Epilogue: Beyond Death

Pyreflies exuded from our bodies, swirling around us as if to celebrate our reunion. Lenne and I were finally together again after all these long years. Even if it took us on this seemingly endless journey, we were together again. Nothing else mattered. We were being consumed by a brilliant white light, produced by the strongest emotion,: eternal love. Love that spans across the oceans and over the mountains, it could carry our spirits into the next world and transcend even those bounds. I gazed at my beautiful songstress, eyes filled with the greatest amount of joy I'd ever felt not just in these past thousand years, but ever in my life. It had finally happened. I was finally at peace. Lenne and I were reunited… at last…

Mata deattara issho ni warai aitai

Sonna hi ga kuru no wo

Matte iru kara ne

Takaramono dakara

I stared at the velvet container bearing its highly valuable item within while thinking about that line the girl had liked.

"I love you with all my heart…" It sounded mushy, but mushy was good for what I was about to do.

"I love you with all my heart… Lenne…"

"Lenne…" I breathed lowly, my mind at a loss from what I had just heard. I couldn't let this happen… I couldn't…

With tears finally freeing themselves from my love's eyes, she made a promise to me, her words breaking my heart into a thousand pieces, "I won't ever leave you, even if I don't make it back…"

"I know you've been hiding things from me, shading what you truly feel. I want to let you know that it's okay. I've accepted that you want me to be happy. When you're ready, I know you'll tell me." She said at last, unwavering in her position on the stage.

"I'm sorry… I only wanted to keep you from unnecessary distress. I didn't know it was hurting you so…" I replied, keeping my voice down due to shame. I failed to protect her, the delicate purity she once held.

"Hi there…" A soft voice whispered. I turned to see her, my beautiful songstress, my love.

"Lenne!" My eyes opened wide as I saw her.

I thought she'd be on her way to Gagazet. She walked up next to me quietly and put a warm hand on my shoulder.

"What are you doing up so early?" Lenne asked, gazing up at me, her gentle hands pressed against my chest.

"I'm waiting for the sunrise. I used to do it a lot when I was still getting over my mom's death. It really helps lift your spirit." I told her.

"Can a sunrise do that much?" She asked, reiterating my question about her singing so many months ago.

I looked at her and smiled, remembering that past conversation, "Picture this… The city lights go out one by one. The stars fade. Then, the horizon glows, almost like it's on fire; first in the sea, then it spreads to the sky, then to the whole city. It gets brighter and brighter until everything glows. It's really pretty."

Lenne smiled warmly, moving closer toward me and looking into my eyes, "It must be…"

I smiled back at her and pulled her into an embrace, knowing that soon, she'd be on her way to an imminent demise.

'I love you Lenne. Even being separated for those thousand years, I've never stopped loving you.'

Meguri meguru hibi no imi wa

Chanto arun da ne

Anata to no deai mo

Soshite kore kara mo sou

Dounaru ka wa kitto

Dareka ga kimerun ja nai

Jibun de mirai ni mukatte aruite iku

When Zodiac dissipated, its purged fayth mouth its gratitude, joining the Farplane in a colorful wave around us.

"Lenne…" I murmured in venerable stupefaction.

"I don't need to be afraid anymore… I know you'll be there for me when I need you so… I don't have to rely on you all the time." Her words flowed gently amid the pyreflies.

Nanigenai anata kara no hitokoto de

Sonna koto de futari wa

Hanarete shimatta keredomo

Otagai ima mo tsuyoku omou

"Child? Fine, I'll be a child. If it means I won't see you or Zanarkand die, then so be it! I'll be the greedy one! Someone has to realize the stupidity of sacrificing yourself for no good purpose!"

"No purpose?! I'm going to save Zanarkand! That's a worthy purpose!" Lenne screamed at me, turning her back to me.

"Save Zanarkand? And for how long is that going to last? We've tried fighting Bevelle head on! Damusa lost his LIFE because we fought head on! Do you think I want the next body I find to be yours?! We can't keep this war going the way it has been. Nothing'll ever change that way! All we'll be accomplishing is losing more and more lives and FOR WHAT?!" I roared angrily, throwing the sphere at a wall in my anxiety. Lenne gasped at the sound of the shattering sphere.

Akaku somaru watashi no hana wo kawaii to iu

Anata ni deaete hontou ni ureshiku omou

Takusan no anata to no arubamu tachi mo meeru mo

Taisetsu na watashi no takaramono dakara

"Oh no. Wait. No. I. The door. I mean. You see. I." Nice speech, huh?

She couldn't help but crack up at my nervousness. "You know, you might want to get some speaking lessons." She mused.

She was mocking me. I was so embarrassed.

"I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to scare you and make you think I was some kind of perverted fan boy." I stated, trying to get back my dignity by using coherent sentences in my speech again.

"Well, I won't be afraid of you if you could tell me who you are."

It was around 10 o'clock and the two of us just had no energy left at all. "You are so wonderful." Lenne commented, her voice coming out lightly to tell of her fatigue.

"Nowhere near as beautiful as your singing."

When I got home I thought, maybe I wasn't so foolish to think she was "the one". She and I had only known one another for a little while, but we hit it off rather nicely. I began to wonder if I had a future with her.

"Um… Can you… tell me… err, where Lenne is?" I knew it was no use.

