I'm not sure how many of you remember this. I sure as heck don't but I found what little I managed to save from the old forum on my computer. Now, if you do remember it, know that once I his a certain area (I'll tell you where) it will become different.

I always did like this fic and it's summer so I do have major time to kill :3 Anyways, hope you enjoy it.


Danny woke up exactly one minute before his alarm clock rang. To him it was the most annoying habit he had. Just because he had to lie there for another minute before his brain would let him get out of bed. He sighed and squirmed out from under his twisted sheets as soon as his alarm clock gave its never ending call.

Danny fought the ropes that were now preventing any form of movement outside of breathing, and even that was limited. He finally got free of the "death sheets" only to find empty air under him. He gave a yelp as he crashed to the floor all the while his alarm clock gave it's never ending call.

His sister Jazz, who had been up at least 45 minutes before her brother knocked on his door. "Danny, you okay?"

"Fine! I'm just fine!"

"Okay Danny. I'll be convinced when the alarm clock goes off."

She listened for a few seconds then blissfully the noise ended. Then the door opened and Danny came out of his room. Jazz looked at her brother who looked like he had just gone through a fight with a jungle cat and she decided she really didn't want to know.

Danny sighed and walked into the bathroom where, he managed to squirt toothpaste all over, drop his hairbrush in the toilet, make the facet run only cold water and overall nearly destroy the bathroom.

As Danny got ready to dash out the door to catch up to his rapidly departing bus without having a bite of breakfast he thought 'What a wonderful day so far!' very sarcastically.


Likewise a child woke up in his bed one town over. He got out of bed, and luckily for him, his morning went through without any major misshapes. (Unless you count the toilet exploding, but that wasn't his fault, really.)

Wearing his trademark hat he got his breakfast, said goodbye to his parents, and with his "new" pink and green pencil and eraser set off for school.

In the school bus.

As both got to school and announcement was made.

"We are going to the History Museum in two weeks from today and studying with another school. You will be assigned a "buddy" you will stay with this "buddy" until the end of the day. Please take home these permission slips and have them signed by Friday."


The whole class groaned when they heard about the "buddy" system.

Chester leaned over to Timmy and whispered "Dude, I heard that highschooler's eat elementary kids like us. They think its fun."

Timmy gave a very audible gulp and decided not to pursue this topic. However Chester wouldn't let it go.

"I mean, what if we get paired up with one of the football kids. I've heard they're HUGE!"

"Heh, heh yeah!" said Timmy trying to change the subject.

Mr. Crocker was clearly enjoying his class' anxiety. "Yes children. You will be paired up with high school kids. You will get to see what's in store for you in the near future."

Timmy sighed and put his head on the desk with an audible thunk this was going to be a long day.


Danny and his friends were eating the school lunch and talking about the new field trip. More talking than eating.

"I can't wait! I love little kids!" said Tucker.

Sam and Danny looked at him surprised and a little scared. "Wow, you, uhhhh, like kids!" said Sam

"That's surprising." said Danny

Tucker shrugged "It happens when you happen to have a ton of little kids in your neighborhood. I baby-sit a lot. Actually some kids really aren't that bad."

"I'm more worried about how the whole homework thing is gonna come out." said Danny "I mean, the history museum? I bet we end up with a 500 word essay due on Monday."

Tucker shuddered "Don't even say that! And don't you mean Tuesday? Four day weekend Danny."

"Oh, right. Can't believe I forgot."

Sam was currently picking at her food and trying to determine if it was edible.

She stopped when it started to wiggle.


Timmy got home with his head full of all the fun things he was gonna do with his buddy. Not many of them included his enjoyment.

After he got inside the house his mom came out from the kitchen making what looked like spaghetti but she seemed to be trying to actually cook it in the sauce.

"Welcome home honey! Your father and I have decided to go to the mall tomorrow and on the rare occasion we give you a choice we have decided to let you either come with us or stay here with Vicky!"

"Go with you guys!" said Timmy very quickly.

"That's what we thought. Oh and dinner is at 7."

Timmy decided that it would be a good time to run upstairs because his mom's cooking fumes had been known to actually get the fire squad to come on numerable occasions.

He saw his dad dancing in the living room and he decided it was just best not to ask.

When he had finally made the escape to his room he started to rant at his God Parents.

"Why do we have to get paired up with the high school kids! They're scary!"

"Now sweetie" said Wanda "Not all of them are scary."

"Nope! Just only 80!" said Cosmo

"See. I said... wait. Since when did Cosmo know statistics?" asked Timmy

Wanda blinked and scratched her head. "I have no idea."

