "I'm sure there's another blonde chick around here that would love to pick up where you and me left off."

'smack'. Veronica hit him flat against his cheek, hard, it immediately turning red. She couldn't believe he thought another woman could easily replace what they had had.

Logan touched his cheek and smirked. "Wow, Mars, I didn't know you had it in you.

That got a glare. "What did I do?" she asked wanting to know. "What did I ever do to deserve this bullshit from you?"

"What did you do!" he asked not understanding how she could not know how much she had hurt him. "You broke my heart! I told you I loved you and the next thing I know I find you in bed with some random guy off the streets!"

"Logan, I tried to explain, but you wouldn't hear it. You just kept—"

"I still don't want to hear it Veronica," Logan stated harshly.

Tears were falling like leaves from Veronica's blue eyes. She quickly wiped them away. "I didn't mean to hurt you, Logan. I swear to God that was not my intention at all. I'm so sor—"


"But, Logan…"

"Don't Veronica. Just don't." And then he left her there, all alone.


Veronica looked at the picture of Logan she had framed on her desk. Her fingers traced the outline of the object as she thought about her former lover for the first time in years.

Someone chose that exact moment to knock on her door, interrupting her thoughts.

"Can-can I help you?" she stumbled out. The man walked over to her desk and saw what she had been looking at.


She looked up into the man's dark chocolate eyes, "Uh…no," she said as she slammed the picture face down on her desk. "He's just my brother…who, um…died a couple of years ago."


This man had obviously not recognized Logan Echolls in the picture. Logan was an actor, whose status in Hollywood was quickly rising. Sure he was only 18 at the time the picture was taken, but she was sure his facial features hadn't changed that much.

"I'm Stephen Macintosh. I'm new here."

"Veronica Mars," she replied shaking his outstretched hand. "I'm not so new."

He smiled at that and Veronica couldn't help but notice how similar he looked like Logan when he did that.

God damnit, why was she thinking about him right now?

"Well, looks like you already met your assistant," Barry, her editor, interrupted.

Veronica's eyes widened. "W-wait. Assistant? I don't need an assistant!"

"Sure you don't," Barry said pointing to her desk, which happened to be very messy.

The journalist laughed nervously. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" she asked Barry before she pulled him by his elbow to a secluded area in her office. "What the hell make you think I need an assistant?" she asked furiously.

"Veronica, you've become very unorganized. You've also missed two of your deadlines."

"I've been working for you for over four years, and I've never missed a deadline until recently. One deadline missed and you go all—"

"Two," Barry corrected.

"What?" Veronica asked confused.

"Two. You've missed two deadlines."

Veronica rolled her eyes. "Okay, two deadlines missed and suddenly I need an assistant?"

"Look, Ronnie…"

"Don't call me that," the petite blonde stated stubbornly.

"Just look. Recently I've notices that your mind has been somewhere else. You seem easily distracted."

"So…?" she asked, impatient.

"So…it's affecting your work. And I thought if I got you an assistant they would keep you on track."

"It's not your place to do that."

"Actually, it is. I'm your boss. Anyway, it was either hire you an assistant or fire you."

Veronica let out a frustrated sigh. "Fine. I'll have an assistant."

"That's my girl," Barry said attempting to place his hand on her shoulder.

Veronica steppes back. "Trust me. You don't want to touch me right now."

Barry pulled his hand back fast. "Why don't you reintroduce yourself to Stephen. Hmm?"

Veronica glared at her editor. "You're so going down," she said as she bumped into him purposely as she walked by him.


"Omigod, he's is such a hottie. I can't wait until I get to see his new movie he has coming out."

"I know. Me neither. He's supposed to be really charming in this one…and shirtless."

A few more giggles passed through her female co-workers. She couldn't believe Logan had women on the east coast drooling over him already. He only had been on the big screen once and his second movie was coming out in a few days. He was also in a sitcom about a dysfunctional family and surprisingly it had gotten the ratings needed for it to stay on the air.

Veronica sat down at the table where her two friends had just been gossiping about a particular actor. "Hi guys," she said as she began to open her lunch that had been stored in a paper bag.

"You're kidding me right?" Rachel, a friend she knew from New York, asked.


"You're eating from a paper bag, again. Can't you at least afford a kiddie lunch box?"

