Fic: Remembering You, Part 6
Author: Lindsey
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2391
Pairings/Characters: Logan/Veronica, Ensemble plus original characters
Warnings/Spoilers: up to 2.01 except no Kendall/Logan affair
Summary: Everything Veronica does always comes back to a fling that happened oh so long ago.
Disclaimer: I don't own veronica mars. rob thomas and upn do. All hail king rob!

An: sorry for the long, horrific, suspenseful wait. I was hoping to be inspired by the new VM season, but no such luck because of all the Veronica/Duncan chaos. Hopefully more inspiration will come later by Logan and Veronica hooking up again AND all the wonderful reviews I'll receive for this chapter (hint, hint). But good news, it's longer than average chapters.

Like always, italics stand for flashbacks and in some scenarios, an article from a magazine being read or a television program being watched (ie: news, tv show, etc.)

"Veronica, come on. We've been waiting here for over an hour. Let's just face it; he's not coming, so can we please get the hell out of here? That guy over there is starting to hit on me and I really don't think he's younger than 72."

Veronica plastered a fake smile onto her face. It slowly drifted away as she looked around the bar one last time for Phil running in with an apology in mind and some lame excuse as to why he was late. But there was sign of him and again Veronica was reminded that she was terribly unlucky in love. "Yeah, okay. Let's go," she said a few minutes later, disappointedly.

Rachel watched as Veronica stood up from the barstool and headed towards the door. She was starting to think there was a whole other side to the Veronica Mars she had known for a couple of years. Rachel started to notice that Veronica had this tough, outer shell that she used as protection, but on the inside she was just a scared, depressed little girl who was craving affection.

"You know, V, we can stay a little longer if you want."

Veronica looked her straight in the eye at first, but then she glanced down at the old, un-shampooed welcome mat she was standing on. She then replied dryly, "Nah, I'd rather go. I have to go into work tomorrow early to catch up on a few things."

All Rachel could do was mumble an unheard "oh," and then she led Veronica out of the Pickle Pub looking back only once in search of Phil.


The next morning, Veronica was in her office typing away when Barry, her boss, interrupted her.

"How is my most favorite assistant editor-in-chief this morning?" he asked.

Veronica knowingly tilted her head and smiled. "What do you want Barry?"

Barry looked appalled. "What makes you think just because I'm being nice to you, that I want something?"

Veronica's right eyebrow shot up. "I know you, Barry. You are rarely nice to your employees, especially me."

"Okay, so maybe I do need you to do something for me."

"Aha, and the criminal confesses!" Veronica mocked before continuing to type on her computer.

"Hardy, har, har. But Veronica, this is a serious matter."

Veronica stopped typing. "What is it Barry?"

"I was talking to the Art Director yesterday while you were out and we decided that its time the Baltimore Sun had a new layout, you know maybe a color here and there, and more appealing articles."


"And well in order to do these modifications we need to downsize our employees."

Veronica stared at him in shock. "Are you firing me?"

"No, Veronica don't worry, you won't be fired anytime soon. You've done a wonderful job here at the Sun."

"So who are you guys firing?"

"Mostly our reporters who do nonsense articles."

"Like who?"

"Michelle Mathers."

"Shelly!" Veronica asked disbelievingly.

"Yes," Barry mumbled.

"I can't believe you! You're firing her because she writes articles about the environment, which I hardly consider nonsense!"

"Veronica calm down. You know as well as I do, Shelly's column is a secondary one. We already have a full-time writer who writes what everyone needs to know and how they can help the environment."


"So, Veronica what she writes is not needed here at the Sun. We need to cut back, I've told you that."

"And here's where I use my past instigative skills: you don't want to fire her, you want me to."


"Veronica, there's someone here to see you," Stephen called though the half open door in her office. "Says you've been expecting him."

"Give me one minute," she replied and then turned back to Barry. "We'll have to finish this discussion later then I guess. I have to talk to Mr. Dobson about an article I'm writing."

"Alright, see me in my office at the end of the day."


As soon as Barry left her office, she told Stephen to let her visitor in.

"I just wanted to thank you for making the time to meet me Mister…you're not Mr. Dobson," Veronica said when she glanced up from her desk and saw Phil Doones stading there.

"Well, I hope not. I mean I would really like if I wasn't as old as dirt."

Veronica ignored his comment. "Um, what are you doing here?"

"Well, uh, contrary to popular belief I have my mother's sense of direction."

"Phil, I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're saying."

"What I'm trying to say is I have no sense of direction what so ever, just like my mother who went walking across a bridge once, made a right instead of a left and wound up in the Pacific Ocean."

"So the reason you stood me up is because you couldn't find the bar?"

"That and I couldn't remember what you said that bar was called."


"Yeah and I wanted to come here in person and apologize to you," he said revealing a bouquet of flowers that he had hidden behind his back the entire time. "I heard on the street flowers meant 'I'm Sorry'."

