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Of all the Lillim's creations, none is more wonderful or purely divine as music. Beyond the wars of meaningless death and suffering, beyond the looming, confining towers of steel, beyond their monstrous tools of destruction, even beyond the simulacrum known as Evangelion, music is the Lillim's finest work.

It is truest creation, absolute proof that they truly are in the image of the Father.

A song can be happy, be sad, be mourning, be rapturous.

A song can create tears of joy or despair.

A song can make a meaningful moment become an eternal memory.

A song... a song is humanity's purest reflection.

Where God created Heaven and Earth, Man creates music.

I remember how I stumbled upon this magnificent creation. The memory shines like a luminous beacon.

Walking aimlessly throughout the streets of a Lillim city, existing patiently until my time came. Then I heard it...

It was low, barely audible and yet it drew me as if it were the trumpet of Heaven. It was then that I encountered a young woman. I do not recall her features, save that she had the kindest eyes I have ever chanced upon.

Her nimble, elegant fingers danced upon the ivory keys, striking each note with precision, weaving a harmonious melody.

It was loud, joyous, full of rapture, with an ever repeating waltz of notes that I believe and hoped would go to Eternity. It seemed the epitome of life, with joy becoming a lull, before rising in a tide of wonder. Or perhaps it was the closest thing to Heaven I had ever borne witness on this earth.

I later learned it was called Ode to Joy.

I do not know how long I watched this woman play, only that, when it was finished, I believe I had shed tears. Something I had never, nor since done.

It was wondrous... for the first time, I began to believe that perhaps humanity did deserve to live.

This saddened me somewhat. I knew I would die if the Lillim were to survive, but the sound, the pure tone of music seemed the only proof necessary.

Such a wondrous creation could never have been crafted by my brethren, and even I, who posses free will, cannot comprehend its construction.

Music was wonderful. Music was divine proof of who deserved life.

In the face of murder, betrayal, and corruption in this shattered world, where heresy and blasphemy abound, music is the absolute antithesis to all of that evil.

The woman had noticed me by this time, and she asked softly if I liked the music. I replied immediately, that it was more moving than a chorus of angels. With an unforgettable smile, she suggested that the song must have resonated in my own heart.

Her offer to teach me was refused, as I still had but one purpose; to test humanity.

But I could never forget that song, nor the joyous love in that woman's eyes as she wove the harmony together. The song had truly become a part of me, a reflection of my true self. To listen to it was like listening to my own soul.

And now, as this Lillim construct whisks me away towards Destiny, I wonder... Shinji Ikari... do you have a song as well?