Notes: This is an edited version of the first chapter. I've altered and expanded the fight scene that was getting so many complaints. Also, note that the PPG's powers are quite like Superman's powers. Flight, strength, heat vision, etc. There are some differences, but nothing to obvious. The girl's have a top speed of near the speed of light, but they can't maintain it for to long. So does Superman, as shown in the first movie. The girl's don't run around using their full power all the time, so don't expect them to do so in the fic. They are super heroes, as such they have to protect life, so ripping the bad guys limb from limb just won't work. So they slowly use just enough force to fight the bad guys so they don't kill them outright.

Story Balance: As stated, the girl's won't run around using their full strength because people could die that way. This is also after Ranma fought Saffron so he's quite strong as well. The bad guys of the fic will also be enhanced, I won't say how just yet, but they needed to be stronger to balance the fic and make a good story. There is a clue with the first bad guy in the fight at the end of this chapter. He does something he normally can't do. Something similar will be shown with the second bad guy in the next chapter.

I hope this covers any of the mistakes I may have made with this fic and the fight scenes. Email me if you think something else needs edited.

Puff Puff and Away
Chapter 01
Cory D. Rose

Buttercup yawned as she stood at the corner of the block and looked around, a backpack slung over her shoulder. This wasn't the Buttercup that everyone remembers, as a member of the Powerpuff girls, in Townsville. Instead she was an older Buttercup, seventeen years old and out wandering around the world. Her sisters of course were still back in Townsville protecting the city from whatever moron would show up next.

Sure she missed them terribly, but after almost fifteen years of constant battle she just couldn't stand to be around that town anymore. Her sister's meant more to her than her own life, but even she needed a break from them at some point. A chance to prove her independence to herself and everyone else.

Professor Utonium on the other hand hadn't been too surprised and admitted that he thought she would strike it out on her own any time now. Of course he did this while balling his eyes out and yelling about his little girl being all grown up, he could be strange at times. Of course, she blushed, she had been crying almost as much even as she packed her pack.

When she was younger she always wears a simple green dress with a black band around her waist to distinguish herself from her sisters. As a seventeen year old teenager she still wore green, but she looked quite a bit different. She wore a simple white t-shirt that stopped just below her B-cup sized breasts and showed off her stomach. Then there was her simple dark green skirt, the black thigh high stockings, leather boots, and leather jacket with Powerpuff girls on the back slightly obscured by her backpack.

Over the last six months she had visited most of the cities in the United States, then moved over to Europe, then made her way across until she reached China. It had taken quite a while, but being able to fly near the speed of light did help getting from town to town a little. The only thing that caused her problems at first was the language barrier, but the Professor sent her a small ear piece that worked like a universal translator that slowly taught her the language she needed while she slept.

Her exploration of China had been a little sporadic and she really hadn't had a chance to explore around like she wanted, but if the paper she held in her hand was true, it meant she would find what she wanted in Japan. As a superhero she was good at stopping bad guys, she could fly, had super strength, invulnerability, and even fire beams of energy from her eyes.

The criminals of Townsville had experienced all their powers, but Buttercup wanted to learn how to fight without having to depend on her powers like Bubbles and Blossom did. Even when she was younger she would take on problems with her fists before she resorted to her powers and now she wanted to take that one step more. She wanted to learn how to fight.

While in China she studied under several Masters and learned quite a bit about fighting, but most of the styles seemed too specialized for specific purposes. Styles that could only be used in special situations. Most of the Masters explained to her about the basics of fighting. Stressing that she needed to find the right style that would benefit her the most.

Then two days ago she was presented with a name of a Master in Japan that had a style that specialized in aerial combat. A man named Genma Saotome. For the first time in months she felt excited to be on the trail of a fighting style that could make her even stronger. There was only one problem; Genma Saotome had a reputation in China that she accidentally stumbled across.

Seems the man was a thief of some kind. Asking people about him was like setting off a hurricane of hatred, anger, and resentment that still swirled around the man's name. She ignored the stories people were telling her as she traveled. So now she was standing at the corner of a block, about a mile form the beach and looking out over the ocean. Somewhere out there the Japanese Islands were waiting for her to arrive.

Smiling, she rose into the air about three hundred feet, changed directions, and started flying across the ocean. She figured this wouldn't be as bad as when she flew across the ocean from America. Pouring on the speed, a green aura flared around her and started leaving a line of energy in her wake. Her coat and skirt started flapping wildly as she increased speed, but she ignored it as she focused on getting to Japan. Looking ahead, she tried to spot the islands in the distance and hoped she could find it without to much trouble.

Looking down she spotted some dolphins playing in the water. Laughing, she flew down skimmed the water with them for several minutes. Waving goodbye, she rose into the air again and skimmed just below the clouds, watching the ocean below. About half an hour later she spotted the Islands in the distance and changed her direction just a little. A few minutes later she was flying over Tokyo Bay and waving at all the people pointing in her direction.

Just as she was flying over the beach a uniformed cop waved her over. She slowed to a stop about ten feet above him and landed in front of him. "Hello." She said in Japanese.

"You need to check in with Customs before you enter the country."

Buttercup blinked. "Oh yeah, I haven't had to do that since I visited London."


Wandering through Tokyo was a completely new experience for Buttercup. She was used to having a bit of personal space, but with so many people living on one tiny little island, that was just impossible. Even the businesses were a lot smaller than one would expect. Just little hole in the wall rooms filled with whatever could be packed in to the tiny spaces. Signs were everywhere, covering buildings, on arches over the streets, and canal fences.

She was just glad the professor's translator allowed her to understand what people were saying to her and corrected what she was saying at the same time. In about a week she wouldn't need it anymore, but it was just so handy that it seemed to perform a miracle when she needed it the most. She also took the time to carefully ask a few people about Genma Saotome.

At first no one knew who she was talking about, but eventually after about an hour she found someone that pointed her towards Nerima. It seemed that the guy liked to drink quite a bit and was known to most of the bars for miles around. Luckily she hadn't actually had to go into a bar itself, but found a police officer that knew the man's habits by reputation. She would have to thank Miyuki and Natsumi when she had a chance.

