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Part One: Preparations of a Broken God
One: Flower


Shigure called her a flower.

A flower.

How pretty. And how… appropriate.

She had stolen his Jyuunishi.

(He sat so still, lounged in the doorway of the room, let the breeze sweep over him because the day was just so hot and sticky and unsuitable for anything other than lounging in shadows…)

God, he hated her. When Shigure had first told him of this girl, this bitch who entered their lives and accepted Shigure and Yuki (not to mention that monster), Akito had dismissed her. Had thought she might be able to break the curse, but doubted it. Had decided to let her stay because it was amusing and he didn't really think she'd last. Hadn't known that it was possible to hate this one plain-looking girl so damn much.

But he did.

And now.


Now, he would take her into his hand, into his palm, and let her sit.

(A sparrow fluttered into Akito's hand, pretty and speckled with gray and brown. So plain, but so pretty at the same time – how utterly disgusting… hypocritical…)

And then, when she least suspected, he would close his hand.

(The sparrow cocked its little head at the cold eyes staring at nothing...)

And he would trap her.

(It gave a small cheep, but there was no reaction from the owner of the hand…)

And he would crush her.

(The sparrow, bored, finally took off, not sparing a backwards glance at Akito…)

And the flower would die.


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Ah… This is just a set of weird musing-ish-drabbles that occurred to me at the most inopportune times. I figured that if I posted them, then at least I wasn't wasting precious disk space. :shrug: Ah, well. At least it has a certain semblance of a plot, even if it isn't really the most original.

Updates will be sporadic, and chapters will be short, and... uh... this is based on the anime and the manga up to volume 9.

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