Wedded Bliss?

Chapter 1

Here comes the bride

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Nodoka Saotome approached the apartment door with a spring to her step. Finally, after all of these years, she would be able to help her old friend's daughter .It had hurt her to see what the poor girl had gone through after her parents' death and not be able to fully help her like she had wanted too. But today, that would change. Today, that which she and Mariko had planned would finally bear fruit. She was so giddy she could hardly wait to tell her the good news.

Makoto Kino was busy doing her homework when the doorbell rang. That puzzled her. If it was one of the Senshi they would've contacted her first. Unless it was Setsuna, she would just teleport in and tell her what was going on.

She carefully stood up and stretched before going to the door. She looked through the peephole and saw it was Auntie Nodoka, as the woman asked her to call her. She opened the door with a smile for the woman who had done her best to help her over the years. She bowed to her "Please, Auntie, come into my home. I'll go get you some tea."

Nodoka returned the bow and walked in."You may no longer call me Auntie, dear"

Makoto missed a step when she heard that. She turned to face the older woman a little bit of fear creeped into her voice as she spoke. "Wh…wh…what? Why not?"

Nodoka beamed at her then she handed the lonely Senshi a package. Opening it she saw several formal looking documents and such. Looking them over she was shocked to find a marriage certificate with her name on it and someone else's name. Reading it her heart skipped a beat when she saw whose name it was.

She looked up at a smiling Nodoka, who nodded to her. "Yes, dear, from now on you may call me Mother."

"Alright, Auntie, which of my friends put you up to this?"

Nodoka smiled at her. "This is all quite legitimate, dear. Your mother and I did this.We thought that something terrible may happen to her and leave you all alone. So I arranged a marriage for you with my son Ranma. It was to take effect after you both turned 16. This is why I had some legal trouble adopting you; it was an outstanding contract being upheld by both clans."

Makoto's eyes rolled back and she collapsed into a faint. Nodoka giggled and approached her. "Poor child, too much information I guess. I do wonder how she'll react to actually meeting my manly son?"

A beeping noise came from one of her pockets. Nodoka reached in and pulled out a stylish cell-phone. She flipped it open and a girl with blond hair, in a funny style appeared on the screen.

"Mako-chan we'll be over in an hour for study buddies and… Wait, you aren't Mako-chan? Who are you and where is she?"

"I am Nodoka Saotome and I am her mother in law. Bring your friends on over, child and I will explain what is happening."

Makoto slowly woke up. She looked around the room to see Usagi was eating some pocky, Minako and Ami were looking over a text book, and Rei was talking to Chibi Usa. She looked around her apartment and sighed. Guess it was all a dream, oh well.

She slowly got up and Rei walked over to her. "How are you feeling, Makoto?"

She sighed. "Okay, I guess, just had a weird dream when I fell asleep."

She heard a very familiar voice spoke up from her kitchen. "What was the dream about, Mako-chan? Dreaming of your husband?"

Makoto stared at Nodoka as she walked in with a tray of cookies. Usagi squealed as she laid them down on the table appearing to teleport the short distance to them.

"These are soooo gooood," the Moon Princess said as she downed two in a single breath.

"Save some for me," Chibi-Usa said, beginning to show she truly was her mother's daughter in her eating habits.

Rei looked over at Nodoka, finally hoping to get some answers. They had been told by her that no one would learn anything else about the situation until Makoto was awake.. "How is it that Makoto and your son are now legally wed?"

"Simple really, Mariko and I agreed to have our children married. We were both from Demon hunter families and she was my best friend. So we decided to unite the families through marriage.

"We both knew that something could happen to us and that my husband was less than trustworthy so it was arranged, with a few provisions dealing with their inheritance so it couldn't be stolen or misused by either parent. It was to take effect when they both turned 16."

Minako nodded. "So, where is Ranma now?"

"In Nerima, all we have to do is go get him. It appears my louse of a husband forgot where we lived."

Makoto fidgeted nervously as her friends talked on inside of the limousine. A limousine had picked her and the others up at Nodoka's insistence, so she wouldn't ruin her formal kimono. They had stopped and picked up another friend from her house: a young, quiet, shy girl named Hotaru, and was now moving down the road to Nerima.

Makoto looked over at Nodoka and sighed. "Well Aun…Mother, what can you tell me about Ranma?"

Nodoka smiled. "He is very energetic, and active. He loves the art and practices everyday. Unfortunately or is that fortunately, guess it depends on your point of view, Ranma picked up a curse in China. With the application of cold water he turns into a girl. Warm water returns him to normal. So far there is no cure; but he has looked as hard as he could for one. Also, there are other girls after him, though I have not approved of them. I will deal with those details, Makoto, so all you need to do is concentrate on helping my son in school…perhaps one of your friends can also help?"

Makoto frowned at what she heard. Normally, she wouldn't be too upset with the curse, after all, the Sailor Starlights became female when they transformed. She figured she let that problem be until later when she had time to discuss it with him. But if he changed with cold water, he must have had to deal with a lot of problems because of it. "Has anyone helped him deal with this curse?"

"As far as I know, no one has. They merely treat him as a prize to be one. Looks like you win by default. If you truly wish to snag my son though instead of making him feel like he is obligated to be with you, here is some advice. Treat him as something no one else has: a friend; go gently and slowly let time take its course. My son has been in an abusive relationship this past year and needs time to heal. Help him heal and he will be yours." Nodoka winked at her after telling her that.