Though she would have to also figure out why they kept winking at her and giggling to themselves. Shrugging, she followed the map Miyuki gave her as well as she could. She wanted to find the guy that designed this city and give him the beating of his life. She didn't like being lost and only knew that she was heading in the general direction of a place called Nerima.

It was early in the afternoon when she gave up trying to find the stupid place on her own. She flew about two hundred feet into the air and looked out over the huge city and tried to spot something that may point her in the direction of Nerima. Growling, she flew across the city and ignored the people pointing at her as she followed the streets below. From above the city she could see how the canals seemed to criss cross the entire city, bringing water to everyone.

Alighting on top of an antenna, she took a closer look at the city and spotted one of the many police box stations that littered the city. Just big enough for an officer to sit down inside to keep out of the sun and still be able to respond to anything within a few blocks on foot. She flew down and landed on top of the little box, much to the officer's shock as he watched her land with ease.

"Hello." She said.


"I need some directions." She leaned down, eyes glowing, showing her irritation.

"Where to?" He asked and gulped.

"I'm trying to find Nerima or a man named Genma Saotome."

"Um, Nerima is just a couple of miles from here. In that direction." He said and pointed.

"And Genma?"

"Never heard of him."

Buttercup nodded, not really aware how scary she looked at that moment. "Thank you."

She rose into the air and headed towards Nerima again and didn't see the officer stagger back into the box and sit down heavily, and release a burst of air. "Blasted martial artists are everywhere these days. Good thing she's headed for Nerima, otherwise she'd be a problem."

Several minutes later Buttercup was hovering above Furinkan High School, looking down on the students below as they played a game of soccer. No one on the field had noticed her, but by the sounds coming from the school itself, the students on the upper floors had spotted her.

She never was one to hide her powers for any reason so she gave them a glance, noticed all the boys watching her from the windows, and just hovered there with her arms crossed as she watched the game below. She didn't noticed that several girls were also looking up at her as well. Nabiki Tendo and Akane had obviously taken noticed of her.

One was eyeing her and taking noticed while the other one looked ready to kill her for some reason. This made the other girls around her a bit edgy, especially when Akane started to glow. Even the boys were starting to back away from the girl as she growled.

As Buttercup flew over the school she spotted the sign on the gate and knew that she was in Nerima, since Furinkan was one of the land marks she was looking for. Now she needed to find Genma Saotome and see what it would cost her to learn from him.

A little while later she heard the bell ring as school let out for the day. Most of the students knew she was hovering above them by now and they all looked up at her as they headed for the gates. Buttercup was just lucky she wasn't paying enough attention to know that most of the boys were looking up her dress earlier as she hovered above the school.

Now that there were more people around, she decided to land and see if any of them might be able to give her some directions. She flew to the ground in a beam of light and appeared on the sidewalk several feet from several of the students. They gapped at her for several seconds before shrugging and walking off, acting as if a flying girl was a common sight.

She grabbed a random girl by the shoulder. "Excuse me; I'm looking for a Genma Saotome..."

The girl eyed her for a second before blowing on a random piece of hair sitting over her eye. "Well, I don't know a Genma Saotome, but I do know a Ranma Saotome."

Buttercup brightened a bit. "Can you point him out to me?"

"He's the only student in the school that doesn't follow the dress code. That guy over there in the red shirt and black pants."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." The girl said. "Just be careful, he tends to attract trouble even when he isn't doing anything."

"No problem, I can handle just about anything." Buttercup said as she walked towards Ranma. She had to admit that something about him seemed to stand out from among the other students and it wasn't his clothing. Instead she could feel some kind of energy rolling off him as he talked to a couple of guys. Whatever it was it seemed to be quite strong, even when she was yards away from him.

She also noticed that his shirt was a little torn in places and that it looked like he just finished a fight. His hair was messed up, there was a bruise forming on the side of his face, and he looked a little irritated. Buttercup wondered if he was alright. It wasn't every day she came across someone that looked like he just got out of the nurses office.

"Hmm, maybe something is wrong around here?" She muttered to herself, not really paying attention to the people around her.

Then the thought of talking to him was thrown out the window as someone grabbed her shoulder, spun her around, and pushed her back towards the gate. She stumbled a couple of steps before turning to look at a couple of angry girls. One had short black hair and looked like she wanted to murder her for some reason. The other one, obviously female, was wearing a male uniform for some reason. The short haired one got in her face, well, screamed in her face.

"I knew it!" Akane yelled.

"Get away from Ranma you Hussy!"

Buttercup blinked, and then narrowed her eyes. "Why you..."

"You will stay away from Ran-chan, or else." The long haired one snarled and pulled a large weapon off her back and drew the attention of everyone in the area.

"I just need to ask him..." Buttercup started, but the first one screamed and threw a punch at her. Caught off guard, she didn't even think to dodge or even block it. The girl's fist hit her right in the chin and sent her flying off her feet.

"I won't take any more of this crap this week!" Akane yelled.

That was a bit of a surprise. She landed in the grass a few feet away and rolled to her feet. Her eyes lit up with green energy as she slowly turned towards the two insane girls and growled.

The two girls seemed to expect this and charged forward. "Stay away from Ran-chan!"

"Die Slut!"

Reacting, Buttercup used some of her newly developed skill as she grabbed the large spatula, yanked, and threw the girl over her head. At the same time, from years of battling monsters with her sisters, she kicked out and took the short haired one in the stomach, blowing the girl off her feet and sending her flying.

The two girls landed hard, much to the shock of the people watching the fight. It had been some time since anyone other than Ranma got into a fight. Buttercup snarled as she glared around her at all the people just standing around to see the fight.

A green aura formed around her, making her hair and skirt shift around under the building power. Now that she was in her 'combat mode' she could feel that the two girls were barely hurt by the attack. The one in the boy's uniform was already on her feet running at her, the spatula thing raised over her head as she ran. Then the girl jumped into the air and sent what looked like two bags of flour flying at her.

"Flour Bomb!"

"Ranma is MINE!" Akane yelled as she attacked again.

Buttercup's elbow suddenly lashed backward and took the short haired girl right in the forehead. The girl collapsed to the ground unconscious. She wasn't sure what set these girls off, but she wouldn't stand around let them attack her for no reason at all. Her eyes flared and sent two blasts at the bags heading her way. The resulting explosion was a bit of a shock, but she didn't react to it at all. It was called a flower bomb after all.

