Title: Crystal
Rating: PG-13/R
Genre: Romance/Angst/Humor
Summary: AU; "He's as… fragile as crystal…" To wear matching rings is believed to be the ultimate expression of love… complete detail inside
Pairing(s): Harry/Tom R.
Warnings: AU Yaoi, slash, Boy/Boy
Disclaimer: Don't own fandom. Concept behind story doesn't belong to me either. Story itself does. So does Moorinto… and various cameo characters. So don't sue me or have me erased because I'm not going to lose my very first-ever paycheck to people who don't know how to read a disclaimer.

Summary: The ultimate expression of love… In the small town of Moorinto, it is believed the ultimate expression of love is to wear a matching ring with the one you love. It could also be the deepest sign of friendship, depending on which finger you wear it on. When the semi-loner Harry Potter suddenly finds his matching ring with the person he least expects, it's an up and down coaster ride to discovering if this person could be his worst enemy… or his greatest love.


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Two Years Later

Several months after he and Tom had made up for their fight, Tom had rented a small house on the outskirts of town with the funds he had been saving for many years. Harry moved in with him within weeks as they both began their apprenticeships. Harry to a well-known doctor in pediatrics, and Tom to Sirius at his law firm. They had lived together for over a year now, and slowly the wall around Harry's heart had been chipped away until there was nothing holding him back from expressing how he truly felt for his family and his friends.

Which brings us to now, and Harry returning home from his work in the children's clinic in Lower Amity, not far from Moorinto Proper.

Harry turned the key in the lock and opened the door silently. He flipped on the light switch next to the door, toed off his shoes, and placed his coat upon the rack.

"I'm home!" he called out. When he didn't hear the expected reply, he frowned, loosening the tie around his neck. He walked through the parlor into the living room, squinting into the darkness. His hand felt along the wall until he found the light switch and flicked it on.

"Surprise!" Harry gaped soundlessly around the room, his eyes wide. The room was filled with all of his friends and family, all grinning happily at his astonishment. Above the fireplace was a colourful banner proclaiming loudly, "Happy Birthday, Harry!" and balloons and streamers filled every nook and cranny of the room.

Harry grinned and laughed loudly as everyone began sprouting birthday wishes, each coming forward to shake his hand and give him hugs. Nadi cheerfully strapped a glittery hat onto his head that read 'Happy Birthday', and kissed his cheek. As the congratulations died down, strong arms wrapped around his waist from behind and a soft kiss was placed on his neck.

Harry turned to give his boyfriend a proper kiss, his eyes bright and sparkling.

"You didn't have to go through all this trouble," Harry murmured in protest, weak even to his ears.

"Yes I did," Tom disagreed. "You've been working too hard at the clinic. You deserve this." Harry smiled softly at him, his eyes filled with love.

"Thank you," he whispered against Tom's lips. Tom smiled at him.

"You're welcome."

The two joined the rest of the crowd and the party was put in full swing. Ron switched on the music with a smirk in Harry's direction, and Harry groaned as he recognized the song from the ill-fated, 'let's-pretend-this-never-happened' karaoke night from several months before. The living room, which had been cleared of furniture for the night, was soon turned into a dance floor as couples began to join together in the middle of the room.

Nadi, who had begun an early apprenticeship at the Le Café l'Amore in Upper Amity, served her self-prepared meal not too long after, and the dining room was filled with chatter as people enjoyed the delicious banquet she had prepared in Harry's honor. After cake came the gifts, of which there were many, and the party atmosphere was replaced with a comfortable amiability. Tom was questioned (for the hundredth time, as he kept reminding Nadia) on the sudden reappearance of Harry's thought-to-be-lost ring, and his tale was continuously interrupted by Pansy, who merely smirked and stuck her tongue out at Tom whenever he glared at her for doing so.

"On her way back from my birthday," Tom said, "Pansy noticed something on a nearby water fountain. When she checked to see what it was, she saw the ring."

"For a moment," Pansy interrupted, "I thought it was Tom's. But it was too small and much more scuffed up than his was."

"Anyway," Tom glared at her as he continued, "she took it with her to her jewelry shop, polished it, and brought it to my house the next weekend. I knew immediately who it belonged to," here he looked at Harry with a raised eyebrow, who blushed and stuck his own tongue out childishly, "so I kept it. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I always kept it on me." All of the girls in the room awwed and cooed at the couple, who rolled their eyes humorously.

"And then came the day at the hospital," said Harry. Tom sighed at the second interruption.

"I had taken to wearing Harry's ring as well as my own, and when I saw him that day I gave him mine. After all," he said, smiling softly at Harry, "our rings fit the other's left ring finger."

Everyone smiled fondly at the couple and the girls cooed again at the romanticism of it all.

As the party was winding down to a close, Tom stood up and raised his champagne glass in the air.

"I would like to give Harry one last birthday gift," he said. He took Harry's hand and lifted him to his feet. Harry blinked at him in confusion as the others exchanged knowing smiles. "Harry," he said softly, looking into his eyes. "I've been thinking long and hard about this decision, but really, it was quite an easy one to make."

Tom knelt to one knee and Harry inhaled sharply.

"Harry, will you marry me?"

Harry's smile could have lighted a city.

"Yes." Harry wrapped his arms around Tom's neck, kissing him repeatedly, and the room cheered as Tom slid a replica of their rings with the addition of diamonds placed into the gold band onto Harry's finger. Sirius clapped Tom's father heartily on the back with a loud, "Welcome to the family!" and Mrs. Riddle burst into tears while Remus patted her softly on the shoulder. Nadia squealed loudly and glomped the nearest person, who happened to be Pansy's husband Draco, who then gasped loudly and asked her to loosen her grip so he could breath.

Once more, congratulations were passed around the room. Not too long after, everyone left for their respected homes and only Tom and Harry were left.

"I love you," Harry whispered, his forehead resting against his fiancé's.

"I love you too," Tom murmured back.

Their hands clasped together in a silent promise, their rings sparkling gently amidst the candlelight.

And, as promised, they all lived happily ever after.

Harry became a world-renown pediatrician specializing in neonatology. He became so famous that people around the world would travel thousands of miles simply to ask for his help.

Tom worked his way up through the ranks as a lawyer. He became the youngest Supreme Court Judge ever elected and was widely regarded as the fairest the country had ever seen.

Nadia became Head Chef at Le Café l'Amore within four years of her apprenticeship. She married a nice young man named Nicholas Jones and had three children, who are all (in Tom's words) holy terrors.

Remus and Sirius retired early from their positions and moved to a small cottage along a beach several miles from the town of Moorinto. As Sirius always says, "Life's no fun if you don't have sand in places you've never even known you had."

Ron proposed to Hermione shortly after graduating college, which she accepted. They are expecting their third and fourth child, twin boys to be named after their godfathers, Tom and Harry.

Tom and Harry were married on their third anniversary, and are still happily together to this day.

The End


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