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"Do you want to kiss me, Harry?"

Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, destined savior of the Wizarding World, blinked in surprise. There was just no way that he heard that right. It had to have been a product of his hormones and daydreams about the youngest Weasley. There was no way that sweet, shy Ginny Weasley just asked if she wanted to kiss him.

And, ladies man that he is, Harry managed an eloquent, "Huh?"

The redhead smiled coyly at him, inching closer from her cat-like position on the couch in the common room. "Well... don't you want to?" she pouted, causing the blood to flow in the Boy-Who-Lived's veins. "You don't think I'm ugly, do you?"

"No!" Harry assured her immediately. "Far from it!"

"Are you scared then?" Ginny challenged, smirking.

Once more, Harry refuted it, standing up indignantly. Scared of kissing you, no. Scared of your brothers tearing me limb from limb? Yes.

"Good." That was all the warning the Boy-Who-Lived got, before he felt a light, wonderful pressure on his lips. As he began to get into it, Ginny pulled back, a slightly dazed look offsetting her coy smile.

"There. See, nothing to be scared about. Night Harry." And with that, the redhead ascended the stairs, smiling like the cat that caught the canary.

Harry fell into the chair behind him weightlessly.

"Well... that was interesting."

AN: Honestly, I have no idea what the heck this was about. Now, to those who are anime-ignorant, this was inspired by Episode 15 of Evangelion, after a marathon of Eva. Those who have watched this masterful series know what I'm talking about. As always, please join my Yahoo group if you enjoy my work and wish to discuss it... God knows why though.