This story has a long history. The title (from a fabulous Richard Barone song called "Tangled in Your Web") was initially the title of a Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) fan fiction (the story that eventually became "Have a Little Faith in Me"). In both the original draft of that story and this one I planned on making an extended "character study". Although the initial plan was dropped for both stories, I came closer in this story than in the R&H story.

A number of references are worked into this story. I always loved the way Kato called Britt "Mister Britt" in the radio show and in both serials, so I put that in. The explanation of Britt's rescue of Kato comes from the first movie serial. There's a nod to Walter Brooke's one famous word in The Graduate in the warehouse description. The name "Cherry Street" pays homage to a rather good Frank Sinatra TV movie called Contract on Cherry Street. The typed "coded message" is based on the way the Wahoo Gazette (the online recap of The Late Show with David Letterman) editor Michael McIntee "codes" profanity. Most notably, I borrowed the name of comedian Tim Wilson for the young reporter. (Tim's a funny man and a good friend. I recommend his show note, however, that he is R-rated.)

The story is set in Detroit (a passing reference to that is made without mentioning the city) in the 60s (as should be evident by the price of the coffee g ) and based on the TV series incarnation of The Green Hornet. I hope you enjoy it.


June 2005