"Thanks," was all Veronica could manage to say as she took the flowers from fill and laid them on her desk. "That was a very thoughtful gesture."

Phil just smiled and said, "You're welcome."


Veronica looked at her lunch consisting of a plain ham sandwich, a bag of chips, an apple, and a diet soda. She then glanced across the table at Phil who she had invited to eat lunch with her. His lunch was almost exactly the same…except that he had a banana instead of an apple.

She stared at him for a long time until Logan finally felt her gaze and looked up at her. "What?" he asked, his mouth full of half-chewed ham.

"Can I tell you something weird?"

Logan's eyebrow furrowed, but only for a second. "Sure…"

"This may sound a little creepy but you look like one of my ex-boyfriends."

Logan laughed. "I don't really find that creepy."

"Why not?" Veronica asked curiously.

"Because I was about to say the same thing to you."

Veronica looked taken aback. "You were going to say I looked like one of your ex-boyfriends?"

Logan chuckled. "No, no, no. I was going to say you resembled one of my ex-girlfriends I had in high school."

"Really? What was her name?"


"Betty," Veronica repeated.

"Yeah…" Logan trailed off. The two sat there in complete and total silence for about five minutes until Rachel and Shelly came to sit next to Veronica.

"Hey, V, you wanna introduce us to your friend here?" Shelly asked smiling flirtatiously at Logan, who just showed a weak smile and nodded at the two.

Veronica rolled her eyes at the way Shelly reacted towards anyone of the male species. "Yeah, um, this is Phil. Phil, this is Shelly and Rachel. They work here too."

"Nice to meet you guys," Logan replied politely.

Shelly soon realized that this one the "Phil" that Veronica was supposed to meet at the Pickle Pub. She immediately shot Veronica an "I'm sorry" through the expression on her face.

"It's okay," Veronica whispered so Phil wouldn't here her.

"Well, we have to go catch up on a few things so hopefully we'll see you two later? Hopefully tonight at the Staff Halloween party?" Rachel proposed.

Veronica glared at her.

"Well that's our cue," Shelly announced, but before leaving she whispered, "Details later," into Veronica's ear.

As soon as they were gone Veronica turned back to Phil. "Sorry about that."

"Oh don't worry about it." Logan gave a smile before continuing. "But you know Halloween is my favorite holiday."

"So was Logan's," Veronica said to herself.


"I hate you," Veronica stated as they entered her apartment, which was thankfully father-less.

"No you don't. You love me," Logan told her as he set about three overfilled bags that said "Spirit" on the table.

"I don't love you very much right now."

"Veronica, it's only one night."

"Logan…I haven't dressed up for Halloween in over three years! Why would I want to start now?"

"Because this is the year of change," Logan said reminding her about what had happened during the summer: her attempted murder, his father's arrest, and his own arrest. "Besides," he continued, "I love Halloween."

"You do, do you?"

"Oh yes. Especially when I have an annoying blond girl beside me the whole night," Logan said before leaning closer to her and planting a chaste kiss on her lips.

"So when is this party?" Veronica asked, confirming she would go with him.

Logan smiled. "God, I love you," he said kissing her again. "It's this Friday at Dick's house. I'll take you home from school and you can get ready at my place."


"What time would you have to be home?"

"Whenever," Veronica replied. "My dad already told me that he'll be in Arizona Friday 'till Sunday probably chasing a bail jumper."

"Good," Logan said, kissing her forehead. "Because after seeing you in the naughty nurse costume all night, I don't think I'm gonna let you go home." Logan's mouth then crashed down onto Veronica's and he pushed her up against the apartment's dull colored wall.

But Veronica broke the kiss as soon as she could gain her self control back. "You bought me a naughty nurse's costume to wear!"

Logan just laughed at her.


Veronica was staring into space, totally unaware of Phil trying to get her attention by waving his hand in front of her face and saying, "Earth to Mars."

She finally snapped out of her trance. "I'm, um, sorry. I tend to zone out a lot."

"Is that a cover up for saying I bore you?" Logan asked just to see Veronica's reaction.

"No, god no! I just sometimes think about the past, you know?"

"Yeah," Logan said shaking his head. He then glanced down at his watch. "Shit, I'm late for a meeting."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Logan just smiled. "You got nothing to be sorry for. I think this was the best lunch I ever had."

Veronica blushed but didn't let Logan see it.

"So," he said, "I'll see you here tonight?"

Veronica could tell in his voice that he wanted to see her again so she nodded and said, "Yeah, meet me here around eight."

"What kind of costume will you be wearing?"

Veronica smirked and stood up from her seat. "You'll see," she replied coyly and walked away.

Logan just watched he as she left, thanking God that he had gotten a third chance at a relationship with Veronica, even though technically he wasn't himself.


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