The other girl landed, skidded to a stop several yards away, looking wary and a little scared. "Ah crap." She muttered.

Rising into the air, Buttercup flared her power, hovered about ten feet above the girl, and glared down at her. "I don't know why you attacked me, but I will make sure you pay for it!"

Ukyo screamed as Buttercup's eyes lit up and started rapid firing at the ground all around her. This set off dozens of explosions all around her as she turned and ran for cover. Then her spatula's head exploded, blowing her off her feet and rolling to a stop with a groan. Glaring down at the girl, Buttercup slowly hovered towards her and was about to land when she jerked back as Ranma suddenly sailed through the air in front.

He was trying to kick her.

"Keep away from her." Ranma said as he landed. "I don't want to hurt you, but I won't let you hurt them anymore. It's obvious you're a lot stronger than they are."

Turning, she gave him a confused look. "What's up?"

"You shouldn't attack my friends." He said and formed a ball of energy between his hands.

"Hey, moron, they attacked me first."

Ranma blinked, shook his head, and seemed to ignore her completely. "Then back down and stop the fight. I won't let you hurt them anymore."

"Sure, as long as they stop attacking me. All I wanted was to ask you a question anyway. Then I'd have left." Buttercup could see that the boy starting to look confused.

"Ran-chan, stay away from her." Ukyo panted, eyeing the smoking handle of her spatula.

Akane, still unconscious, muttered something about panties and Ranma. She giggled a little, then quieted down. Most of the girls in the school yard developed a sweatdrop. Then she blinked a few times and slowly sat up, holding her head, and groaning.

"Huh?" Ranma said, glancing down at the girl.

'Great, I found a link to Genma Saotome, and the guy is a complete idiot. Just my luck.' Buttercup thought to herself as she landed in the grass still glowing. She suddenly heard the crowd around her talking about how cute she was and how they all enjoyed looking up her skirt when she was in the air. Blushing a bright red, she turned towards the two guys and growled at them.

They turned and ran as she took a step towards them. Then her arm came up and blocked a glowing mallet, shattering the thing around her fist. She looked into the eyes a very pissed off girl.

"Damn you!" Akane yelled, slightly forgetting herself in her anger.

Ranma, who had relaxed, gave Akane a puzzled look and looked over at Ukyo as she cradled her broken spatula in her arms. He could tell that Akane wasn't completely recovered as she backed away from the glowing girl. Akane started to slowly circle around Buttercup.

"Hey Akane are you sure you…"

"Shut up, Baka!" Akane screamed. "No more fiancée's! I've had enough! I'll make sure no more ever show up!"

Buttercup sweatdropped. "Um, I think…"

"Die!" Akane yelled, her aura flaring a bright red as she used her rage.

Ranma shrugged. There were times when he thought Akane went to far and this was one of them. In the year since the wedding he started to let her fight her fights more and more. He got hit less that way. Akane didn't seem to care and the only one that even noticed was Kasumi. Everyone else just did blamed him for everything and attacked for no reason.

"Have fun Tomboy!" Ranma said.

Sitting down, he pulled some food from his bag and started eating as he watched the fight. Akane was in a lot of trouble, but he figured she might be able to beat the girl if she could control her temper. He didn't believe it for a minute though. So he prepared to interfere if he needed to.

"It's a good test of her skills."

"Who the &$# are you?" Buttercup growled as she blocked Akane's fast punches. She lashed out and gave the girl a solid punch in the stomach, knocking the air out of her and sending her to the ground again.

Akane groaned and curled into a ball.

"Had enough of this senseless fight?"

"If you hit her again I'll have to stop you." Ranma said from where he was sitting. "Better get up Akane, you did start this fight after all."

Several students gave him a shocked look, even Ukyo. Ranma ignored them as he ate his popcorn. That blow hadn't hurt Akane all that much, he could see her recovering as she lay there pretending to be hurt more than she was. No one else seemed to see it though.

"She started this fight." Buttercup snapped. "All I wanted to do was ask you a question and they attacked me."

Ranma snorted. "I don't know nothin."

"Where can I find…" The handle of Ukyo's spatula handle came down on her head with a loud clang. Gasping, Buttercup grabbed her head and knelt down. "Owowowowowowo!"

"No more fiancées! I don't care how strong you are!" Ukyo yelled, glad to have gotten a decent hit in finally.

While the two girls were a bit distracted, Ranma moved over to Akane, picked her up, and ran for Dr. Tofu's clinic. It would only take him a minute or so to get there. Then he could come back and help Ukyo as well. Akane knew that it was a good idea to get out of the way, so she only brained him after they were out of site.

"Three in one week! You just had to show off by hovering over the school for hours on end! Flashing your panties to every boy in the school no less! No more! I'll beat up anyone else that shows up! You hear me!" Ukyo yelled, just as Buttercup reached up and yanked the spatula handle from her hands.

Growling, Buttercup took the handle and started twisting it into a pretzel with her bare hands as she advanced on Ukyo. She was so mad that she couldn't even talk. The whole situation was completely out of control and she just wanted to beat this girl to within an inch of her life. She reached out with lightning fast speed and grabbed the girl around the neck.

Ukyo acked as she was suddenly lifted off the ground. Then Buttercup tossed her to ground with a sigh and lifted into the air. She dropped the twisted spatula on the ground next to the girl and saw that Ranma and Akane were both missing. This fight was a complete waste of time and it was time to stop. The one she wanted wasn't even here anymore.

She rose up high enough to spot a hotel in the distance, glared down at Ukyo for several seconds, and then flew to the hotel without a second thought. The whole crowd gasped as she literally flew away from the fight like a super hero. She would have to take care of this tomorrow when she wasn't quite so pissed off. The Professor would be disappointed in her lack of control as well.


"She'll be fine Ranma, just had the air knocked out of her." Dr. Tofu said as he examined Akane. He had to force himself not to frown though because it wouldn't be good for Ranma to see that kind of thing. Akane's stomach was bruised from the force of the blow and she would have trouble holding food down for the next couple of days. "Now who did this to her again?"

"Some chick, dressed like a hooker or something, weird clothing anyway. Showed off a lot of leg." Ranma said. "She had black hair, could fly, fires burst of Ki from her eyes, and is really strong."

