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Chapter 14 On Top Of That Mountain

As Ron approached his house he could feel and uneasiness in the air. Something was not right, he sensed it. Kim must have felt it too because she tensed beside him slightly as he fished his keys from his pocket. They had just now returned from their Christmas and New Years vacation in Middleton and had arrived home late that evening.

"Something's not right." Ron whispered to Kim.

"I know, I feel it too." When they were near one another Ron and Kim had always seemed to have a sixth sense about one another, especially danger. Kim called it her 'Ron Sense' and in turn Ron called it his 'Kim Sense'. Maybe it was always there, maybe it had developed over the years of 'freak fighting', whatever the case it had served them well and saved each of their asses on multiple occasions.

"Keep your eyes open, I'll take upstairs, you take downstairs." Ron said as he quietly opened the door. Normally Kim would have made some comment about him taking charge for once, but this time she let it slide. It was his house, and she did not feel like alerting whoever or whatever 'it' was to their presence.

Kim and Ron slipped into the house as quietly as possible. Kim took up position by the stairs while Ron swiftly and silently made his way up them, then she began to slide around the living room, hugging the wall and keeping low. If she encountered someone she would need to act quickly to take them down. With her leg and remaining injuries she was in no condition for a prolonged fight.

As Ron slipped into the dojo he immediately noticed something was amiss. The Lotus Blade! It was gone, but Ron could feel it nearby…only one person would come for it.

"We'll hello Ron Stoppable, so nice of you to finally join us." Spoke MonkeyFist from a dark corner of the room. His voice dripped insanity. Over the years Monty had only become more insane and enthralled with the power that mystical monkey magic could impart. He had continued to train, like Ron, but he also continued to become more and more violent.

"We'll Monkey-Freak; it seems you've discovered my little secret." Ron smirked from his corner, nether could see each other, but they could sense the other. Ron knew already that it would be a hard fight. MonkeyFist had kept up the training and he was nearly as good as Ron himself. Last time he had rescued Kim he had used his swiftness and surprise to his advantage; disabling the mutant before he could launch a counter attack. This time would be different, he new he was there, and he knew he could fight.

"Yes buffoon, it seems I have. I have to say you covered your tracks well, like a true ninja. You allowed me to think the Lotus Blade was still lost all those years ago, you embraced your Monkey Power, trained, and have even been in the business of saving Kim Possible's bacon a number of times. Had you not carried the Blade into battle against that mutant Gill, I might have never known it was you." Reports of incident and a few lucky photos by one of the tourists nearby had made the papers. Ron had worried about this possibility.

"I'm surprised all of you imbecile villains took this long to figure it out. Who else do you think would be able to defeat you on so many occasions?"

"You were a buffoon years ago, and your still a buffoon now Stoppable! Now I'm going to show you just what the Lotus Blade can do!"

Fist leapt from his corner towards Ron. Ron leapt simultaneously and they met in mid air. Fist slashed the sword towards Ron; he evaded and sent a swift fist into Fist's side. They hit the ground and rolled separate directions, recovering to have Fist strike Ron with a light slash of the sword and Ron throw an evaded leg sweep and a punch. The sword only grazed Ron but he knew Fist was playing for keeps. The fight continued with combinations of strikes thrown by each, flipping and dodging in a blur of movement. Fist had underestimated Ron and was tiring more quickly than he had thought; he would have to go at it full force and end this fight swiftly. His monkey ninjas were awaiting his call downstairs in Ron's house, if he needed them he could always call to make a swift escape.

"We'll interloper; it seems you have learned much in the past six years. However you are no match for the true monkey master. Now that I have the Lotus Blade nothing can stop me!"

"Don't be so sure freak. The blade has many secrets; how do you think I recovered it from that crevasse?" Ron and Fist were circling now, in defensive mode. Ron could tell the older man was tiring, but still plenty dangerous. He would have to get the blade away from him if he stood any chance of winning. MonkeyFist just sneered at his comment.

"Lotus Blade!" Ron said sternly raising his hand to his side. To Fist's surprise the blade glowed blue then wrenched itself from his grip and flew to Ron.

"How did you do that?" Fist growled.

"Just a little thing you can do only if you are the blades true master." Ron grinned at him. Fist was enraged, he was going to end this now, and he was going to kill Ron Stoppable!

