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Obsidian and Gold
Theme Seven: State Alchemist

When Scar was loose in East City, the Colonel had not been the one to tell Edward to be careful. Sure, Ed was only fifteen, the youngest state alchemist in history, and also a damn prodigy who would be a shame to lose. And sure, Scar was targeting state alchemists, and he'd targeted Ed in the past. But this was Edward Elric he was talking about.

The Colonel worried, but he didn't tell Ed to be careful. Ed had his brother to take care of, and the opposite was just as true. Mustang knew that Edward was protecting Marcoh, and he knew that all he needed to do was make sure that someone covered the kids back.

But, he hadn't expected the rain, nor had he expected Lieutenant Hawkeye to knock him on his ass because of it. So much for backing up Fullmetal.

He wasn't the least bit surprised when he told Ed that story, and the boy laughed hysterically in his face.

"Some state alchemist you are!" Ed had squawked, his peels of laughter echoing around the room.

Roy glared. "You were just as useless as I was when Scar blew your arm to pieces," he pointed out.

"Yeah," Ed replied. "But as least he didn't drop-kick me to the ground like Hawkeye did to you. And in front of your men, too! Oh, I bet they loved that!"

A few more snorts and giggles, in which Mustang gave looks of death at his prodigy. Once Edward had calmed down, the small blonde reached over to the bedside table and clapped his hands together, placing them in a glass full of water.

"How's this?" Edward asked Mustang, passing the glass to him. Mustang dipped his fingers into the transmuted lube and tested it, rubbing it between his fingers for a moment. Edward still managed to amaze him a lot of the time, just like he'd done when he was twelve and had surpassed all his expectations about becoming a state alchemist.

"This'll work," he told the blonde, passing the glass back.

"Good," Ed replied. "Now roll over."

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