I'm excited about this! An AU! I'm writing an AU! I love AU's and the thought of writing one is making me giddy.

Full Summary: King Damon has ignored the warnings about an attack on Amity. An attack instigated by Vlad Masters. The only resistance is a small group that believes in the impending war. A group that is led by an 18-year old Danny Fenton.

Disclaimer: I own the plot, but Butch Hartman owns Danny, Tucker, Sam and any other characters used in the cartoon Danny Phantom. Maybe someday we can trade.

Chapter 1

Samantha Manson shielded her eyes from the sun as she glanced around her. Those who pursued her were nowhere to be seen at the moment. She may have lost them, but wasn't sure. She hoped they had given up and had returned home. Sam didn't care. She had no plans to turn back now that she was actually here. She could easily picture in her mind the silent anger on her father's face and the confusion of her mother's as she worried about how it was dangerous and how she knew better. She knew they would find out she had disappeared. She just wished it hadn't been so soon.

Did she know better? She was at her destination, but whether that was a good thing was also unclear. She had heard a lot about this part of the country. It was said that even thieves didn't come here. People called it Apparitions' Cliffs for obvious reasons. It was a desolate, rocky place that spanned the entire southeast part of Amity. It was just a bunch of rocks, no people. Or, as she recalled the stories, no people that were alive. For the first time Sam began to question her reasons for coming.

But Sam had known she had to do something. Now she wondered if leaving home was the right thing to do.

For more than a year, there had been rumors of an attack coming from outside of Amity. King Damon had tried to quiet this rumor. Amity wasn't a threat to any of the outside countries. Didn't they have treaties with most of them, he had reasoned. He was sure that none of the countries were out to conquer and take control of Amity. Amity's military was mainly for defense, but the soldiers were well-trained all the same. King Damon, Sam thought, had a little too much confidence in the abilities of his forces. Sam's parents had taken the King's word as truth immediately. The reason was mainly political. They were nobles living in the King's castle and didn't want King Damon's anger directed on them. Their noble status probably wouldn't have changed, but that had been the worry. It wasn't just her parents. Every noble had acted the same way. The thought that being nobility meant she had to be around people that would turn their heads to any idea presented to them because of a little money and power was infuriating.

The stories about an impending war hadn't stopped. Those that spoke about the war stood in the streets trying to warn the citizens. They had only gained limited success when it came to the people believing them. The warnings gained the attention of King Damon quickly. He was usually a fair and just king. But he'd been fortunate not to have to experience a war during his reign as king and he became fixated on the idea that while he was on the throne Amity was going to remain safe and peaceful. Because of this, he didn't react in a very peaceful way. Those that spoke out were arrested for disturbing the peace. The pleas to the people stopped, but the anonymous warnings came back. The first warnings had been sent directly to the King, but now the warnings were being spread around throughout the citizens. The King couldn't stop these rumors, and they spread like wildfire.

And as they spread, another surfaced. A rumor about a Resistance that was going to protect Amity. They had a base in Apparition's Cliffs and had already started fighting whoever was trying to attack Amity. These fights never reached outside Apparition's Cliffs it seemed and some said this rumor was false, but every now and then weapons and other things would disappear in varied amounts and never turn up. There was talk around the people of going and joining the Resistance. Most were made in jest, but others had packed up and gone away leaving families behind to fight a war no one saw.

The King had reacted swiftly. Those in the Resistance, he declared, were working outside the law as of now. If the Resistance continued the law would act upon those in the Resistance as committing treason.

Sam was, at the moment, trying to find this Resistance and join. This thought only brought on confusion as she stood in the middle of the cliffs they were rumored to reside in.