Fist moved as quickly as Ron, tapping into his monkey power. Blow for crushing blow they went. Ron striking, Fist dodging; Fist striking, Ron dodging. They were a blur of dark color as they fought, each landing several crippling strikes each. Ron would slam into the matt, only to get back up and slam MonkeyFist back. Ron did not want to kill him so he did not use the blade as a weapon for slashing; instead he transformed it into several more non lethal weapons. However it only served to further enrage Fist, who countered with his powerful mutated arms and legs. They both tired but the rage that fueled Fist made him blind to all else. Ron soon realized that each cold not win, they were evenly matched, and because of the monkey power they were both expending, they would both tire themselves to a point at which they could battle no longer. Fist would get at chance to escape if they both tired; Ron had to take him down now. Ron was the focus of his anger though; any strategy he could come up with would be useless because Fist would detect it before it was executed.

Kim slammed the last of the monkey ninjas into the wall as she made her way back from the bedroom wing of the house towards the dojo. She could hear Ron and Fist battling up there, and it sounded like both were holding their ground. Fist must not have been expecting Kim to be with Ron because the ninjas were completely caught off guard by her attack. She had dispatched half of them with some well placed punches and kicks before the others could even react. Now she was concerned with Ron though, he was good, but in her last battle with MonkeyFist she would have to conclude that they could probably go neck and neck. She just hoped she could help.

Ron sensed Kim before she even leaped into the room. Enhanced ninja senses combined with mystical monkey power and his 'Kim sense' allowed Ron to know exactly when she might appear at the edge of the door. This was his chance to end the fight. If he could get Kim to distract Fist long enough he could bring the other Monkey master down with several well placed strikes. Kim did not operate like that though, she would never be the distraction; she was a fighter. Ron knew it, so he could take advantage of it. They connected as soon as she leapt into the dojo. Kim was widely trying to follow the two fighter's movements but the use of their powers made it hard for her to see them. If she wanted to help she was just going to have to jump in. She knew Ron knew she was there; he could use it if he just trusted her. He would signal when she was to jump in, she could feel it.

Ron did indeed know she was there and quickly formulated a plan. MonkeyFist was blind to Kim's arrival, but if Ron timed it right she would end this fight, not him.

"NOW!" Ron yelled; Kim was already in motion. It took Fist completely by surprise as he leapt at Ron to deliver another strike. Ron slid from beneath him on the matt and Kim's boot heal connected squarely with his jaw sending him flying through the glass on one side of the room and out above the porch and down to the beach, where he was out cold.

"Whoa…you alright?" Ron said as Kim picked herself up off the ground where she had fallen after the final blow.

"Always…you?" She said as she looked her boyfriend over.

"Yeah." Ron said, now looking her over as well. She was still protective of him, and he was of her; even after all those years of fighting villains. Kim smiled, she was glad to have a real fight again; even if it was Ron's arch foe….and to that effect, it was her who had beaten him. She grinned evilly; he was not getting out of this one. Together they gathered up Fist and his minions, tied them up and deposited them on the deck to await a GJ prisoner transport to pick them up.

"We'll, looks like that was our first fight together again. And look who saved your butt from the fire once again!" Kim sneered at Ron after the transport had taken the villain away. She was going to enjoy rubbing this in his face, especially after all those defeats in sparring matches over the last few weeks.

"Hey! I could have taken him…I've got mad fu sills if you didn't notice!" Ron happily chided back.

"Ok Ron…just remember that next time you loose your pants on a mission!" Kim smiled back. It was like old times, Kim and Ron, Team Possible, defeating the bad guy and saving the day. Ron laughed and gave her his 'for Kim' grin as he pulled her into himself and gave her a deep kiss.

"Thanks for saving me KP. I've been a solo ninja for so long now, I kinda' forgot how good it feels to have my partner watch my back." Ron said as he held her close. She kissed him again before replying.

"Thanks' for believing that I could save you. It does feel good to my partner watch my back."

"He watches more than just that." Ron raised his eyebrows at her suggestively. She grinned evilly again.

"Really…we'll he may just have to point out what he watches." Kim pulled him back into the house, leading him by the hand, swaying her hips seductively as she pulled him along.