Timmy sighed and threw himself on the bed. "Well at least I get to go to the mall this weekend."


As Danny, Sam and Tucker walked home their conversation turned to what they were going to do that weekend.

"I think we should go to the movies." said Sam. "There is supposed to be this great romance/action movie in theatres."

Danny grinned. "More romance then action?"

"No way!" said Tucker "I wanna see "The Mutant Slime from Planet X!"

Sam shuddered and made a face.

"How about we just go to the mall and decide what we will see there?" said Danny before they could start to argue.

"Okay. I'm up for that." said Tucker

"I agree." said Sam

They made plans to meet at the mall at 1:20

"Mom, Dad, why are we going to a mall in another town when we have one in our city?" asked Timmy

"Because! In this mall there is a store that sells special pencil sharpeners! I want to go see!" said his Dad.

"Well, that makes a little bit of sense. But there is a pencil sharpener store?" Timmy asked his god-parents quietly.

They both shrugged to the best of their abilities when they were two balloons.


"Come on Danny! Tell Tucker that we need to see 'Yet Another Day'!"

"And you tell Sam that "Mutant Slime From Planet X" sounds much better."

Danny sighed. "How about neither. Because neither movie plays for at least two hours."

Sam and Tucker looked at the show times and laughed nervously.

"Ha ha, I knew that." they said at the same time. Then they glared at each other.

Danny stepped in. "How about we go do something!" he said

Tuck jumped up and down "COMICS STORE!"

Sam crossed her arms. "NO! No comics!"

Both boys were disappointed. "Awww, come on Sam!" said Danny.

"No, we are going to the book store to look at classic literature." she said

And with that Sam dragged them to the store.


Timmy walked into the mall with his parents and immediately regretted coming with them.

His dad had started to jump up and down, squealing like a little girl at the sight of the store and people were staring. Timmy noticed the comic store right across from the pencil sharpener store and quickly planned his escape.

"Mom there is a comic store over there. Can I go?"

His mom looked at him and smiled "Sure honey. Just be sure you're back here in a few hours. Your dad might take awhile."

Timmy quickly got refuge in the colorful store.

After Sam had tried to make them read "Jane Eyre" and "Romeo and Juliet" among others Danny and Sam managed to escape her and headed to the one form of literature they would read willingly.

"Comics! Sweet, sweet readings." said Tucker

"Ummm, Tuck. I don't think we should have ditched Sam like that." said Danny

"Oh come on Danny. She won't even notice us missing for another hour or so. And we can just say we went to the theatre."

Over on the other side of the store Timmy was looking at the newest comic releases.

"Look, Ektoplasma Man and his sidekick Ghost Boy!" said Timmy showing his Godparents the comic. "I've wanted this issue for awhile."

"What about Crimson Chin?" asked Wanda

"The new Crimson Chin issue came out last week. A new one won't come out so soon, duh!"

"Well, excuse me." muttered Wanda

"Look, here is their arch nemesis the Gargantuan Ghost! He takes other ghosts energy and grows. He can destroy and city in a matter of minutes! Isn't he awesome!"

"Uhhhh, yeah!" said Wanda and Cosmo together


Danny and Tuck were looking at the comics when Sam came outside the store and looked around.

"Oh no." said Danny.

"Quick, back of store!" said Tucker

The two doomed boys quickly went to the back of the store.

Then they grabbed to comics and covered their faces.

Timmy watched them with interest.

"Do you think we can get out?" asked Tucker

"I doubt it. She's already in the store." replied Danny

Timmy looked over at the entrance and saw a slightly gothic looking girl come into the store and start to look around.

'I wish I could help them. They seem to be hunted by that girl. Maybe...' Timmy got an idea.

He quickly scooted into another isle. "Cosmo, Wanda some help?"

"What do you want sweetie?" asked Wanda

"I wish that the Gargantuan Ghost was real."

Cosmo and Wanda looked at each other. "It's okay, there are no such things as ghosts in this world anyway. He can't get any energy. I just want to help those two get away from that girl."

Cosmo and Wanda lifted their wands and the Gargantuan Ghost appeared outside of the mall effectively starting to destroy a few stores.

Danny, Tucker and Sam saw the ghost and all fights were forgotten.

"Cover me!" yelled Danny as he ran out of the store. A second later Danny Phantom appeared and headed straight for the monster.

Timmy only saw another ghost headed for the big ghost. His thoughts consisted of "Oh no." and "Awesome!"

Cosmo thought the whole thing was very cool.

Wanda knew something bad was gonna happen.