"Hmm...Well I don't recognize her and I know most of the martial artists in the area. She must have just gotten into town recently."

"I'd better get back to see if Ukyo is alright as well."

"You left her there?" Dr. Tofu asked, surprised.

"Ukyo can take care of herself just fine. Akane doesn't know when to quit and back off, she jut plods ahead without a thought in her head."

"Hey!" Akane yelled. "I'm a martial artist too!"

"You don't say?" Tofu said mildly.

Ranma didn't pick up on the slight insult and just nodded. "I'll be back in a few minutes with Ukyo if she needs ya."

"Good luck." Tofu said as Ranma left, jumping out the nearest window.

He turned back to Akane and reexamined her Ki pathways and frowned a little. The girl's Ki pathways were growing quite strong and she still didn't have any kind of control over her growing power. He was kind of hoping that Ranma would train her, but it was looking like he might have to intercede if things didn't change between them.


On a darkened porch a young girl with long blonde hair sat on a swinging chair, giggling softly as her boyfriend kissed her neck and chin. She was wearing a blue dress that showed off her body as she pressed it against him. The boy was wearing a leather jacket and was quite involved.

"Oh Michael." Bubbles moaned as his hand inched its way up her thigh, just under her dress.

"You are so hot." He mumbled, kissing her throat.

Bubbles giggled again and kissed his cheek.

Mike's hand inched a little higher up her thigh and she arched back just a little, pressing her small breasts into his chest. He caressed her inner thigh and pushed he legs open just a little further, making Bubbles moan deep in her throat.

"You naughty, naughty boy." She whispered in his ear.

"You bet I am." He said with a grin.

Bubbles Giggled a little louder. "So what will you do to little ol'me?"

"I'm going to show you the stars."

"I know your hands are wandering all over the place."

"I so want you right now." He said his eyes boring into hers.

Bubbles gasped as his hand suddenly inched further up her thigh and she burst out in giggles, shivering cutely. Then the door to the house slammed open, smoke washed out across the porch, and a tall figured glided out. His form was nearly impossible to make out, except for red eyes and a smoking pipe swirling smoke around his face.

"Eeep!" Bubbles yelled and jumped behind the swinging chair.

Professor Utonium glided up to Michael and glared down at him, smirking evilly. "So you want to play with my daughter?"


"Professor I was…"

"Bubbles, inside the house. Now!"

Cringing, the girl jumped up and ran into the house. Her long blonde hair trailing behind her. Utonium turned back to Mike and grinned. "Now, tell me about yourself."

Mike dove off the porch and hit the ground running. Within seconds he was out of sight several blocks away and still going. Professor Utonium smiled to himself and turned to walk back into his house and turned off a smoke machine he'd set up next to the door.

His little girl was sitting on the stairs, her head buried in her arms as she cried. He sighed and wondered what she was thinking these days. His girls were maturing at a rate that boggled his mind. Little Buttercup was off on a world tour to find her independence. Blossom was discovering that she was both pretty and smart, a combination that was rare these days.

Then there was Bubbles, who had discovered boys for the first time in her life. She drew them to her like a moth to a flame and liked to play with them. He figured it was the blonde hair and that she was loved by everyone in town. Sighing, he walked over to her and sat down.


"Bubbles, he went too far." Utonium said.

"He was just playing."

"He had his hand up your dress, that isn't playing, that's second base."

"Second base?" Bubbles asked innocently, her blue eyes blinking.

Professor Utonium blushed. "You're not old enough to know what that means yet."

"I'm seventeen!" Bubbles yelled.

He crossed his arms. "Even when you're thirty you shouldn't know what that means."

"Professor!" She yelled indignantly. "He's my boyfriend! We're supposed to do things like that! Every show on TV I've ever seen says so!"

"TV isn't reality." Professor Utonium said. "Now you go to your room. You're grounded for the next two weeks."

Bubbles screamed, hovered into the air, and flew to her room in a flash of blue light. Just down the hall, Blossom peeked her head out of her own room to see the Professor still sitting there. Her long red hair dangled nearly to the floor as she stood there.

She stepped into the hall, revealing that she was wearing a pair of jeans, white socks, and a simple red wrap around shirt tied at the front. The Professor didn't seem to see her as she walked down the hallway, down the stairs, and sat down next to him.

The Professor glanced at her for a second and smiled at her. "Blossom."

"Hi Professor, you know she's being a drama queen again."

"I know, but I can't stand to see any of you in tears."

"She nearly did it with a guy on the front porch and that's all your worried about?"

The Professor winced. "Blossom!"

"I would have tossed a bucket of water on them." Blossom said with an evil grin.

"Go to your room!" Professor Utonium said, though he was grinning. "I'll start to get dinner started."

Giggling, Blossom hugged the Professor as she stood up. "We're growing up Professor; even you can't keep that at bay."

"Humph! I'm sure going to try."

"You know Bubbles seems to have a new boyfriend every few weeks anyway. Heck she's had five in the last five months. I think she knows more than she's letting on."

The Professor pretended not to hear her as he wandered towards the kitchen.

Blossom bounced up the stairs, her hair bobbing, and headed for Bubbles room so they could have a little chat about the right and wrong way to do things.



Buttercup rolled out of bed the next morning and quickly got dressed. She had several sets of the same type of clothing so she could mix and match without ever looking different. Back in Townsville she had several dozen different types of clothing, even a dress that was just like what she wore as a kid. These days she didn't want to dress like that though.

After adjusting her skirt, stockings, pulling on her jacket, and grabbed her pack and stepped out of the room. Yesterday's fight quickly came to mind and she started to think about what had happened. For the life of her she just couldn't seem to think of a reason why those two girls had attacked her.

It was almost as if they thought she was going to take that cute guy away from them. He was cute, but she didn't think he was that good looking. Then again, maybe she could track him down and see if there was something there that she hadn't noticed. Bubbles would certainly be willing to do that. That blonde headed sister of hers knew things about boys that even Blossom didn't know.

This was the same Blossom that seemed to be turning into a beautiful red headed genius as she grew older. Buttercup still wasn't sure where Bubbles picked it up, but she certainly wasn't a virgin anymore. She was sure that even the Professor was aware of this, but didn't want to admit it. Shrugging, Buttercup checked her wallet and walked down the street to a small coffee house to buy breakfast.