Why had she decided to try this ridiculous notion? Yes, she believed a war was coming. She was the only one in the castle who did. In some cases, she was sure that the King believed it, too. But he'd purposefully blinded himself to the fact. It was instinctual. Sam had become accustomed to following her instincts ever since she was little. They were never wrong. But besides her strong feelings she couldn't come up with a valid reason why she should have made the trip out here. She had probably come up with reasons back at the castle, but now she was drawing a blank. She trusted her instincts, though. And if they had directed her here then they had to have a reason. That almost sounded like they were an entirely different person, but it did feel like some of the thoughts she had came from somewhere else

How in the world did she expect to find this Resistance group? That question had no answer at the moment. But now that she was here she might as well try. One other question kept throwing itself at her. How did anyone live here anyway?

Apparition's Cliffs was always a hot place and Sam wiped her brow. She wasn't used to all this walking. Her parents seemed to be determined to bring her back home and they had sent palace guards to bring her back. If she had walked here it would have probably taken weeks and the guards would have surely caught her. She had hitched rides all the way from the capital to the outskirts of where the Cliffs started. It was almost noon, she could take a rest. A large rock created an overhang where there was some shade. Sitting down with her back to the rock, Sam pulled out her last remnants of food: half a bottle of water and an apple. She leaned against the rock while she ate and tried to recall any other reason for coming here. She still couldn't think of any. Had she only come because of some feeling? It seemed that way. She knew she had become more impulsive because of her instincts, but it had never…

Sam dozed off. The overhang acting as good shelter against the sun's heat. She wasn't disturbed until two and a half hours later. Groggily, she opened her eyes. She wasn't sure what had woken her up, but she was thankful and stood to continue looking.

Then she heard the shot fired.

Sam stood frozen as she contemplated her situation. This was not the scenario she had expected to find when she met the Resistance.

Don't be a coward, she chided herself. The Resistance doesn't need cowards.

Sam moved around the rock with the overhang and came upon a small path about five inches wide between two large cliffs. It ran down a ways before veering left and opening to where the battle was now taking place.

It was two against three at the moment. The three wore identical red suits with a small V emblazoned over the heart. They weren't the King's soldiers, she thought. The other two wore more simple attire. Jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. They both seemed to be around her age. One was an African-American and wore glasses and a beret. The other that was fighting was currently going hand-to hand with one of the men in the red suit. He had black hair, his bangs were too long, though, and Sam was sure they were getting in his way of fighting. They flipped around with him as he dodged and struck at his enemy. Sam was surprised if he could see at all. These two, Sam was sure, were a part of the Resistance.

The fight was interesting. The one with the beret was huddled behind a pillar as he waited for a pause in the gunfire that the two directed at him. Sam had to wonder why one of them didn't turn his attention from the pillar and just shoot the other because it was even apparent to Sam that he was winning the hand-to-hand.

Sam watched as the one fighting dodged a punch and parried with a punch to the other's stomach and then snapped a foot up to connect with his jaw. The jaw snapped up as the man tried to give him a kick of his own and his view was blinded from seeing his enemy by the sudden jerk upwards. She watched as the one with the beret peered around the pillar to catch a glimpse of his partner nimbly step to the side and swipe his foot under his assailant and the man went down as his one remaining leg was lifted up into the air as well and he had no support. He glanced at the man on the ground before looking up to check on his partner and spotted her.

The surprise was evident on his face as he locked eyes with her. He glanced down again at the man who was trying to recover at his feet and the two shooting at his partner before hastily picking up and throwing a rock at the two gunmen to direct their attention to him. He then pointed to her. "Tucker!"

The one with the beret reacted swiftly when he saw the situation. He fired off shots at the gunmen as he ran to her and, grabbing her wrist, pulled her out from where she could get hit.

"Hello," he greeted. He took a look at the gunmen before ducking back and started cursing under his breath. "Darn. I got one."

"That's bad?"

He glared at her. "I just killed someone! Of course it's bad!"

"But you're the Resistance, right? You're doing this to protect our country, right?"

"I'm not the best fighter, ok? I don't go out in the field as much as the others. And don't call us the Resistance. That's not our name; it's the government's name for us." Sam thought this over. Her first thoughts when hearing they were called the Resistance were that they were resisting the ones who were trying to attack them. Not that they were given the name because they were resisting the King's orders. But she had only heard about them from talk in the palace, so it was very plausible.

