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Title: Flying Sparks

Summery: Sasuke: Popular Jock. Gaara: School Outcast. What happens when Gaara is picked to tutor Sasuke? Will sparks fly or hearts soar? SasukeXGaara.

Warning: Yaoi. Don't like don't read

Speaking "Dun Dun Dun"

Thinking 'Ding Ding Ding'

Gaara's P.O.V

Argh, Monday mornings, I hate them. Why you might ask? Because it's the start of the five day hellish torture otherwise known as school.

My name is Gaara, I'm 16, I have Blood Red hair, which is in small spikes everywhere, I have pale white skin with the Kanji for 'Love' tattooed on my forehead, to the above side of my left eye, the tattoo is also in Blood Red and I have Turquoise colour eyes.

I live with my sister Temari and my brother Kankurou. They don't really look much like me, for which I'm glad. My father is usually away on business trips and my mother; well she died when she gave birth to me. Oh, did I mention that my brother and sister hate me to a certain degree? They all think it's my fault that mother died, that it would have been better if I'd never been born. And my lovely father, he hates my guts. Its good he's on business meetings, else when he's not, he's always beating me up.

And then they wonder why I got the kanji for Love tattooed to my forehead? Isn't it obvious? Oh, and I also love wearing eyeliner, another thing that makes my father extremely angry. I think that's the reason I wear it so thickly, plus it does contrast greatly against my pale skin.

My, if people knew I thought this much, they'd probably have a heart attack or something. It's true; I don't talk, not because I can't, only because there is really no one worthy or important enough for me to talk to. Mind you, I have thought an extraordinary amount so far haven't I?

Well, as you know, its Monday today, and I'm currently running slightly late. So I have a quick shower, while spending enough time to carefully apply my eyeliner on, after all, I don't want to poke my eye out. I take about five minutes to get dressed, having to carefully choose what to wear. In the end I pick a pair of black combats with my black T-Shirt which says "Join the Dark Forces, We have candy" in blood red. I put my black net shirt over that, and grab my black jacket on my way out of my house.

Hey, what can I say? I'm a Goth, through and through. I'm also quite clever, not to brag, but I'm in the top 5 cleverest students. I'm also an Outcast pretty much everywhere. At home, and definitely at school. Not that I care, the school popularity system is pretty shit. I mean, what's the point of it all? I suppose there is a good thing about it, at least no one bugs me, so I'm all alone. Even the geeks and nerds are higher up then I am. And right at the top of the popularity ladder is Sasuke Uchiha, with his lackeys Naruto and Kiba. Then you have Sakura Haruno, captain of the cheerleading group with her best friend Ino Yamanaka, co captain. And then you have Hinata, girlfriend of obnoxiously loud Naruto.

Oh, and did I mention that Sasuke is the caption of the Soccer, Basketball, Hockey and Tennis teams? Yup, he's one hundred percent typical jock. He's got all the girls fawning over him, and Sakura and Ino have huge crushes on him, practically the whole school knows.

Well, that's about everything I know about the social ladder and the popular people. I'm not even quite sure how I got all this information. Oh and did I mention that Sasuke's little lackeys pick on me? It's quite annoying; they should really know not to mess with me. Mind you, Kiba's punches are quite hard. Oddly enough, Pretty Boy, aka Sasuke, hasn't been with them while they've been beating me up.

Ah, first lesson is Math. Must say, this is one of my favorite classes, and it's an advantage that I'm quite good at it. My average is an A, which are top marks.

I walk into math, and sit in my seat. It would appear I'm early; bell doesn't go for another five minutes. Oh well. Time for me to daydream I guess.

I start to see everyone shuffle into class as the bell goes and notice that Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Kiba and Naruto are in my class. Oh joy. Just what we need, the popular dopes. The math teacher, Kakashi, he forbade us to call him 'Mr.' as he thought it sounded old, is yet to appear. It's a wonder that he's hasn't been sacked mind you, he's late every lesson, with some stupid excuse that is so unbelievable that I doubt even the dopes would believe. I might as well do something effective with my time, so I take out my sketch book. Yea, I like art, got a problem with it? I've always liked drawing, I can draw all sorts. Today however, the sky looks really nice, so I think I'll draw that.