She yawned a little as she entered the building and headed over to the counter. Across the room one of the customers sat up and watched her as she moved across the room. Nabiki kept herself as calm as she could as she realized that the girl that had beat up her sister was just a few yards away. Normally she would have been working to make sure the girl's life was a living hell, but that had changed when she realized just who the girl really was.

A member of the Powerpuff girls. A superhero with enough power to take on all of Ranma's enemies and pound them into the ground like tent pegs. A bit of digging on the internet had given her the name Buttercup, who was on a world tour of some kind. Nabiki wanted revenge and she wanted an autograph, she just didn't know which was more important since Akane had started the fight.

She'd even threatened Ranma about his odd actions, but he said that Akane would pound him if he interfered so he kept out of it for once and didn't get pounded. Which was fine with him. Nabiki wasn't sure what to think about his actions, but with Akane at Dr. Tofu's clinic she knew that Ranma would have to pay for his actions.

As buttercup ordered some toast and orange juice, Nabiki started to plan how to take advantage of the situation. A real Powerpuff girl in Japan was bound to work in her favor if she worked things right. Perhaps a few fights if she could find the right people.

Nabiki sipped at her coffee and finished writing in her notebook a few minutes later. She was about to get up and head to school when Buttercup got up, paid her bill, and walked out of the café. She checked her notes and remembered that the girl had wanted to talk to Ranma yesterday. Perhaps she could set the two of them up for a meeting.

If the girl was one of Ranma's fiancées things were really going to get interesting around her. She quickly got up and headed out the door a few seconds later since she didn't have to pay for her morning coffee. The owner owed her far too much money for his own good.

About half a block away, Buttercup stopped to glance around as she sensed something odd in the air around her. It felt like someone was watching her, but that was one of those martial arts things she could never get the hang of. Shrugging, she walked down the street and tried to think of a way to find Genma Saotome.

Finding his son was a possibility, but she had a feeling that doing so would be difficult and lead to another fight. Those two girls were completely insane as far as she could tell. Attacking her for no reason like that. She would have to find out what those two were thinking and why they did it.

She turned a corner and suddenly ran into someone nose first. Squawking, she fell to the ground. "Ow..." she moaned.

"Who might you be?" A man asked.

Glancing up, she blinked and gaped at the man she'd run into. He was wearing a weird looking outfit that reminded her of some guys from China. Loose white pants, what looked like a bluish grey chain mail shirt, and bracers. He also had blackish blue upswept hair, and steel grey eyes that made her shiver. "Ah…"

"Be more careful next time or I'll take offence. You wouldn't like me if I had to teach you a lesson about respect." He snapped and moved around her, dismissing her completely.

"Huh?" Buttercup said as the guy vanished around the corner.

His head popped back around the corner and he smirked at her. "By the way, I love the green panties."

Buttercup looked down and saw that her legs were spread wide and her light green panties were completely visible. Yanking her dress down, she blushed bright red and heard the guy laugh as he walked away.



Knocking on the door a couple of times, Blossom stuck her head into her sister's room and spotted her on the bed looking like she was about to pout. If there was one thing Blossom understood about her sister, it was that no matter how bad the situation, the blonde couldn't project negative emotions for long. So she wasn't too worried about it, but she still had to make sure she was alright.


"Hi Blossom." Bubbles said, sounding dejected and tired.

"Oh please. Don't try to play that game with me." The red head said as she flicked her hair back over her shoulder.

Bubbles stuck her tongue out at her. "Alright."

"I can't believe you nearly did it right there on the porch. You know the Professor has security cameras all over the place."

Bubbles shrugged as she sat up and grabbed a nearby teddy bear to hug. Her room was full of the things. "I was a bit occupied at the time and Mike was so close too."

Blossom blushed. "How can you say such a thing with a straight face? The Professor suspects you know."

"So what? I'm proud of my body and want to share it with the man I love." She said dreamily.

"More like a wanton…" Blossom stopped herself from cussing. "…one of those women."

Bubbles nodded. "Heh, you're jealous aren't you?"

"As a matter of fact I am." Blossom said and blushed as red as her hair.

"I can set you up with this guy just down the block…"

Blossom backed up against the door shaking her head. "No way!"

Smiling, Bubbles lay back on her blue bed and sighed. "I was so close. It's been months since Eddy showed me what a man could do. I even had to change my underwear after the Professor chased off Mike."

"Listen to yourself! If Buttercup was here she'd talk some sense into you."

Bubbles snorted. "She'd probably be helping me like a sister should."


Blossom stuck her tongue out at her sister again. "Are you sure you don't want me to set you up with Eddy? He knows how to make you feel wonderful."

"Don't make me blast you." Blossom said, her eyes glowing and grinding her teeth in frustration.

This just made Bubbles start laughing. "I'm just teasing, sis! Calm down."

This did calm Blossom down a little, but she was still a little steamed. "So what are you going to really do?"

"Nothing. I've had my fun for the night, teased you, made the Professor remember I'm not a child anymore, and had a good laugh."

"GIRLS, TIME FOR DINNER!" Professor Utonium yelled from downstairs.

They looked at each other, nodded, and flew down to dinner in a flash.



"Saotome." Nabiki said as she sat down at the table. "What can I do for you?"

"I saw you watching that girl this morning." Ranma said.


"What did you find out about her?"

Nabiki tilted her head. "Five thousand yen."

"She hurt Akane." Ranma said.

"She's fine and will be back in school tomorrow. Five thousand yen."

Growling, Ranma turned and walked away. He didn't see the surprised look on Nabiki's face. Of course she quickly hid it as she turned and went a different direction. Ranma made his way out the front doors of the school and looked around.

He saw something in the distance that caught his attention. Running forward, he jumped into the upper branches of a nearby tree and crouched down, still watching the speck in the distance. It was to far away to see any details, but he was sure it was someone flying around above the city.

Frowning, he tried to focus on the object, but it was just too far away. Growling, Ranma launched out of the tree, to the wall around the school, and then to a nearby roof. He roof hopped away from school chasing after that speck in the distance.

