Have you ever wondered why roses are the sign of love and romance? Why not let it be any other flower? There's something about this flower that sets it apart from all the rest. Not that its beauty never stops amazing us. But what it holds inside is the real key. If you've ever picked a rose and its glistening soft petals, wondering whether or not your certain someone loves you then you know that fate is coating the rose. Whether or not you said yes or no on the first petal and depending on how many petals were on the flower relies on the outcome. When every last petal falls, this love flower sends what's left of itself to the darkest pits of Hell, letting the demons in dormant consume its power. With that little energy, they use it to take one step closer to freedom and unlocking the path from the demon world to the human one. So that they may live to set foot on this peaceful land once again . . .

Rose War History (unknown origins)

Chapter 1: Beginning of the End

"You know, with one flower plucked, another angel falls and another demon arises." An old man said as he walked over to a boy holding a plucked rose in his hand. His long and white beard fell over his chest and covered nearly his whole stomach. He was wearing a dark green robe with yellow cuffs that had dazzling moon designs imbedded inside of the yellow edges. He was a bald man and had slit eyes. His wrinkled and droopy skin showed that he was in his mid eighty's.

The boy whipped his head around to face the older man. His hair was a fiery crimson red and very frizzy. His eyes were a deep and dark jade. He wore a white silken shirt and a pair of white pants to match. His glistening eyes showed that he was at least fourteen years of age. "Doesn't matter." Said the boy as he tossed what was left of the flower aside.

"Kurama, this is serious. You are aware of the legend and know that there are very few roses left after the 'Big Bang' with America a few years ago. It ruined the entire rose population after they dropped their bombs on us. It killed almost every single rose and the Demon Lord is getting closer to his goal. I'm surprised you actually found one." The elder man picked up the dead, plucked rose and felt its powers slowly dissolving.

Kurama just shrugged. He knew that everything the old man was telling him was just a story. "You don't actually believe that do you, Grandpa?" he asked, looking over at the old man as he sat the flower down and buried it beneath the rotten soil.

The man shot a serious glance over to face Kurama. "Yes actually, I do. And you should too because you will be the one to awake them and the Demon Lord will be the one to destroy them."

"What makes you so sure of that?" he asked curiously. He tugged his feet into a lotus style position to sit.

"Because, you're the one who started to pluck those flowers at age four." Kurama's grandpa said with a laugh. He ruffled the boy's hair and it made him growl. "Seriously boy, you have the power to control plants but you just don't realize it yet."

"Really grandpa. Let's think realistic." He said with a deep sigh. He had heard this several times and in his young mind, it was getting a little old.

"You may not believe it now. But just you wait and see." The elder man turned around and started to walk off. "The fate of the world will be in your hands."

The fate of the world? The boy asked in the back of his mind. He looked down at his open hands then closed them tightly into fists. In my hands . . . ?