Just as I'm starting to add the finer points to my sketch, Kakashi comes, saying something along the lines of 'a cat getting stuck in his car, which is why his car wouldn't start'. Once again, a lame totally unbelievable excuse from our 'oh so great' teacher.

"Now now, class, listen up, cause I'm only gonna tell you once!"

That's Kakashi, informal as always.

"Well then, I've been looking over your grades, and it seems that some of you are struggling with one or another topic. So, because of that, I've decided to give you a pop quiz!"

Half the class groans while Kakashi grins and starts to hand out the quiz. Mind you, it's not that hard, but then again, I am better at math then most of these dimwits. Most of the hour is spent like that; everyone doing the quiz till the bell goes. I stand up, and pack all my stuff and put it in my bag and grab my jacket as I walk out when Kakashi starts talking.

"Can Sasuke and Gaara please stay behind for a minute; I need to talk to them."

The hell? What did I do that Kakashi wants to talk to me? And why did he call me with Sasuke of all people?

I see Sasuke from the corner of my eye, saying something to his lackeys, and then getting his stuff and walking to Kakashi. By now, the whole classroom is empty and I slowly trudge my way to Kakashi.

"Well then! Now that you're both here, let's start! Sasuke, I'm quite disappointed in you. I'm sorry to say but your grades in math are dropping quite low, and I and a few other teachers think it might be because you don't get enough time for school work, what with you being the caption of the Soccer, Basketball, Hockey and Tennis teams. So I'm afraid to say but the head teacher thinks that in order for you to improve on your grades, you'll have to drop out of those teams until your grades are back up."

Well, I'm quite shocked and amused. The great Sasuke, getting told off cause his grades aren't at the top. Free amusement I call this, especially as I can see that Sasuke's getting angry.

"But Kakashi! You can't do this to me! I can't not be captain! Besides, I'm the best player in all those teams! You can't just kick me out of them cause of my grades!" Wow, Sasuke sure is protesting quite a lot. Then again, he would.

Did I just see Kakashi hesitate? Wow, now I'm kind of interested in this conversation, although I don't know why Kakashi wanted me here.

"Well, while what you're saying is true, we can't let your grades suffer. There is one thing that you could do, which would let you stay on the teams, providing that your grades will improveā€¦"

"What is it? I'll agree to it!"

"Well, I've decided that you'll have to get a tutor. Oh, and before you go thinking you can just pretend you have a tutor and get someone else to do your work or something, I'm picking your tutor for you."

Wow, man do I feel sorry for the kid who has to tutor Sasuke. Good Luck to them, I figure they'll need it.

"Gaara, I've seen your math work, and I think it's really very good. You're at the top of this class, and you're constantly getting top marks."

"Thank you Kakashi."

"No problem. Now because you're the smartest student in math, I've decided that you can tutor Sasuke."

THE HELL? I'm not tutoring Sasuke!

"Now, before you protest, there is something in it for you. If you help Sasuke, I'll have a word with your science teacher, and ask if he'll boost your science grade up a bit, as I know your not doing as well as you'd like in science"

Damn that Kakashi. He is right though; my marks for science could do with improving.

"Fine Kakashi, I'll tutor Him." I point at Sasuke, who's still there in shock I think. I'm not surprised; he's stuck with the 'Outcast' for a tutor.

"NO! That's not fair! I don't want Him to tutor me! Can't you get someone else to tutor me?" Damn Sasuke, he should be grateful I'm agreeing to this. Bloody bastard.

"Now Sasuke, you're really not in any position to argue with me, you should be grateful that Gaara has agreed to tutor you. And I'm not going to choose someone else to tutor you. Case closed."

I can see Sasuke trying to think up something to get him out of this situation, but frankly, right now I don't care.

Kakashi then kicks us out of his classroom, saying he has important stuff to do. Yeah right, he's probably just going to read that stupid book of his, "Icha Icha Paradise". Damn pervert.

"Today, after school, in the library meet me by the forth bookcase so we can decide when to meet up for your tutoring sessions."

With that I walk off, because quite frankly, I really don't want to waste any more time with Sasuke. Plus, it felt rather good to talk down to him and walk away from him.

Mind you, the sooner these tutoring sessions are done, the better.


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