He had to find her and make sure she didn't do anything else to Akane. Letting Akane fight her own battles was one thing, though it pained him to let her do it, but Akane tended to over estimate her skills. It always got her into trouble.

If Akane was up and saw the girl flying around like this he could see Akane chasing after her to get revenge. A few minutes later Ranma landed and came to a stop on top of an old house. Now that he was closer he could tell that it was indeed the girl he was looking for.

She was hovering above the streets looking around for something, then flying a couple of blocks over and looking some more. For a second he considered trying to get her attention, but then something else caught his attention and he cursed under his breath.

Pantyhose Taro was standing under a thick grove of trees between some businesses, looking into the sky. Ranma turned and figured that he was also watching the flying girl for some reason. Now he would have to worry about both of them. Then he watched as Taro ran out from the cover and down the street. He was heading right towards the girl's position.

This was looking worse and worse by the second. Jumping off the roof, Ranma slowly followed by rooftop. He stayed back far enough to make sure that Taro didn't know that he was there. If they were working together he wanted to be prepared to take them on no matter what.


Buttercup landed in the middle of a small park, her skirt swirling up around her waist. After spending two full hours looking for the pervert, she finally decided that he was long gone. If she ever ran into him again, he was going to be in for a world of hurt. She headed towards the exit to the park at a fast pace.

It was still morning, so she decided to try and find that martial arts master again. With any luck she would find him today and find out how much he charged. She was about to leave the park when Taro stepped in front of her and kicked her in the stomach with an evil grin.

"I think I'll play with you a little. Then I'll find the old letch and give you to him." Taro said as he cracked his knuckles.

Rolling with kick, Buttercup came up to her feet with fire in her eyes. She didn't even say anything as she stepped forward and double punched Taro. The surprised look on his face made her day as he flew out the gate, across the street, and slammed into a stone wall.

It shattered around his body as he slid down. Then he got his feet under him and managed to stand up. "That wasn't very nice."

"I'm not a nice girl." Buttercup said, eyes glowing green. "I'm going to kick your ass so bad your descendents will have problems sitting down."

Taro smiled as he stretched his arms and legs. "Bring it on bitch."

Screaming, Buttercup fired half a dozen beams from her eyes. Taro dodged them easily, but the wall he was next to was leveled in an instant. Showering both of them with dust as it collapsed. Taro used his feet to kick several rocks at her as he ran across the street.

Buttercup held her ground and they met just inside the gate to the park, throwing punches and kicks at lightning fast speed. For all her skill, Buttercup wasn't an experienced martial artist. So Taro was able to easily take control of the fight, slowly pushing her backwards.

"You suck." He told her after a particularly nasty kick to her knee.

It would have stopped a normal fighter, but Buttercup was invulnerable so she only staggered back under the kick before she regained her footing. She was back in his face half a second later, throwing a hard punch into his stomach and back handing him completely off his feet.

He rolled with the blow, flipping himself over and doing a one handed hand stand and reached to his side to grasp a metal jar. By the time he landed on his feet and jumped back about ten more yards he had the jar out and open. "I'll make you pay for that!" He snarled.

Buttercup suddenly laughed. "I've heard that a thousand times. Didn't work then and it won't now. Time to pay pervert!"

Racing forward, Buttercup didn't really think much of the small flask and even if he threw it at her she could just dodge. So when he suddenly upended it over his head and changed shape. She barely had time to gasp as he changed into a monster that would have been perfectly at home in Townsville. It stood nearly ten feet high, looked like a humanoid bull, had small wings, and undulating octopus tentacles.

Its fist shot forward and her head exploded into pain. Buttercup's direction reversed as she sailed several yards and bounced off the ground. The monster roared and flared its wings to the side as it suddenly ran forward. Raising its clasped hands above his head, intent on smashing the girl into the ground.

Taro couldn't really talk in his curse form so he couldn't insult the girl, but he could still get his meaning across with his fists. He roared again as he brought his fists down and pounded on her. She bounced into the air, swept his arm to the side, and sent her flying high into the air.

Buttercup landed hard. She bounced a couple of times and slid across the ground until she came to a stop. Groaning, she started to push herself up, but Taro landed and smashed her into the ground. This blew the air from her lungs, stunning her with the force of the blow.

Taro made a laughing sound deep in his throat as his tentacles reached out and dug her out of the ground. Hunched over, he moved back, lifting her into the air watching her every movement. Baring his teeth, Taro flexed his muscles and slammed the girl into the ground again.

This time, hard enough to push her several inches into the ground. Of course, he was caught by surprise as she suddenly decked him hard enough to launch him almost thirty feet into the air. He barely noticed as she exploded out of the ground, glowing like a green star.


Taro spread his wings and landed about twenty feet away, glaring at her with his inhuman eyes. A slight grin on his bull like features as he knelt down, his tentacles writhing around him. Green energy swirled around Buttercup as she stared down at the monster.

She shot forward with and explosion of energy, a trail of green energy steaming behind her. Her fists lead the charge as she slammed into Taro, throwing punch after punch, pushing him back a few inches with every punch as she moved faster and faster.

Then Taro stopped defending himself as his tentacles grabbed Buttercup and slammed her into the ground a few times. A blur caught his attention just as a Ranma Saotome kicked him in the side of the head with a Ki charged kick. Caught slightly off guard, Taro staggered a couple of steps to the side.

Ranma used the small break to grab Buttercup out of the tentacles and launched into the air. He bounced a couple of times and stopped about a hundred yards away. Buttercup groaned as Ranma lay her on the ground and her eyes opened. He caught her fist as she lunged at him.

"Calm down." Ranma said and released her fist.


Ranma nodded. "I see you picked a fight with Pantyhose Taro."

"Pantyhose?" Buttercup said and snickered.

Ranma smiled and nodded again. "Yep, the moron would do anything to change his name and he completely loses it when you call him Pantyhose."

Getting to her feet, Buttercup dusted off her skirt and jacket. She sighed as she noticed several holes in her stockings. "This guy is tough, but I'm pretty sure I can take him."

"Don't worry, I'll stop him. I am a martial artist after all."

"And I'm a superhero." Buttercup snapped. "This kind of thing is my job."

"A what?" Ranma asked and started laughing. "You? A superhero? HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"I'm one of the Powerpuff Girls!"

