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Summary: Perfect? heh, yeah right. If your best friend is on the brink of death, perfect would be the LAST word to come to mind... right? (Yumi x Ulrich)

A/N: I really hope you like this story. It took me a while to organize some stuff. I would also like you to know, that in this story, Jeremie has found the anti-virus for Aelita, Ulrich is taller than Yumi not vice-versa for future reference and they are both the same age. So, enjoy!

Chapter 1 - A Dance


The lunch bell rang as students filed out of class in an unorderly fashion. A certain group of students could be seen walking in a cluster along the nearly empty hallway, making their way to the lunchroom.

"Come on guys!" cried a pointy-haired boy. "If we don't make it to the cafeteria in time, all of the food will be gone!" he said, ushering his friends along.

"Odd, the only reason the cafeteria ever runs out of food is because you eat it all." clarified a brunette boy, whose comment was followed by several soft giggles.

"Ha ha, very funny Ulrich. Now less talking, more walking!"


I pretended to laugh at yet another of Odd's silly rhymes. Ya, most people wouldn't expect to see me walking with them. Ya know, Odd, Jeremie, Aelita, and of course, Ulrich. But, I decided to be nice. Imagine, me of all people! I actually apologized to them for my behavior! But, this situation I've put myself in does come with a prize, of course. As for Herve and Nicholas, they're long gone. They're off hanging with some other weirdos, but it isn't like they would be any help in this anyways. It's been a month now though, and I think that's long enough to earn these guys' trust. I honestly don't know if I will be able to keep this behavior up in the near future, but for now I can just focus on-


The girl's thoughts were interrupted with a screech from a certain pink-haired girl.

"Look guys!" she gestured towards a colorful poster hanging on the wall nearby. "It's for the upcoming 'end of the year' dance. I think this year's theme is the beach!"

Beach Blast

Come enjoy the music, beach games, dancing,

hourly prizes, and more!

Friday, June10

5:00-9:30 PM

Note: because this is the last dance of the school year, I am

granting students the permission on bringing friends or family from other

schools to the dance, as long as they check with me first.

Thank you for your cooperation. Principal Delmas

"Oh Jeremie, can we go!" Aelita pleaded, clasping her hands tightly together beneath her chin.

" Of course we'll go Aelita." Jeremie replied with a smile.

"YAY!" she wrapped her arms tightly around the boy's neck, knocking his glasses askew.

"Hey, look at that!" Odd pointed at the 'note'. "This means I can bring Sam. Cool!"

The group found their way over to their usual table by the window, where they discovered Yumi, who was already seated, and appeared to be getting an early start on homework. Upon noticing their presence, she welcomed her friends.

"Getting started on homework already? Tisk tisk. That is to be done at home my friend, hence the work 'homework'." Odd shook his finger back and forth, in a parenting sort of way, before getting into the lunch line.

Ulrich sat down across from Yumi, seeing that the lunch line was short, and worked up the nerve to say something. "Uh...Yumi?"

"Hmm?" her eyes not leaving her work, as she continued to scribble away.

"Could I ask you a question?"

"Of course." She sat up, and put her work aside. "Fire away."

"Um…in the hallway please?"

Though unsure as to why he would want this question to be unheard to others, Yumi still agreed. "Sure".

The two left the cafeteria, leaving a suspicious and still slightly jealous Sissy behind. 'I wonder what he's going to ask her. Hmm… I bet I can take a gander at it.'


Ahh, I shouldn't have bothered. She'll probably say 'no' anyways. Theo probably already asked, just like he did for all the other dances since he moved here.

"Yes Ulrich?"

"Yumi, um…would you go to the dance with me this Friday?" I could feel the heat rising in my face. I knew I was blushing furiously, but from the looks of it, I wasn't alone. Yumi's cheeks were tinted pink..

"I'd love to go with you Ulrich." She responded. I guess I had looked relieved, because she added, "What? Afraid I'd say 'no'?"

"Ya, actually I was." I admitted, embarrassed.

"Why would you think that?" she said, staring intently into my eyes. I couldn't move. I tried, but her eyes were so penetrating, I was frozen on the spot.

"Well, I thought that maybe...Theo had already asked you."

"He did." She replied, making me feel like a total fool.


"Ya actually, he asked me yesterday. I told him I'd get back to him with an answer when I could and I was planning on telling him I was busy that day."


"Ya, because I'm kinda sick of going with him every time. But since you asked me, I actually have plans that afternoon, and I don't have to go with Theo, or tell him that I'm busy. And to tell you the truth, I never really liked going with him. I just go to be nice, and he's too much of a show-off anyways. But still, I do wonder sometimes how he would ask me the day before the school was informed of the dance. I guess maybe because he's friends with Sissy. Hmm…" She quickly shrugged it off, and we both walked back into the cafeteria.