Tormented Sanity

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She popped three pills and took a sloppy swig from her water bottle before collapsing unceremoniously against the tree trunk. She felt like she could simply just slip away any second. Her tiredness, the psyches, her general wanting to not BE there anymore was slowly taking over. It was the closest thing to being alone and relaxed she had been in a few days, and yet she couldn't let go all the way for various reasons. One, the psyches would feed her some deliciously horrid memories, and two, letting lose under a tree during the middle of lunch was hardly appropriate or safe for herself or others.

So there she sat, slumped, curled up pathetically underneath her lunchtime tree. Her earphones blasted something, didn't matter what really, to fight the voices that were competing with the music. She covered her eyes with oversized sunglasses; it was bright and cold outside and the psyches managed to give a big enough migraine to see spots and be blinded by anything with light. Overall, she hurt and… she had the peculiar feeling she was being watched.

She let loose an annoyed sigh. Really? In the middle of a school day, during the only alone break she had, pretty much ever? She took out her earphones and set them down on her lap feebly.

"Really, Cajun? Whadda ya want?" She couldn't stop her utter fatigue and annoyance from leaking out. She could feel his goddamned cocky smirk spread across his face and with a smidge more energy than she presently had, she'd smack it off his face in a jiffy. His soft chuckle filled the air.

She felt the tree rustle and a figure swing down lithely and noiselessly. She didn't need to open her eyes.

"Aw, chere, Remy t'inks y' know what he wants," she heard way too close to her ear.

"A slap on the face? Or how 'bout a kick to the balls?" she lazily sneered, not caring to move her body for his inane answers.

"Must y' be so violent, chére?"

"What can Ah say, ya just manage to bring out the very best in meh," she retorted drly.

"Speakin' of which, why are ya here?" she turned to glare at him. "Not enough skirts for ya ta chase so ya decided to bug little ol' meh ta death?"

He chuckled. "Well, since y' ain't wearin' a skirt t'day, ma chere¸ not much t' chase."

"So ya did come to kill me. Great." She rolled her eyes behind her sunglasses and settled back down against the tree trunk.

"En fait, Remy just received some good news, thought y'd like t' share in the celebration." There was a smirk in his voice.

He had peaked her curiosity. Would she let him know that?


"What, ya actually decided to let me live and leave me alone for good?" she mock gasped. "Well, gee golly, that's fabulous news!"

He let out a hearty laugh.

"Au contraire, ma chere," he began, as the hideous bell of doom screeched the end of her lunchtime hour. He stopped, grinned, and stood up, offering his partially gloved hand to Rogue.

I'm baaaaaaack! Hello everyone! You must be thinking to yourself "so many years later and this is all we get?" and I'm inclined to agree with you. However, this chapter is a teaser. "A teaser? What happened to a real chapter?"

Well, I didn't like the way Tormented Sanity was heading. It had been a while since I worked on this and since then, I realized I didn't have any overall plan for this story. It was far too clichéd and angsty and just not what I wanted it to be. So, I've been working on fixing this idea. I've re-written most of the chapters, added in new stuff, AND then some. I definitely have a better idea of where I want to go with this.

And since I'm a glutton for nostalgia (and reviews), I'm going to keep Tormented Sanity up and post the new story (Tormented Sanity 2.0) "The Wreckage" so you can see how much I've changed this as well as how much I've kept the same. You'll notice some of the first chapters have the same elements as TS, but a lot has been edited out and/or changed completely.

So! If you've like what you've read thus far, I'd highly suggest reading "The Wreckage" (as well as highly suggest reviewing so I continue more.) Any sort of review makes me happy

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