Veronica snatched her lunch back. "For your information, I need all the money I can get. Bringing my lunch in a paper bag saves a couple dollars."

"But it does kill a few trees," Shelly, her friend she met in Baltimore who happened to be a nature freak, stated. "Which is better: buying the latest Us Weekly or having enough oxygen to breathe?"

"Shelly, you're the one who buys those crappy magazines, not me."

"Whatever," her friend replied, rolling her eyes.

"Anyway," Rachel started, "are you free Friday night? I want to go see this new movie that's coming out."

"I don't know. Depends on what you guys plan on seeing." Veronica took a bite of her sandwich. She already knew what movie her friends wanted to go see. It was just funny watching them gush over Logan, her ex-boyfriend and his new film. Of course they didn't know about him being her ex and all and she sure as hell didn't want them finding out either.

Rachel placed Shelly's magazine in front of Veronica. "Its called 'Remembrance'. It's about a guy who fell in love with his brother's girlfriend and years later when he sees her at a club he finally confesses his love to her. The critics give it five stars and say it should be Logan Echolls's debut film. After it comes out Friday, everyone will know his name."

"Sorry, but I'm going to have to decline."

"Why?" Shelly asked. "Is it because it's a chick flick?"

"A chick flick?" Veronica asked not believing what she was hearing. The Logan Echolls she knew swore he would never be that desperate to act in a romantic comedy. "You're not serious, are you?"

Her friends both nodded their heads.


"So baby, what do you have planned for us tonight?" a young Logan asked Veronica, giving her a sweet kiss on her cheek.

"How 'bout we stay in tonight? Rent a couple of movies?"

"Sure, why not?" Logan said as he closed his locker, which coincidently had been right next to Veronica's. "You know, we wouldn't really even have to watch the movie. We could be preoccupied with other activities," Logan said wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

Veronica playfully hit him. "I bet that little activity of yours doesn't end with my dad kicking your ass."

"Your dad's not out of town?"


"Damn. I guess we'll have to actually have to watch the movie this time," he said, snapping his fingers.

Veronica laughed. "Just be around my place at seven, okay?"

"Okay," Logan replied giving her a quick kiss on her lips as the bell rang.

He was halfway down the hall when he shouted back at her, "No chick flicks!"


Veronica was finishing applying the last of her make-up when she heard the doorbell ring.

She looked at the clock—6:57 P.M. She smiled to herself and went to answer the door.

"Someone's a little eager," Veronica said as she saw Logan standing in the doorway between her apartment and the outside world.

"How?" he asked curiously.

"It's not even seven yet and you showed up at my door."

"Well what can I say? I was excited to see you tonight."

"Oh were you?" Veronica asked before closing the gap between them, brushing her lips softly against his.

They soon heard Keith clear his throat and Veronica broke off the intimate kiss. "Hello, Logan."

Logan grinned sheepishly "Hi, Mr. Mars."

"Don't you have somewhere to be Dad?"

Keith took the hint. "I'll be in my room. Right there," he stated pointing to his door. "So don't do anything stupid."

"We won't, Dad," Veronica said making sure her father's door was closed all the way.

Logan looked around nervously. "So…what movies did you get?"

Veronica bit her lip and walked over to the table that was five feet away from her t.v.

Logan saw the guilty look she had plastered on her face. "Oh, baby you didn't."

"I'm sorry. They were the only movies left at Blockbuster. Honest to God."

"But, Ronnie, I thought we agreed on no chick flicks?"

"Hey, it was either this or 'Raise Your Voice' and I can absolutely not stand Hilary Duff."

Logan stomped over to the couch and sat down. Veronica sighed and joined him. "Please don't tell me you're going to act like a little kid and throw a temper tantrum."

"I'm not," he relied gruffly.

Veronica slid closer to Logan. "Besides what so bad about a chick flick?"

"What isn't bad?" Logan looked down into his girlfriend's eyes. "I mean come on, V. The guys in these movies have the cheesiest lines. And they're so predictable. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy does something stupid and girl dumps him. Boy does something romantic; boy and girl get married. And they all live happily ever after. The end."

"They aren't all like that."

"Oh no?"

"No. Sometimes the girl is the one who screwed up."

Logan shook his head and laughed silently. "You are unbelievable, Veronica Mars."


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