The Consequences Of Jealousy

"Are you jealous?"

"Jealous?" Seto demanded incredulously. He scoffed. "You must be joking."

But Yami could see how his lover wavered while giving his answer. He smirked. "Oh, you're jealous all right."

Seto bristled. "I am not," he stated vehemently – though not honestly. He shifted uncomfortably at the knowing look Yami was giving him. Despite having been involved with the dark spirit for over a year, he was still unused to the fact that Yami could read him so well.

Yami twirled one strand of his tri-colored hair around his finger as he studied his lover. "You weren't jealous that I spent the whole afternoon helping Joey modify his deck for the upcoming tournament?" he asked, feigning innocence. "Because I can't really come up with any other reason for you to have been glaring at him so hard. I mean, I've heard of the phrase 'if looks could kill,' but I never thought to see it…" he said wryly.

Flushing slightly, Seto knew he'd been caught out. He turned away so he wouldn't have to look into those blood red eyes when he admitted his resentfulness of the time his lover had spent with Joey. Even the fact that said blond was already in a relationship with Yugi didn't detract from Seto's jealousy. After all, Yugi and Yami were each other's halves; who was to say that Joey didn't covet the whole package?

Even Seto knew that was a weak argument; for he himself didn't desire anyone but Yami, and certainly not innocent, almost virginal – despite Joey's hentai influence – Yugi.

"All right, all right." Seto sighed and mumbled under his breath, "I'm jealous, I admit it."

"However reluctantly," Yami grumbled, though a smile was on his face at the sight of his repentant lover. "Whatever shall I do with you, Seto-koi?" he teased, wanting to lighten the mood.

A certain lustful gleam entered Seto's eyes. Yami had come to be wary of his koi when he looked at him like this, and now was no exception.

"Yes, I'm jealous," Seto reiterated. He grabbed Yami's hand and brought it to the front of his tented trousers, continuing with, "Jealous and horny. Now, the question is – after making me this way – are you willing to deal with the consequences?"

Yami's crimson eyes flashed darkly. "Oh, yes…" he said, thinking, I could get to like consequences like these.