Hey guys!! Goodness golly! I know it's been like, a year since I've even touched this story, and unfortunately I don't have any plans on changing that. It started out as just regular old writers block, but then life got hectic and one thing led to another.

Honestly, unless there is a large demand for me to continue this story, it will remain on hiatus. On a lighter noteā€¦

I have been picking up writing more lately, so I'm going to be posting some stuff here and there. I have several ideas and such, so if you want to tell me about them, please go to my profile and visit my website. You can also read the piece that I plan on posting here, as well. I'm going to need some betas, so any volunteers would be GREATLY appreciated!!

My former pen name was azn sister, (among other things I cant remember at the moment) and I was known my some as Miyuki.

Thanks!!! Comments on my ideas and story I have would be appreciated also, so if you have time, please look at them!