"What should I call you then?"

He gave her a grin. "My name's Tucker. Cal me that."

He glanced around the rocks to check out the fight before starting to rummage through the bag he had with him and muttering to himself. "Last time I go salvaging with him. I should have known better! He steps one foot outside and there's bound to be a battle. We probably won't get anything anyway and we're running low." He frowned as he found only one shot canister in his pack

These weren't normal guns that shot bullets. They were just as deadly, though. They were called Solars and shot a powerful but small blast of energy. The energy came from canisters that attached to the Solar. Without them the Solar was useless. It was understandable then that the canisters were the most expensive. Any of members having more than two was rare. It, technically, wasn't true that he only had one canister. There were two others in his pack that were painted with a green stripe along the middle, but those weren't for the living.

Tucker looked back to watch the fight between his partner and the last gunman. The gunman only had one hand to fight with since he held the gun in the other hand. He swung his free hand, but the punch was caught. His partner was behind the man in a second and, with a hand on the other shoulder for balance, jerked the arm and the man cried out as his shoulder was dislocated, and he dropped the gun. It was snatched up from the ground and his partner took a second to aim before firing at the man that he had taken down earlier and who had been fumbling for something inside the pocket of his suit.

Tucker watched as his partner and best friend lazily twirled the gun as he stepped around to face the man with a cold stare. "Tell Vlad I'm not amused by the easy challenges. If he's planning something and wants to surprise me he had better try a better tactic. You'll tell him that?"

The man nodded, still clutching his arm in pain. Immediately afterward, the butt of the Solar came in contact with his temple and he fell to the ground unconscious.

Sam hadn't been paying attention to the fight. A second ago a palace guard had passed by the small path between the mountain-sized rocks. They hadn't all turned back, she realized. There would be more than one searching for her. And now that she had found the Resist-the group that was fighting the war she was endangering them as well. They were considered criminals. Thinking that felt odd. She would have never thought that she would ever want to deliberately become a criminal.

A look of dread went across Tucker's face. He had seen the guard, too. He opened his mouth to speak and was jerked towards his friend by Sam.

"Hey you! There was a palace guard! We need to get out of here."

Tucker found his voice. "She's right, Danny. I saw it, too."

The one named Danny had been picking up the weapons and other things from the men lying around him.

He looked up and nodded. "All right. Put these in your pack, Tucker. I wonder why they came in so far. It doesn't matter; let's just make a hasty retreat. The vultures will take care of the bodies." The two didn't give Sam another glance. Sam followed, annoyed with them taking off without her.

"Hey! Wait up!"

They skidded to a stop and stared at her. A look of irritation present on Danny's face.

"I suggest you find those palace guards and have them take you home. I appreciate you warning us about them, but you shouldn't be here. You could have gotten hurt. This is a battleground. It's not a place for civilians." Danny's tone was serious, but also held a note of superiority.

"But…I'm running from them, too! I want to join the Re- your group!"

"You're running from the palace guards?" Tucker was the one who asked.


"Sorry," Danny replied and turned away from her. "We don't take criminals as new recruits."

"What! You're the criminals! I'm not a criminal!"

"We're not criminals by choice." Danny glared at her.

"I know that! But I'm not a criminal!"

"Why are you running from the guards then?" Tucker asked.

Sam paused. She didn't know how they would react to her being nobility. She glared at Danny when he motioned for her to go on and answer.

"I'd rather not speak about it. Take me to your base and I'll tell your leader the story if it's necessary. I'm serious about joining your group if you'll have me. I don't want to start off here with a bad impression. Let's start over. I'm Sam."

"Sam what," Danny asked.


Tucker stuck out a hand and they shook. "Tucker Foley."

Sam turned to Danny with a hand out. The corner of his mouth was up in an amused smile. He took her hand and shook it. The expression on his face was making Sam nervous. And then he spoke.

"Daniel Fenton. Welcome to our little band of outlaws. I'm you leader."

And over at the site where the fight had been three ghostly vultures flew down and carried off the bodies.

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