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House stood in the hallway of the hospital, watching Stacey with her husband. He did his job he saved him. Not that he wanted to, but he did what was right. He saved her husband for her to live happily ever after with. If you believe in that crap.

"Dr. House, how's he doing?" House took a deep breath before turning around, he knew it was her before she said anything.

"Never better," Houses intense blue eyes met hers, for a few brief seconds his guard was down. She could see the pain, the longing, but most of all sadness. Then it was gone he pulled the walls back up pushing her out. Her mouth opened and the words escaped before she could really think it through.

"I thought you were to screwed up to love anyone. I was wrong, you just couldn't love me. Its good, I'm happy for you." Cameron turned away from him, and started to walk away. What is wrong with me? Why would I say something like that? The poor guy looked like someone just ran over his dog. Well maybe like someone took away his vicodin.

Cameron had just made her way around the corner when something made her stop. She turned around and saw that he was in the same spot she had left him. He looked defeated his whole body was slumped forward his cane seemed to be the only thing holding him up. He looked up as she approached him giving her his best get lost look. Which almost made her lose her nerve but it wasn't enough.

"To hell with it" Cameron muttered before closing the reaming distance between them. She glanced around quickly to make sure no one was watching, before she reached up and grabbed his face in her hands. Pulling his lips down to meet hers in a demanding kiss. Cameron licked and nipped at his lips forcing him to open his mouth to her. House let his arms wrap around her and his tongue explore hers for a few seconds, before pushing her away. House looked down at her for a moment his icy blue eyes seemed to be looking right through her, to her very soul. He grabbed her arm and pulled her roughly across the hall into a empty office. Neither one of them saw Stacey watching from the window of her husbands room.

"What the hell was that?" House asked once the door was closed behind them. His breathing was labored but he couldn't tell if it was from the kiss or his anger.

"That was a kiss," Cameron looked up at House her own breathing was labored. He was looking at her with such intensity that she had to look away.

"I know it was a kiss it hasn't been that long, but what in the hell do you think you were doing? Poor crippled doctor needs someone to fix him. I don't need your pity, and I sure as hell don't need you to fix me." House couldn't look at her anymore he needed to get away from her. He left the small office without looking back. He didn't see the tears streaming down her face.

Cameron stood in the small office watching him walk away. Trying to figure out what just happened. She didn't pity him and she sure as hell wasn't trying to 'fix' him. Cameron decided then that he was just running away. He was trying to push her away. She wasn't going to let that happen.

"I wouldn't go in there if I were you. He's in a hell of a mood." Chase warned as she approached House's office.

"Thanks, but I'll take my chances." Cameron pulled the door open and slipped in as quietly as possible. Chase shook his head as he headed away from the office before he got caught up in anything.

"Whatever it is it can wait. Now run along little one." House called out he knew it was Cameron, but he wasn't in the mood to deal with her. Plus he was almost to the final level of his game he still needed to kill the evil frog king. Cameron walked around behind him leaning over his shoulder watching the little man run across the screen.

"Are you trying to distract me by rubbing your breast against my back?" House asked pausing his game to look over his shoulder at Cameron . Noticing the slight blush rising in her cheeks. As he looked up to meet her eyes.

"No, I just wanted to talk to you." Cameron held her ground she wasn't willing to look away first.

"What makes you think I want to talk to you" House replied with a smirk before turning back to his game. Cameron reached out and grabbed the game from him before he could start the game again.

"Hey that's mine" House tried to grab it back but Cameron pulled it away.

"You can have it back after we talk." Cameron tucked the gameboy into the back of her pants. Almost daring House to go after it.

"Is this where I promise to talk about my feelings, so you will give me back my toy."

Cameron rolled her eyes as she sat down on the corner of his desk. House's feet brushed against her side as he pulled them down off of the desk. Moving his chair over in front of where Cameron sat on his desk. House placed his hands on each side of her hips his fingers brushing across them.

"What are you doing?" Cameron tried not to squirm under his intense gaze. He was trying to scare her and she knew it.