The girl was unconscious from her excitement at seeing me in person. It happened all the time. I sighed at the thought, shaking my head lightly.

"I could tell you where she might be." I turned around, knowing whose voice it was and, as expected, Lenne stood right there with her hands behind her and a mischievous look on her face.

"Oh really? That would be great. Where is she?" I was never one to pass up on an opportunity to mess around.

"Shuyin." She whined, nudging me in my chest playfully.

"Oh, so there you are." The both of us laughed and went inside her office.

Sugoshita jikan wa sonna ni nagaku wa nai

Keredo futari no fukasa wa hakari kire nai

Tada sugi iku omoide

Sonna fuu ni dekinai

Anata to no jikan wa nani nimo kaerare nai

Really, what was stopping me from getting married to Lenne? Walking around for thirty minutes aimlessly ended me up standing in front of a jewelry store, staring into space as I continued to process the idea. I loved Lenne… but was it right to just marry her because I was afraid to lose her if we died?

I was trapped between the life lost to me and the death that wouldn't come. Every moment, I felt this familiar anguish, but that wasn't the end of it. With each passing moment, I felt the suffering of every single Spiran throughout the coming Dark Age.

Itsuka mata dokokade

Deatta toshita naraba

Egao de hanaseru you ni

Ii koi wo shite mata itsuka

Atarashii watashi wo mite hoshii

"Shuyin! Are you okay?" I heard behind the wall of the enemy regiment.


Moments later, an axe tore through the lot of them, revealing Foricon, Yunalesca's strongest Aeon. "Blitzer, are you injured?" She asked me, approaching me side-by-side with my love.


Kamigata wo kaetemo kiduite kure nakatta kedo

Anata ni deaete hontou ni ureshiku omou

Shittoshitemo ikara naide

Dakishimete kureteta

Sonna yasashi katta

Anata deshita

A dream of returning to a moment of peaceful pleasure, to have you in my arms, cradling your fragile heart from all the harm that would come. Yes, Lenne… I want to relive that night, too, lying peacefully on your couch without a care in all the world. Complacent with your warmth in my embrace, synonymous heartbeats echoing a lifetime of pleasurable solace. We'll get back to those days of old, Lenne. Just have faith, my angel. We'll go hand-in-hand back to "our worlds".

'Thank you for believing in me. I think even I started giving up on the real me. I felt he was weak, that he was why we all died. I was wrong to doubt myself. I'm glad you never stopped seeing the good in me when I could only see the evil.'

Anata to kiita kyoku mo

Anata to kaori mo kuse mo

Anata to mita sora mo

Anata to aruita michi mo

We sang that song, and we sang that song again, and then we sang different songs, and after a while, I did notice that my voice was actually improving. It went from chocobo beak on steel, to chocobo beak on steel covered in thin layer of cotton.

"See, you're getting the hang of it. After some more practice, I'm sure you'll be able to sing just as well as I can!" Lenne smiled while proclaiming that to me and I smiled back, quite surprised at myself and the progress I made.

"Sure. One of these days, I'll be right up there with ya, singing real emotion to all of Zanarkand!"

Mata deattara issho ni warai aitai

Sonna hi ga kuru no wo

Matte iru kara ne

"At last, my love…" I sauntered toward her steadily, slightly disappointed at the fact that Yuna and Baralai had to be present for this.

"Is that really you?" She asked me.

I ignored Yuna, though, I had to pretend like I was actually talking to her which irked me, "Yes, it's Shuyin. I've waited so long for this, Lenne."

"But, I'm not Lenne." She whispered, upset at the fact that I called her by a different name, the name that was important.

"Right Lenne? Together we faded from this world, but I returned on my own. I searched for you; I tried for so long. It was during this time that I came to realize something: Spira will never change. They still bicker over nothing and die for those worthless ideals. Enough! I'm through waiting. I have a better solution. Spira will vanish and, when it has, my failures will vanish with it. I will use Vegnagun to make it all disappear." I exclaimed, clenching my fist while I continued to progress towards her, "And we can finally fade away together, but I can't do this alone. Please give me the strength, Lenne…"

"Thank you." I heard Lenne say.

'Yes, thank you, Yuna. I was wrong and you tried to show me that. Despite all I've done to you, you wouldn't give up on me. You did all you could and you brought Lenne back to me. And thank you, Rikku. Your light and you're innocence showed me what I'd clouded my heart from seeing for over one thousand years. If you hadn't bravely done what you did, I'd never have this moment'

Akaku somaru watashi no hana wo kawaii to iu

Anata ni deaete hontou ni ureshiku omou

Takusan no anata to no arubamu tachi mo meeru mo

Taisetsu na watashi no takaramono dakara

"As long as we're together, it's enough for me. I want you to know that you've touched me deeply." She cooed, putting my hand on her cheek, "Enough now. End this and come home."

"All of that happened a thousand years ago. Looking back at our mistakes won't do us any good. Stop lingering on in the past." She told me, putting her hands on my shoulders, "Rest now, Shuyin… Together forever?"

Yes, Lenne. Always together, now and forever.

With newfound hope, I gave up my despair. With faith in life, I abandoned my plight. Lenne and I disappeared from Spira, surrounded by that unimaginable light. Together forever… even until the end of time…

The End