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Chapter One Kim Sense

'Clear. Calm…strange.' That was what this night felt like to Ron Stoppable as he set on the beach looking out at the dark ocean. It was late, real late…or early, however you looked at it. It was around 2:00 AM, and there was a calm salty breeze blowing to where he set on the coast of Miami, FL. But there was something else to it; something was troubling him. That in itself was not unusual; however, this was not what usually troubled him at this time of night.

He had done this same thing for just about every night for the past two years…walk home from work, on the beach, sit down about halfway between his house and work. Watch the ocean while wallowing in his memories, slight depression, and heartbreak. Get up, feeling better about letting it out, go home, get up, go to work and do it all over again. It was familiar, it was calming, and it was his ritual.

"Man. Rufus, buddy, I wish you were here…something it out of place, like my Kim sense is going off, but that's impossible I haven't seen her in six years."

Ron chuckled. "If only Mom were here, she would tell me not to talk to myself, it makes me sound crazy…well crazier".

Six years ago, after two-and-a-half years of pure bliss as Kim Possible's boyfriend, they had broken up. There had been no bang, no deaths, and no huge fight. It had been quite, like the beach he set on now…like it had just faded away. Sure, there had been fights, disagreements, hurt feelings, makes-ups and the like, but that's not why they had broken up. They had broken up because Kim had asked him to.

Things had been so perfect between them after the Junior Prom. They had kissed, gone home, kissed some more, etc… It seemed so natural, their friendship was still intact, it just changed a little, morphing into a bond of love that was only that much more meaningful for both partners. Things developed, and soon they had graduated, and after some heartfelt, and very emotional conversations they had agreed to try and stay together during college.

Ron's attitude about GPA had come back to bite him in the ass at last, and the only college that had accepted him was Middleton Community College, while Kim had received acceptance from every place she applied to. Ron had insisted she go to where she wanted, and would receive the best education. He did not want to let his 'handicap' slow her down; they would find a way to work it out. And they had! She had chosen to go to Colorado State, only a couple of hours from Middleton, and they had agreed to keep the team going. It had worked, not perfectly, but it had worked. They continued missions together, spent weekends visiting each other, and talked nearly every night.

But as things in life often do, it did not last forever. Sophomore year came along, and things got busy. Kim started some of her major courses (political science / international relations double major if you must know), the Villains had gotten more violent, and numerous it started to strain their relationship, and Kim's already packed life. Something had to give. It was not them, however… at least not at first. After a couple of visits to the hospital, and close calls with Global Justice swooping in to save the day, Kim and Ron had decided to drop some missions. No more terrorists, freaks, or round-the-word-in-a-night trips. They stuck to burglaries and small time villains that were local to the states. For a while, it helped. Not long enough, however.

After a couple of more months Kim was asked to spend next semester, and her whole junior year overseas in England and then France on an educational exchange program. It was a great opportunity for her, and a nightmare to Ron. It effectively ended the work of Team Possible, but they swore they would try it, make it work between them. But between Ron's work to pay for school, struggling to keep up in school and Kim's living overseas, it was just too much.

Kim got scared, nervous, and disenchanted with the idea and work it took to maintain their boyfriend / girlfriend status. Ron had always been the stronger one when it came to giving up and standing their ground…but he was not by her now. So a few weeks after leaving for London, she had called Ron and broke his and her own heart by asking him if they could just go back to being friends.

They tried it, or rather, Ron tried it. He Called…she talked, when she could. He wrote…she wrote back, after a backlog of a few letters. He understood, Kim was a busy person, the time difference did not help, and it was hard to talk to someone who cried half the time they were on the phone with you. The truth was it had torn both of them up. Kim felt so guilty and missed him so much she avoided him when she could, and when she could not it was almost unbearable, she cried and cried. So things begin to taper off. Kim did not answer the Kimmunicater as much, and Ron sopped calling as much, and they both eventually gave up on letters and e-mail. One day they both woke up and realized they did not talk anymore, at all. Things had just faded out. It had ended, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

"Sigh" Ron got up and dusted himself off. Took another look at the ocean, and started on his way again.

Boom!…a flash of light blazed out on the ocean a good way out. The ground shook, and a startled Ron Stoppable stared at the distance.