A black carriage pulled up out front of the Vatican Church in Rome.

The doors opened and a tall man dressed in black with a large black trench coat on got out. He had a hat on his head, pulled over his eyes.

He studied the church for a moment then turned and held out his hand.

A tiny hand appeared with a tight, black, leather glove on it. It firmly took the man's hand and a beautiful young woman appeared. Her sharp violet eyes quickly took in the church. Her thick, black hair waved around her shoulders and fell down her back. her high heeled black leather boots clacked sharply on the cobblestone and marble steps. The large black cloak swept around her like a cloud of dark smoke.

The man followed her as she swept up the stairs and entered the church.

"Your Eminence."

John Paul turned from the window with a start when he realized he had been caught day dreaming. "What is it?" he barked irritably.

"A young lady is here to see you."

John Paul peered at the new young monk. "A young lady?"

"There's a man with her."

John Paul sighed. She had gotten through the other priests, so she must be important. "Show her in."

The monk bowed and left the room.

John Paul took one last look out the window and turned to receive his guests.

Rachael opened the door and came in.

John Paul stared at her and Van Helsing as he came in behind her and shut the door. "Rachael! Van Helsing!"

"We accomplished the mission," said Rachael. "Vladan and the Dark Race are dead. Forever. Drake and the Silver Race passed through the mirror into the secret land beyond."

John Paul had by now recovered and had quickly taken in the peace and calmness in Rachael's eyes. And the dim light of happiness in Van Helsing's eyes. "And you, Rachael Gabriella, have you found peace?"

Rachael smiled. "Yes, John Paul, I have."

"Where might I ask?" John Paul sat down and folded his hands on his desk.

"In Van Helsing, of course." Rachael turned and smiled at her fiancé. "He has asked me to marry him. and I have agreed. And then we will continue to serve the Vatican, if that is their wish."

John Paul stood and came around the desk. He took her hands. "Of course it is. And we wish you all the happiness in the world."

Three hours later, man and wife came down the stairs of the Vatican Church in Rome.

"What do you think of that?" asked Van Helsing as he clamped his hat on his head.

"I think…" Rachael looked up at him as they disappeared into the mist. "That this might be one of the easiest missions we've had yet."

John Paul came out right behind them. He watched as the two dark figures where swallowed up in the mist. He smiled when he heard Van Helsing's voice faintly.

"You never know."