"Thanks Ron" Kim whispered in his ear as they danced on the floor. Ron acknowledged by holding her closer and kissing her on the cheek and then smiling. Kim placed her head on his chest. closing her eyes moved and moving forward kissing Ron. Ron kissed back.

Kim and Ron were walking up the driveway to the Possible's house. They stopped.

"Let me get it Kim" Ron pulled out a key and opened the door.

"Thanks" they both walked up to Kim's room.

"Night Kim"

"Don't go Ron" he turned around.

"Ok" Kim lay on the bed.

"I'm so tired"

"Do you want me to sleep in the den?" Kim sat up and pulled Ron down to the bed then she rolled over to face Ron.


"Night Kim" Kim snuggled up close to him. Ron wrapped his arm around her and they drifted off to sleep.

Ron woke up to see Kim asleep in his arms. A small smile crept along his face. He pulled Kim closer to him and kissed her on her forehead. Although Kim was asleep she still smiled and held on to Ron. He lay his head back down and stared at the ceiling.

Wow I mean I' m cuddling up to Kim K.P. Kim Possible. I must be the luckiest man alive. No I am the luckiest man alive She's pretty, clever, strong headed, wow. Ron looked back down at Kim who was now looking back up at him.

"Morning… Kim" Something had stopped him from saying K.P.

"Morning Ron" Kim whispered back, Ron looked at Kim and started to think.

"Somut on your mind?"

"Last night you fell asleep with your clothes on and now .."

Ron looked at Kim's beautiful bare shoulders where the straps from her dress were last night. They weren't there now. Kim followed his eyes.

"Oh… no" she sat up and flung off the covers. Ron looked away for a few seconds then back. Kim was sitting up on the bed.

"See Ron the straps just fell down" he smiled at Kim. Kim sensed a bit of disappointment. She slid back under the covers and on top of Ron. She sat up. Ron looked down himself and all he could see was Kim sitting over him.

She moved forward till she was centimetres away from face.

"Why did ya want me with nothing on Ron?" Ron looked away.

"Well maybe later" Kim smiled and kissed him. Ron pulled Kim close to him and embraced the kiss. Ron rolled over and was now staring into Kim's eyes and Kim was staring back.

"Kim your so beautiful" Kim went bright red.

"I've all ways thought one day I'd be cuddling up like this with someone… I'm glad its you" Ron smiled and rolled off Kim.

"Me too" Ron wrapped his arms around Kim's waist and drew her in.



"Nothing I just like saying your wonderful name" Kim smiled.

"What else is wonderful about me?"

"Well ya personality, your body every thing is"

"Ron when did you first know that you loved me?"

"About 3rd grade"


"Really" Kim gave him another kiss. Ron smiled as she pulled away.

"So what's the plan?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well how are you going to tell everyone about us?"

"Not sure"

"Oh, what about your parents, I mean, I mean!" Kim placed a finger on Ron's lips.

"Calm down Ron"

Beep Beep

"Go Wade"

"Just saying congratulations"

"Wade we aren't married"

"Not long though" Kim smiled and put the kimmunicator down. She turned back and faced Ron.

"OK that's it!"

"What is?"

"I can't relax with my clothes on, can you?" Ron just looked at Kim.

"Thought so" Kim took off her dress and underwear. Ron just froze under the covers.

"Taking yours off Ron?" Ron just nodded and slowly stripped off. Kim snuggled up too. Ron smiled but was not sure where to put his hands. Whether on her hip, waist or wrap them around her. He took a chance and wrapped his arms around her and pulled Kim in close. He felt her body pressing against his.

"Kim" Kim butted in.

"Ron I know it's ok and I don't mind" she smiled. Ron smiled back and went a bit red.

"Not bad though" Kim giggled.

They both laughed. Just then they heard Mrs. Possible walking up the stairs.

"Oh arr" Ron screamed aloud.

"Ron calm"

"Calm it. I'm naked in bed with you and your mum is going to walk in"

"So" Ron looked at Kim as she moved closer and snuggled back up. Ron relaxed and closed his eyes waiting for a scream. He heard the door open and a small 'ar' echoed around the room.

"Kim, Ron time to get up soon"

"Yes mum" Kim said as she nuzzled into Ron's shoulder.

"Ok" Mrs. Possible said as she picked up the washing basket and left the room.

"Well that went better then I thought" Kim stared at Ron and laughed.

"Of course it was you are the only boy er man that my parents trust" Ron smiled

"They do?"


"How much?"

"Enough to let you sleep in my bed"


"Ron do you trust me?" Ron looked at Kim puzzled.

"Of course I do why?"

"Just wondering" Kim rolled back on top of Ron.

"So Ron what do you want to do?"

"Stay with you for ever" Kim smiled. Just then the door opened.

"Kimmycub" Mr. Possible stood in the doorway and looked at Kim and Ron.

Kim, taken by complete shock, just smiled as she sat on Ron.

"You two better not be doing what I think you are doing"

"Mr Possible we, we were just looking…."

"No dad we weren't" Kim said cutting Ron off. Mr. Possible stared at Ron. He just waved back, hid behind Kim and went bright red.

"Kim, Ron we need to have a talk" then Mrs. Possible came back into the room and grabbed Mr. Possible.

"Honey come on, leave them to be" Mrs. Possible winked at Kim who smiled back.

"See everything is fine"

"Yeah but what about that talk?"

"We will think about that later" Kim slid on Ron who tensed straight up.

"Kim!…." Kim placed a finger on his lip and pushed down. Ron rolled over.

"Ron" Kim whispered

"Take me"

"o o OK" Ron gulped.

Mr. Possible sat on a chair

"I mean she's my little Kimmy"

"No she is not. She is growing up, I mean what were you doing at her age?" Mrs. Possible raised an eyebrow and smiled. Mr. Possible smiled back.

"I can't remember"

"Don't lie, and if you did forget I'll be really mad"

"Well that was different"

"No it was not"

"I mean 1 it's Ron and 2 Kim will lead" Mr. Possible shot up.

"Sit back down. Think if you do walk in you will embarrass yourself and them. Kimmy wouldn't forgive you"

Mr. Possible sat back down.

Kim held onto Ron as the sweat dripped off him.

"Ron I love you" Kim said gasping for air. Ron smiled and placed his head on Kim's chest.

"I love you to" Ron whispered. Kim bit he bottom lip as Ron rolled of and cuddled up to her

"Ok but I'm goner still have that talk with them" Mrs. Possible smiled and kissed her husband

"Ok but don't embarrass them" Mr. Possible got up and walked up stars to Kim's room.

Kim clamed out of bed as Ron lay there, Watching Kim put some close on .

"Your so so so" Kim looked at Ron laying there

"I'm so what" Ron smiled

"mine" Kim giggled

"I all ways have been" with that Ron climbed out of bed and dressed him self. just then Mr. Possible knocked at the door

"Kim Ronald can I come in" Kim looked at Ron and mimed the words the talk. They both sat on the bed

"yes dad you can"

Mr. possible walked in the room and sat on the computer chare

"Kim Ron you see when to people love each other there r siren things that will"

"Dad we do no all of that" Kim said as she moved closer to Ron and placed her head on his shoulders Mr. Possible was un eased by this.

"as long as you no what you r doing then I guess that its made that " Kim sure that her dad was struggling what to say

"Its ok Dad we no what you saying" Ron nodded Mr. Possible smiled and left the room