Ranma fell over laughing even harder. "That's the stupidest name I've ever heard!"

Just as Buttercup was about to tech Ranma a lesson, Taro's hand came down and grabbed her by the head. He then tossed her away as he tried to stomp on Ranma. Ranma rolled out of the way and jumped to his feet. Buttercup didn't even land; she just flew into the air.

Ranma spun around on his hand and kicked Taro in the back of the knee, rolled, and punched him right in the jaw. The giant winged bull staggered back as Ranma picked up speed, hitting several of his weakest spots. Taro slapped Ranma away and flew into the air. He roared.

Flying at Taro, Buttercup moves in for another volley of super strong hits. Taro turned suddenly, holding his hand at her, and fired out a sudden burst of high pressure water. It takes her in the stomach and sent her flying into the trees almost forty yards away. Several of them falling on her.

"No!" Ranma yells as Taro turns towards him holding a giant ball of water. "Ah crap."

Roaring, Taro sends a stream of water at Ranma. It slammed into the ground and dug up a large amount of earth even as Ranma landed from his jump to the side. Taro is already running and catches Ranma right as he's landing. Held in Taro's hand, Ranma is nearly crushed as the monster clenches his fist around his body.


Ranma's arm suddenly swings at Taro and he sends several rocks into Taro's eyes. Then he bites Taro's hand, making the monster drop him. As soon as he landed, Ranma lashed out at Taro's knee. Taro dropped to the ground with a scream of pain.

Taro flexed his wings and quickly flew away, vanishing when he passed some buildings in the distance. Glancing at the large water filled hole Taro had just created, Ranma shuddered, glad that ball of hadn't hit him. Then he ran over to where the girl had landed and found her buried under several fallen trees.

"Ah man." Ranma muttered.

That was all it took to wake up Buttercup. Her eyes snapped open and she quickly assessed what the problem was. She sat up and slowly shifted all the large trees off her chest and legs. Ranma wasn't all that shocked to see her pull that off, not after she held her own against Taro. The only other person he knew that could to that as Ryoga and even he had problems.

"Let me help you." Ranma said.

"Thanks." Buttercup said as she finally shifted the last tree off and stood up. She wobbled a little, but finally managed to straighten up. "Where's the monster?"

"He flew off."

Buttercup nodded. "I'd better not chase him. I need a rest."

Ranma nodded. "I can direct you to Dr. Tofu's place if you want. He's quite good."

"Naw, I'll be alright. Just need a few hours rest. If I need to I can call Professor Utonium and see what he has to say." Buttercup suddenly has a vision of the Professor in one of his over protective moods, screaming her in the middle of a rain storm. She shuddered, that would be a last resort call for help. Yep.

"Well I'd better get back to school." Ranma said.

"Hey, can you point me in the direction of a martial arts master named Genma Saotome?" She asks.

Ranma freezes, slowly turns to look at her, and pales a little bit. "If that asshole has engaged me to you I'll kill him!"

Buttercup glares at him and folds her arms, making Ranma glance down at her chest. He suddenly blushes, but she doesn't notice. "I have no idea what you are talking about, but I know we aren't engaged and have no clue why we would be. You haven't even asked me to marry you." She snapped.

"Pops likes to engage me to every girl he can find, then pretend it never happened." Ranma growled. "I don't need anymore girls!"

Buttercup leaned towards him. "I don't even like you! So stop shouting and tell me where Genma is!"

"The old bastard is at the Tendo Dojo! The same place where Akane lives! The one you put in the hospital!"

"Thanks!" Buttercup called sweetly as she rose into the air and flew off with a wave.

Ranma shook his head and tried to get the image of Buttercup's breasts out of his mind. That white t-shirt and all that water had put everything on display. He shook his head again and looked off in the direction she was flying and fell over, one eye twitching.



To Be Continued…

Notes: Ranma's fight with Buttercup caused quite a few responses, mostly negitive. Lots of things like 'Ranma doesn't hit girls' or 'Ranma wouldn't do that' ect. Overall, the basic idea is true, but then explain why Ranma was able to kick Shampoo during the log fight? Anyway, I've editied that partiular scene, but I figured he would have easily bounced off her head like he does with Akane occasionally. And who said he would use a full force kick? Eh, I'm done ranting and please enjoy the story.

Teenage Powerpuff Girls

Blossom: Her outfit is somewhat the same, but modernized. She wears a red skirt that shifts around a lot and allows for freedom of movement. White leggings, with black shoes, and her shirt is a loose blouse of bright red and has black edging. Her hair is out of its usual ponytail and hangs clear to her ankles in a bright red mass. She has hair ornaments placed randomly around her face to make her more alluring instead of the red bow she used to wear. Then there is the ever present smirk that confuses most of her enemies.

Bubbles: She wears the simple one piece dress, but it's been cut to show off much more of her body. It's made of a thick silk weave; it shows off her newly developed curves the most. Instead of the black band around the stomach, she wears a wide black belt that hangs off her waist. Her legs are bare, except for her cute blue shoes and short socks. Her blonde hair is still in its pony tails, but it a messy style that gives her this wild child look that can't be ignored.

Buttercup: She wears a simple white t-shirt that stopped just below her B-cup sized breasts and showed off her stomach. Then there was her simple dark green skirt, the black thigh high stockings, leather boots, and leather jacket with Powerpuff girls on the back. Her black hair is as wild as Bubbles' hair, but is cut short and covers her eyes just a little.



The Powerpuff Girls Otaku

Crouching on top of a large building, Buttercup looked around the streets trying to find her quarry. She had a pervert to pound. Eyes glowing, she rose higher into the air, used her telescopic vision to scan the streets for miles around, and was amazed when she didn't spot him instantly.

How could she lose a guy wearing blue chain mail? One would think he would stand out like a sore thumb. Grinding her teeth in anger, she flared her aura and flew across the district a few times. After half an hour she sighed in disgust and floated down to a landing on top of a tall wall around a two story house.

There was a girl in the back yard hanging laundry. Her eyes were wide as she watched Buttercup land on top of the wall as if she was a feather. She ran into the house and vanished for a split second before she just appeared behind the girl holding a tray of tea.

"HELLO!" Kasumi yelled loudly, her voice nearly cracking in her excitement.

