The ghost let its arm fall with a slow motion swipe that Danny managed to dodge easily. It was then that he realized what the Gargantuan Ghost's weakness was. It was too big. It had taken in so much energy and grown so huge that it wasn't fast enough to catch him anymore. But if it did manage to get Danny somehow, it could spell disaster.

He knew he couldn't touch the ghost so he brought up his dad's invention with a defiant air and sucked some energy out of the ghost. It roared angrily and broke off the contact that the weapon had but then a curious thing happened, it started to shrink. "It's working," Timmy breathed.

Danny flew out of the way of another, faster punch and did the same thing again. Again it shrunk and Danny jumped out of the way as it flew at him. The ghost was easily the size of a large apartment building but it was getting faster.

"What can I do to help?" Timmy asked himself quietly. "Come on Timmy, think, think!" he said while holding his head.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" Wanda asked, finally taking knowledge of Timmy's plight.

"Wanda, I want to help Danny!" Timmy said as Danny took another bit of energy out of the ghost. "But I don't know how."

Wanda watched the fight and looked back at Timmy, "I don't think he needs help sport," she said.

"Yeah, he's kicking butt!" Cosmo cheered. "Go Danny!"

Danny heard the encouragement and smiled to himself. It was nice having people cheer him on for once. He took a sharp dive and went in between the ghost's legs, making it trip over its own mass and fall to the ground. Danny took the opening and spun around, taking another massive amount of energy out of the ghost.

It was now almost the size that it was when it appeared in the Mall, but it still wasn't enough. Danny flew up and got ready to zap it again but it was too fast. The ghost managed to dodge the light and zoomed out of the way to safety.

"Oh no, he's not fast enough!" Timmy cried.

The ghost flew at Danny and almost managed to grab him, which would have spelled disaster if he had. "No," Danny whispered and flew as fast as he could to get to safety.

"Come on," Timmy said quietly. "Think."

"He needs help," Wanda noted.

"I know!" Timmy said crossly. "If only he was faster…" he said while shutting his eyes. Then they snapped open in a moment of realization, "That's it!" he yelled. "Cosmo, Wanda, I wished Danny was faster!"

Cosmo and Wanda twirled their wands in a complicated fashion and raised them into the air where they twinkled innocently.

Danny shut his eyes as the ghost slowly closed on him and desperately wished he could fly faster. Then in an amazing turn of events he took off in an extra burst of speed and managed to evade capture.

The Gargantuan Ghost roared angrily and tried to catch up with Danny but it couldn't. Danny zoomed happily behind it and held up the weapon. "Bye bye," he said cheekily and zapped more energy out of the ghost until it was about the size of Timmy. "Timmy, now!" Danny yelled.

"I wish the Gargantuan Ghost was back in this comic book!" Timmy said with an air of pride and held up the comic book that had a blank outline of where the Gargantuan Ghost should have been on the cover.

"All right!" Cosmo and Wanda cheered as they held up their wands. They once again glowed innocently and the Gargantuan Ghost was engulfed in a bright green tornado of ectoplasmic goo. It lifted the angry monster off the ground and flew into the comic book that Timmy was holding up.

Danny sighed and pressed the release button on his dad's invention. It gave a pitiful splutter and released a bright white light that flew over the whole of ghost Zone and dissipated.

"Wow…" Timmy said in an awestruck voice.

Danny smiled and picked up Timmy. "Come on, we need to get out of here before any ghosts with a grudge find me."

"All right!" Timmy cheered as they zoomed back to the entrance to Danny's house.


Jazz unlocked the door and came into the house to find Danny asleep on the couch and Timmy flipping through channels. "Hey!" Timmy said cheerfully as Jazz came in the house.

"Hi," Jazz said falteringly. "Why is Danny asleep?" she asked, with a touch of concern in her voice.

"Ah, he fell asleep like ten minutes ago," Timmy said quickly.

Jazz shot the ten year old a skeptical look who just batted his eyes and pretended to look innocent. "All right," she said while carrying her books into the dining room and setting them on the table. The phone rang and Jazz picked it up, she talked for a minute or so, nodded and hung up. "Timmy, your parents are going to be here in ten minutes."

"Awww," Timmy said.

Danny smirked with his eyes still closed.

"I thought you were asleep," Timmy muttered.

"I was, until Jazz came in with the grace of 1000 elephants," Danny replied so that Jazz couldn't hear.

Timmy hid a smile behind his hand and continued to flip through the TV channels.

Ten minutes later they heard a honk outside of the house and Timmy sighed regretfully. "Well, I had fun," he said.

Danny smiled and handed Timmy a piece of paper. "It's my phone number, in case you really need a baby sitter, and if I can manage it," he added as an after thought.

Timmy gave Danny and ecstatic grin and hugged the teen tightly. "Thanks, Danny," he said.

Danny saw the two goldfish that Timmy didn't come with in a clear bowl wave. He gave them a small wave Jazz couldn't see and Timmy dashed out the door. "Thanks for everything!" he yelled and got into his parent's car.

"Well, that was interesting," Jazz said.

Danny smirked, "You have no idea."


Timmy looked at the phone number written on the piece of paper Danny had given him. It wasn't something he could look forward to every time his parents left the house, but he figured it would make life a little more bearable.

"That was nice of him, to offer something like that," Wanda said.

"Yeah, I know," Timmy whispered back.

"Cookies!" Cosmo yelled randomly and it was all Timmy could do not to burst out laughing.

"Did you have a good time with the Fentons?" his mom asked him.

"Yeah, I had a great time!" Timmy said enthusiastically. "And I can't wait to do it again," he said quietly while winking at Cosmo and Wanda.

Wanda sighed, letting a rush of bubbles escape her lips and Cosmo looked excited. Another day, another adventure and when they got home, hopefully another pudding.



Hope you've enjoyed reading Always Together, I know I've enjoyed writing it.