Ron stared at the ocean thought the large glass window that formed the south wall of the bedroom. Kim was lying on his bare chest, his arms wrapped around her protectively; contentedly watching the ocean too. It was so peaceful, so wonderful…so…right. Ron was in deep thought. He had been that way since soon after they had finished making love. He was not distracted or anything…just thinking. Kim knew it and let him alone, he would tell her when he was finished.

"Kim." Ron got her attention quietly.

"Yes, honey." She said. They had never been much on pet names, just the occasional 'honey' or 'darling' here and there, but only in intimate settings; and of course Ron always had exclusive use of 'KP'.

"I think I know what I want to do about the job Global Justice offered me." He said; this grabbed Kim's attention. "Before I make a final decision though, I want to know what you think."

"We'll Ron…I can't know anything for sure until we get in the field together again…but I meant it when I said it was good to have my partner back." She looked at him wondering what he had decided. She really did not know what he would say for once. Ron loved being a chef. He was successful at it, he was good, and he did not have to risk his neck. Ron also loved kicking villain butt. He may have been scared on a number of occasions, but he still loved the trill and attention. He loved extreme sports and being the hero. She also knew he had a need to protect her, but he let her have her space. She could take care of herself and he had the uncanny ability to sense just when he was needed or when she could handle it.

"Kim…It's a drastic move, and I don't know if it will work out, but I'd like to try and be part of the team again. Tonight I realized that we need each other." Kim looked at him wide eyed. He was going to give up his dream job just to protect her. She was flattered, but she could not let him do it.

"Ron, please don't give up your dream just because you want to protect me. You worked so hard…" He cut her off gently by placing a finger on her lips.

"Kim, What if you had not been here? MonkeyFist would still have come, but I might be dead. What if I had not saved you those times? I could not live with myself if anything happed to you. KP, we need each other. I don't' just want to protect you; I want you to protect me too. I'm not giving up my dream Kim; I'm just trading it for a new one." He smiled at her, then blushed a little. "You know, even when I was scared, back when we first started going on missions, I actually got a trill out of doing them. I did not just do them to protect you, or to be near you…although that was a big part of it. I also did it because I enjoyed helping save the world, and thwart the bad guy."

She smiled at him. He had actually thought this through thoroughly. She was exited to have her partner back, and she was happy that he was doing this not just for her but for himself as well. She kissed him again.

"It's good to have my partner back" She said smiling at him.

The next six weeks flew by. Kim had been fully re-installed as an active agent, and Ron had informed Dr. Director of his decision. He quit his job, and had left on good terms with his employer. He was sad to loose such a good chef, but he could not blame Ron. The only thing he asked was that he bring his 'world famous heroin girlfriend' in to eat with him anytime he came to the restaurant. They had not gotten to spend as much time on missions together as they had thought.

Florida seemed to be crawling with the evil doers during the winter months and because the Miami GJ office was so new Kim and Ron had their fare share of work each to catch up on. They went on joint missions as Team Possible, but they also each had their own list of small missions that they were split up for. When they were not on missions they had loads of paperwork, and helped train the new agents. Ron found out that Team Possible had become somewhat of an agency legend over the years, and was astounded that the newer, and even older, agents gave him so much respect. Agent Rightsman was the commanding officer for the new facility, and while he had a hard outer demeanor, he was a relatively good guy; much easier to get along with than Will Du, at any rate. Ron was surprised to find out that he was a second lieutenant, just under Kim who was a fist lieutenant. Things had gone very well, and Ron had finally found time to plan…just before Valentines Day.

Beep-beep beep, beep. Kim's communicator sounded loudly in the house as she grudgingly pulled herself from the absolutely wonderful breakfast in bed Ron had made for the special day.

"What's the sitch, Wade." She half-heartedly answered. She was definitely not happy with being disturbed on this special day, especially by GJ, and on her day off!

"Sorry about this Kim, but you and Ron both have two very important missions that nobody else can take care of." Kim growled, and then told him to continue.

"We'll Kim it seems our old friends the Seniors are back, this time though Junior is using a giant disco ball to destroy downtown Paris. Sr. is keeping other law enforcement at bay with battle droids, they need your help." Kim growled again. This is so not what she wanted to be doing today.

