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Rejected Runespoor


He was cold. The little toddler of a boy wrapped his arms around himself against the chill of the evening, still under the tree where he'd been left by the Dursleys. They punished him usually by putting him in his cupboard but he guessed they'd just decided to leave him…here, wherever he was, for a while. But they'd never left him alone for so long. But they'd come back. They always did when they 'lost' him. Usually though there was a policeman somewhere nearby that found him and got him back or some caring citizen worried at a child left alone. But there'd be no one like that here. He cast a quick look around himself, deep in the gathering of trees away from the open and bit his lip to stop it trembling.

He shut his green eyes and shivered pulling the large old jacket that was Dudley's around him. It was the only thing Petunia had left him with andhe was grateful she hadn't let Uncle Vernon take it from him too seeing as how cold it was now. He curled in on himself and rocked against the tree. He should have known this was a punishment for something he did. They had never taken him out before. So when Uncle Vernon told him they were taking him and Dudley on a little car ride to a nature reserve he should have known. But he hadn't done anything 'wrong' recently. Unless Dudley did something and blamed him. But they'd come anyway. Though the weather was bad, the temperature dropping and thunderstorms were scheduled they'd come. In fact Uncle Vernon had insisted they get here today. Something about 'no other time being so perfect' and 'inconvenience to be checking up on neighborhood kids in such weather'.

It was still evening though. Maybe…four or five? The boy opened his eyes, still rocking his huddled figure. It was getting colder but they'd be back. They wouldn't leave him out here tonight would they? No! Not…not in the dark. All alone. In the open with the animals…

Dudley had told him about the animals on the car ride here. Big bears and loud lions that ate…little…kids. The boy swallowed making a soft moaning noise before squeezing his eyes closed. They would be back. Uncle Vernon didn't like driving in the dark but he'd have to come back. After all they needed him. He washed the dishes. Fetched the paper. Mopped and swept the kitchen and cleaned Dudley's room for him the best he could. Was even learning to cook so that Petunia could sleep in a bit and Dudley could still get his breakfast when he wanted. So see, they couldn't leave him here. Never mind Uncle Vernon had said good riddance as he dumped him under the tree, that Petunia had covered her mouth and got back into the car silently after her one stand over his getting to keep the jacket, or that Dudley was leering and pointing at him from the back window, laughing as his dad got back in the car without him. He was being punished so of course they didn't slow to even look back as they left. But they would be back!

Four year old Harry Potter kept reassuring himself as he cringed against the tree in the rain as it got darker and the night fell, chances of him being returned for, nonexistent.

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