Buttercup spun around with a gasp.

Kasumi blushed. "Y-You're a Powerpuff Girl? From Townsville?"

Still a little freaked, Buttercup nodded. "Um…yeah."

Kasumi squealed. "Would you like some Tea!" She yelled, shoving it in Buttercup's face and nearly soaking her.

Now buttercup was looking around for the cameras. Even in Townsville the people hadn't acted like this. She edged down the fence a little, just in case she had to make a break for it. "Eh…how do you know me?"

Dancing around, Kasumi dropped the tea and clasped her hands together. "I'm such a big fan! Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup! The Powerpuff Girls!"

Feeling slightly better, Buttercup jumped to the ground. "Nice to meet you…"

Like an arrow, Kasumi proved she was Soun Tendo's daughter as she covered several yards in the blind of an eye and grabbed the girl's hand. Smiling like a maniac, she yanked it up and down a few times as tears of joy poured out of her eyes. She squealed again.

Buttercup started to edge away again. "Maybe I had better go. Yeah, that's a good idea."

"NO!" Kasumi yelled, latching on to the girl's leg and looking up at her. "Please, have some tea with me."

"You…dropped it."

"I'll make you something even better!" Kasumi yelled as she dragged Buttercup into the house. The wide maniac grin never leaving her face. Suddenly she started giggling, eyes wide, little stars forming around her head.

Staying close to the floor, Buttercup tried to crawl out of the house, but Kasumi pulled another tray of tea and cookies from out of nowhere and slammed it down on the table. "HAVE SOME!"

More than a little frightened, Buttercup was about to fly out of the house as fast as she could move when a man came down stairs. He had long black hair and was wearing a brown gi. "Kasumi, who is your little friend?" He asked.

"Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls!" Kasumi said happily, the giant maniac grin never leaving her face.

"Nice, to meet…you." Buttercup said, quietly eyeing the man.

"Nice to meet you. What's a Powerpuff Girl? You sell cosmetics I bet." Soun said with a little laugh as he wandered out the front door. "How cute, well have fun playing dress up."

Buttercup blinked, completely thrown for a loop. "Huh?"

Kasumi's face was suddenly about three millimeters away with tears rolling down her cheeks. "You don't like my tea? Are the cookies bad? I smell horrible don't I? Whaaaa!"

Panicking, Buttercup grabbed a handful of cookies and stuffed them in her mouth. "See! Yum!"

One personality change later, Kasumi was kneeling in front of her again looking excited. "I'll make you some more!"


Jumping up, Kasumi ran into the kitchen and broke light speed doing so as her after image slowly flickered and vanished. Looking around, Buttercup started crawling for the door again, but before she could even get away from the table the door opened. Then a red headed girl walked in.

She stopped and turned to look at Buttercup.

"&$#." Buttercup said, cringing a little.

"Yo…who are you?" The red head asked, her eyes narrowing as she glared angrily.

"Hi, I'm Buttercup Utonium. Help me."

"Huh?" 'Ranko' asked.

Kasumi just reappeared next to Buttercup. "HERE!"

Nearly jumping to the ceiling, Buttercup turned to look at Kasumi and hesitantly took a still warm cookie. "T-thank you."

Blushing, Kasumi's eyes seemed to expand to triple their size and start sparkling. "Sempai…"

'Ranko' facefaulted and groaned.

Buttercup started shaking in fear as Kasumi leaned towards her, little hearts in her eyes. "Buttercup Sempai."


"I want you…"

Buttercup fainted.

Grabbing her, Kasumi shook her like a rag doll. "Sempai! Sempai! Sempai what's wrong!"

"Yo, Kasumi, that's the girl that hospitalized Akane!" Ranma said, pointing at Buttercup.

Standing slowly, Kasumi slowly walked over to Ranma and leaned down to look her directly in the eyes. She started to grin maniacally again. The house rank with a banshee like scream and Ranma suddenly flew out the back doors and landed in the Koi pond.

A Kasumi shaped demon head emerged from the back of house, tongue waving back and fourth with eyes of fire. "Snarl, Ranma NO BAKA! Hiss!" Screamed an inhuman voice from the deepest pit of hell.

"Eeep!" Ranma yelled and ran for it.

A few minutes later, Buttercup opened her eyes to find her head being cradled in Kasumi's lap. A damp wash cloth was being used to pat her forehead. Buttercup didn't know what to do as she looked up at Kasumi's expectant face.


"Wha-what happened?"

"That mean Ranma made you faint." Kasumi snarled.

Buttercup suddenly remembered what really made her faint and she shuddered. Which made Kasumi gasp and hug her in a vice like grip. "Ack!"

"I'll make sure he never hurts you again!"

"…can't breath!"

"I'll grind his bones to dust! Make him a bad meal! I'll tell Akane so she can punish him!" She yelled, and then she looked her in the eye. "Cookie?"

She hesitantly took the cookie and sat up.

Kasumi looked like she was about to swoon from excitement.

"Um…are you alright?"

"YES!" Kasumi screamed her voice cracking.

Trying to be polite and not to set off the raving lunatic. Buttercup took a second to finish off her cookie and plan an escape. "I have to get going."

Lower lip trembling, Kasumi's eyes started to mist up with tears. "Y-you just got here. You MUST stay the night!"

Buttercup looked at the early morning sun cresting the horizon. "Um…"


Jumping away, Buttercup flipped away from the table and landed on the other side of the room. "I…really can't…stay."

"I see." Kasumi said, sounding like her dreams had just been shattered. She slumped, trudged towards the stairs, growing more depressed by the second. Three little blue flames hovered around her head.

"…I can come back later on though." Buttercup said. She blinked in shock at the words coming out of her mouth.


"Ungh!" Buttercup grunted under the power of the crushing hug and the girl crying for joy in her arms.

"I'll make American dishes for supper tonight! Hamburger! Steak! Pork!" Kasumi declared, her eyes lighting up with an inner fire. She ran for the kitchen, already making a list of ingredients.

Backing out the front door, Buttercup ran for the front gate. She slammed it closed the instant she was through it. Holding it closed, she glanced around at the people eying her. Then she ran down the street and vanished around the corner. She figured she could be back home by midnight if she flew at top speed and caught the jet stream.

Omake End