"And what's my mission Wade?" Ron said looking very agitated.

"We'll Ron it seems Gill has escaped again and has made his way to Kyoto, Japan; where he is mutating citizens. The police are having trouble pinpointing him because he can switch between his mutated form and his human, so they need you to help identify him." Ron and Kim both groaned then got up to get on their battle suits.

The Blue Fox was waiting for them, hovering just above the second story when they emerged. Kim dropped Ron off at the GJ headquarters, where he retrieved a VTOL to take him where he needed to go, then headed off to Paris. Before Kim had arrived though, Wade beeped in and told her the Sr.'s had been taken care of, but she was needed in Africa to help with a flood.

Kim was getting stressed now. She had nearly made it to the site of three villains and/or disasters that day only to be called off to something more important by Wade. It was Valentines Day and she and Ron had to spend it at work! So not what she had wanted to do that day; she was in a bad mood as the VTOL approached Japan that afternoon.

"Wade, is Ron still in Kyoto? I'm approaching Japan to pick him up." Kim said to the genius as he appeared on the screen.

"No Kim, he's moved from there. I've got him on the tracking chip, he seems to be to the south of Tokyo in some mountains there, and I think it's near Yamonuchi, actually." Kim saw red. What was he doing there! Was it to see that little hussy Yori! She put the petal to the metal and headed to his coordinates as fast as the jet would take her.

Kim set the 'Blue Fox' into an automatic holding pattern and bailed out 7,000 feet above Ron's last known position. If he was being seduced by that ninja girl then she was going to drop in to give her a little surprise. She used the GPS tracking on her Kimmnunicator to lock onto Ron's signal and came down right on top of the position. As she landed, she noticed that this was not Yamonuchi, it was the peak of a mountain. 'What would Ron be doing here?' She thought as she shed her chute and began to look around. The peak was ice capped, cold and windy. The view was just gorgeous; it was like something out of a dream. You could see nearly the whole mountain range from up here, it was almost surreal.

"Wow, I wonder where Ron is, I hope he can se this." Kim said looking wistfully around.

"Oh…I think he can." A voice came from behind her. Kim whirled around, in a fighting stance, only to see Ron. He was walking up behind her dressed in a completely white gi pulling off a white face mask, and grinning.

"Ron! Don't scare me like that. What are you doing up here, and dressed like that?" She said as he came up to her and wrapped her in a tight hug. He turned her around to see the view, and then stood beside her looking out.

"I come here from time to time to think, but today I wanted to be invisible while I was waiting for someone." He replied grinning. She looked at him puzzled, and then noticed he was scratching the back of his neck intensely. Something was up…he was nervous. She did not have time to ask though. Before she could speak Ron turned to face her too, then dropped to one knee, pulling out a small white box and taking her hand in one swift motion.

"Kimberly Ann Possible, on this very spot, on this mountain three years ago, I sat and meditated for five whole days. I realized a lot in those days, but the most important thing I thought about was something I knew long before I came here to find myself….Kim, I realized that no matter what I did or where I went, I would always love you. No matter what happened, no matter what had changed I would love you. I would follow you anywhere; I would do anything you asked just to be with you." Ron was shaking, Kim was near crying as he opened the small white box.

"Kimberly Ann Possible, I love you with all my heart. You're my best friend, you're my partner, and I could not go on one day more without you. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Kim was crying with happiness now.

"YES! Yes I will Ronald Dean Stoppable!" She practically yelled at him, falling to her knees kissing him. He smiled back at her, then placed the ring on her finger.

Just as they returned to their feet a large GJ hover-jet descended upon the mountain, lading on the small mound of level ground just behind Kim and Ron. Ron was grinning and Kim just looked even more surprised. Off the jet bounded the rest of the Possible and Stoppable families. Hugs and well wishes were exchanged, and Kim's dad even brought a bottle of Champaign to celebrate.

Kim and Ron stood alone again on the mountain. The 'Blue Fox' gently landed behind the couple as the sun began to set. Looking out, with Ron's arms wrapped around her Kim finally understood what he meant when he said: 'Things were as they should be; they had happed the way they did for a reason.'

If was finally Clear. They were always meant to be together, it had just taken longer than expected, and on a path that was also unexpected. Things were, indeed, the way they should be.