Kim looked at the open door. This was her chance to escape. She stood up and ran to the door just then a body flue past her, and she could hear shouting.

"Where is Kim!" Then a shadow moved in front of the doorway Kim realised it was Ron. She was about to speak when he Screamed.

"look out!" It all went black.

Ron ayes narrowed and he looked at the henchman with a swift move of his fist Ron knocked out the henchman. He turned around and knelt down he looked at Kim and gave her a small kiss as he picked her up and walked out of the room.

Kim opened her ayes and realised that she was in someone arms looking up she sour Ron smiling.

"are you ok Kim" Kim just nodded. Then looking a round she realised that she was in a forest.

"Ron how long have you been carrying me"

"I don't know about 7 miles so far"

"7 miles"

"yep and where all most there"

"where" Ron looked down at her.

"you'll see" Kim smiled that's what she said before she took him to the prom just then they came to an opening in the forest. And there before her ayes was a beautiful lake with a small wooden peer. the moon shone across hitting the movement of the calm water. Then two tents and a camp fire came in to view.

"what's this for" Kim asked turning to Ron ho looked nervous

"well I couldn't get a ride back and this was the best that I could do" Kim still looking at him

"there are two tents why" Ron looked even more nervous now

"well.. You seeā€¦ I wasn't shore whether you'd want to sleep in the same tent as me ore whether you needed some time to your self ore" Ron was silenced when Kim started to speak.

"time to my self" Kim said slightly shocked

"I thought you had left me I mean you read that note. I new that you where forced to do it but you didn't try to save me before you did it" a small tear rolled down her cheek

"I thought you weren't coming fore me" Ron grabbed Kim and pulled her in to a hug.

"Kim I'll never leave you I couldn't if I tried" they both stood there holding each other.

"O theirs one more thing" with that he picked Kim up and ran to the end of the peer

"Ron no!" Kim screamed as he jumped in with her still in his arms.