Wedded Bliss? Epilogue

by Typhonis

I do not own Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon or Destroy All Humans or any of the other series mentioned in this story.This story is written for fun.

Three figures and a stroller entered the zoo. The first to be seen was Nodoka Saotome, holding the hand of a little red haired girl wearing the same kimono she was and giggling excitedly about being at the zoo.

"Obaa-chan, lets go see the silly bears!"

Following was Makoto Saotome, pushing the stroller forwards with a dark haired baby inside of it. The Senshi of Jupiter was smiling. Little Sakura was a bundle of energy, and little Hiro here may turn out the same way. She giggled, remembering the events surrounding the first birthday Sakura had. The fact that the entire Amazon council had arrived had been a surprise, though. The next was the old women smiling and playing with the little girl as she lay in her crib, many of them exclaiming what a momentous occasion this was, an heir to the throne. Of course, they also congratulated her on the job she had been doing and didn't begrudge the fact she lived in Japan. On the contrary, the things she, Ranma and Cologne had sent to them were helping to modernize the Amazons so they could better prepare themselves.

Little Hiro had been a surprise as well. She and Ranma had graduated from college when Nodoka insisted the happy couple take a cruise. She told them that between Cologne, her Family and herself little Sakura would be well taken care of. Nine months later, Nodoka had a second grandchild to pamper and spoil.

Ranma was learning the ropes of his grandfather's business and his grandmother's, but tried to make time for his family. Makoto herself had started working in a restaurant, Ucchan's, and was gaining the practical experience she felt she would need to open her own. Shampoo… that was one of the weird parts of their relationship. She had been fully pardoned by the Amazon council so she could return home with her honor intact, which she had done. Mousse, much to Shampoo's pleasure, remained married to Minako, and their resulting daughter was a handful. Little Shampoo was about as old as Sakura, and the two girls were friends, much like their mothers. Cologne had looked at the child, then Mousse and commented on the boy finally doing something right.

The scouts still patrolled Juuban, and the Pirate Prince was there as well. She knew Nodoka had to have had a hand in it. The media had a field day when the announcement of the two of them being married was released. Senshi fans everywhere had had the wildest speculation about when, where and what was worn at said wedding.

The Tendo girls, well the Hibiki and Saotome girls, were doing well. Nodoka had adopted Kasumi and Nabiki. Kasumi went into medicine, while Nabiki worked for the Saotome family. Akane and her husband, Ryoga, still lived at the Tendo dojo. Their children, mercifully, didn't have Ryoga's curse, so they were able to attend school normally.

Makoto giggled once again as they approached the Panda exhibit. Both very familiar pandas were playing Shogi and cheating, badly at it, much to the crowd's pleasure. She smiled, feeling a familiar Ki coming nearer and turned to face then kiss her husband, Ranma. They both watched as the pandas used their signs to beg money and booze from the crowd. They got what they asked for. Monopoly money and bottles of sake full of water sold by the zoo. Life was good as far as Makoto could tell.

It is finished. I want to thank all of you who have read and sent in reviews.I want to thank the ones who have proofread and acted as sounding boards for this fic.Without you It wouldnt have been as good as it is. This is one of my first attempts at mainstream fanfiction and I hope I did well. Once more thnk you for taking the time to read it.