My Family

Just a Happy Little Mess

By. Jenniebo

Chapter 1

"No, Janey isn't a 'babe' she is my daughter now get out." Ben shouted at the punk at the door before slamming it shut. Janey had walked in just in time to see the episode.

"Dad, that happens to be Erick, my boyfriend."

"You'll get over it in a week Janey, I'll be slamming the door on some new lad." Ben cast it a side as he sat on the sofa to relax, day dreaming about what life would have been like if he had remembered to buy condoms like Susan had said.

Around that time Nick came busting through the door with 2 duffel bags and a few plastic bags full of random crap, he dropped them by the door, walked over to Ben with his goofy smile and arms outstretched, "Hi Dad, great news."

"Your moving to the West Indies and I'll never have to see you again?" Ben said, not bothering to look up at Nick.

Nick, always a wee too optimistic for his own good, "No, I'm coming home."

This caught Ben's attention, "SUSAN!"

And just on cue she ran from the kitchen, "Now, Ben don't be angry."

"I'm way past that. Did you tell your son he could move back here?"

"Well, his flat was falling and he doesn't have any money and I just couldn't let my baby live on the streets."

"When did you plan on telling me?" Ben was now pacing about the room, "You know, consult the man. Tell Daddy whats up before you make him relive that nightmare?"

"There's no point in getting your opinion, so I made up your mind for you."