The limousine stopped outside of the Tendo Dojo and they all got out slowly. Makoto was wearing a formal kimono and walking slowly to the door, not wishing to damage it, but more due to her nervousness of meeting Ranma. Nodoka reached up and knocked.

A nice woman with a long ponytail answered it. "Oh, Auntie, hello. I see you brought some friends with you, please come in. May I ask what the occasion is?"

Kasumi led Nodoka and the Sailor Senshi to the dining room.

Nabiki was longing, watching TV as they walked in. She merely raised an eyebrow before going back to watching an American imported cartoon about a blue superhero that kept using the word spoon as his battle cry. She wasn't too worried, as if this was another fiancée, her supplies were easily accessed and the room had been wired for sound and video. If any money could be made, she didn't need to get up and do much.

"Yes, but first is Ranma here?"

"No, Auntie. He and Akane have yet to return from the store."

"What about Genma and Soun?"

"They have gone out to …meditate on the dojo's affairs."

"Fine, we do not need those two drunks here. They can find out later what is happening. As for whom these ladies are. This is Makoto Kino, Ranma's wife."

Kasumi stared at the brunette before remembering herself and bowing. "Oh please forgive me my manners. I…I was under the impression that Ranma was to marry Akane?"

As was I. Nabiki thought. She scooted closer so she could hear more while watching the TV as a cover. It seemed the moneymaking potential of this new woman would prove most interesting.

"That was an agreement that Genma made on his own accord, and the Saotome clan does not recognize it. He did not have the authority to make it or even enforce it. The deal with the Kino family was made by the heads of the clans and Genma was present to sign as a witness. He took off with Ranma for a summer training trip and I hadn't seen him till I found him here.

"The time has come for Ranma to return home. My home hasn't been finished yet, but Ranma will be living with his wife in the meantime until we can move everyone back into the house. My most sincere apologies for the inconvenience."

Akane glared at Ranma as they walked home from the store. Carrying the things Kasumi had asked for—well, Ranma was carrying all of the heavy stuff plus a bag of rice on his head, Akane took care of the delicate items.

She knew just knew that Ranma was cheating on her. Every time she saw Shampoo or Ukyo alone they would tell her that Ranma had just been there and there was the fact that they did hang off of him more often now so he had to be up to something. So she decided to punish her wayward fiancé and try to get him back on the straight and narrow. So far it hadn't worked and she had to replace her mallet due to wear and tear on it. I will get this baka trained or I will kill him in the process.

Strange how she never saw anything wrong with that thought, but people had come to accept that she would never see herself as the problem.

Ranma looked at Akane, from the corner of his eye, with concern. The dark haired girl had been more violent lately and the fiancées had been more aggressive as well; specially after the wedding. He knew they were trying to drive Akane and himself apart but she wouldn't listen too him. She was taking the word of her enemies over what he was saying and their plan was working. He knew things were coming to a head and sooner or later he would make a choice. Kami help those that got in his way when he did that.

They arrived at the dojo and saw the limo parked outside. Ranma saw Akane starting to fume and didn't blame her. His idiot father had engaged him again only this time—to a rich family it seemed. He followed her into the dojo and set the items down in the kitchen. He saw his mother sitting beside a young woman wearing a formal kimono and looking a bit surprised as he walked into the house. Definitely a new fiancée. Well, it was a somewhat tolerable life. Maybe they'll bury me someplace quiet.

Akane seethed at seeing this new girl. She was very pretty and looked like a martial artist as well. Why couldn't Ranma be faithful to her alone? This was nearly the last straw. One more detail and she would correct the pervert's actions.

Nodoka stood up as did the new girl. Her friends were staring at him and whispering. A blond girl, whose hair was running free, had eyes the size of saucers, while a blue haired girl who slightly resembled Akane, wiped the corner of her mouth. His mother then spoke and Ranma knew, just knew, that some Kami was laughing their tail off.

His thoughts turned dark for a moment. I swear if I ever find the Kami who's doing this to me, and if they are doing this for some reason that I don't deserve, I'll hurt them so bad it will make what I did to Saffron seem like a love tap.

"Ranma allow me to present to you your wife, Makoto Saotome." Nodoka presented the girl before her son.

The brunette bowed formally to him, Ranma returned the gesture and she spoke to him first, finding her nervousness striking her voice. "He… Hello Ranma. I hope we have a long and loving relationship with each other I… happy to finally m…meet you."

Ranma stared at her as the implications finally hit home with him. He turned to face Akane only to see a red Aura surround the girl. She was very visibly angry as her mallet appeared. "Ranma, you BASTARD!"


Minako looked over at Ami puzzled for a second. She had been given a pamphlet by Nodoka and was reading over it, with interest.

Ami then started to comment on it. "Full health insurance, scholarship program, live in babysitter….a very nice deal."

Minako looked at Ami, "What's that pamphlet for?"

Ami handed it to her. The title was: "So you want to be Ranma's mistress!"

Minako stared at Ami in shock. "Why wasn't I given one of these?"

Ami blushed at that. "I think it's because Auntie Nodoka didn't want any ditzes in the family."


Ranma: "Please, Makato, I'm not ready for that, please stop."

Makato: "But we're married!"

Ranma: "I know, but really, clipping your toenails in bed? Come on, we sleep here!"

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