"I thought this is what you wanted." House leaned into her invading her personal space. His face was hovering a mere inch from hers. His breath tickled across her lips, as he leaned in closer his fingers running across her hips. House pulled her closer, his lips brushing across hers for an instant before he pulled away leaning back in his chair.

"This is mine." House held up his gameboy, that he had slipped away from her.

"You took it?" Cameron was still in shock, House had kissed her twice. His closeness had clouded her head. She wasn't even thinking about the gameboy.

"Of course it's mine, and you were holding it hostage so I had to rescue it."

"You did all of that to get your game back?"

"Well yeah, but don't worry it was fun too." House winked at her before turning his gameboy on and starting his game again. Good thing he had the sense to save it.

"You can be such a bastard you know that?" Cameron stood up one of her legs was in between House's, and when she went to move it he locked his legs around it. His eyes still on his game.

"Going somewhere?" House's legs tightened around her leg as if to tell her she wasn't going anywhere.

"I need to go home, will you let go of my leg?" Cameron tried to pull her leg away, but House held on.

"You don't want to talk anymore?" House's eyes were still glued to his game, he moved his legs so that they locked at the ankle around her leg.

"Why? So you can make fun? Or insult me? I don't think so I've had enough. Now move your leg." Cameron pushed against his leg again but he held strong, unwilling to let her go just yet.

"I'm sensing a lot of hostility from you. Is this because I took my gameboy back?" House looked up at her, Cameron wouldn't look at him. She busied herself with trying to get her leg loose.

"Is everything a game to you? If you can't figure it out its not worth playing?" Cameron gave up on freeing her leg and looked up at House. Meeting his eyes, she wasn't quite prepared for what she saw. He wasn't playing with her he really didn't want her to leave. It was all there pain, need, longing, passion, and something that she couldn't quite figure out.

"Everyone likes a good puzzle." House moved his hand to her leg that was trapped between his, pushing slightly against her thigh. Until Cameron moved to sit back against the desk.

"Is that what I am a puzzle for you to try and figure out?" He left his hand against her thigh. The slight weight of his hand was distracting to say the least.

"I think I already have." House let go of her leg, letting her know she was free to go if she wanted to. She didn't move. Slowly she moved her hand to place it over his on her thigh.

"Have you?" Cameron slowly moved in closer to him, his hand drifting up higher. She knew she was playing with fire, but she had already come to far to stop now.

"I have." House set his gameboy down on the desk next to her, he used his now free hand to pull her head down to his. He stopped with her lips a breath away from his, his breath tickled across her lips. "Do you know what your getting yourself into?" he didn't wait for her reply before crashing his lips to hers. House immediately gained access to her mouth, a soft moan escaped her throat when his tongue met hers for the first time. Cameron used her free hand to caress his stubble covered cheek. Pulling him in even closer, the stubble teasing her finger tips sending a shiver down her spine.

They were both so caught up in the kiss that neither one of them heard the door open. Wilson, Forman, and Chase stood in the door way in shock their mouths hanging open slightly. After the initial shock wore off, Wilson cleared his throat. House and Cameron broke apart their eyes darting towards the door. Cameron tried to move off the desk once again, but House quickly caught her leg again. Leaning in to whisper "We're not done talking yet." A blush started at Cameron's chest and moved up to her cheeks as she looked down at her hand that was covering House's on her thigh. Studying it trying to pretend that she wasn't just caught making out with her boss.

"Did you need something?" House didn't even try to hide his annoyance at their ill timed visit.

"Are we interrupting?" Wilson was smirking, he really was enjoying this.

"What do you think?" House glared at Wilson, but he didn't seem to be fazed by it.

"Touché. I just came by to check on you."

"I'm fine now run along, and take the little ones with you." House pointed towards Chase and Forman. Both of them were watching Cameron who hadn't said a word since they came in.

"I can see that. I also came up here to give you the heads up on something, I just found out from Cuddy." The smirk left Wilson's face and was replaced with a look of concern, when he mentioned what he found out from Cuddy. He really was dreading telling House, but it was better if he heard it from him.

"Fine tell me then go." House was really starting to lose his patience, not that he had any to begin with.

"It's kind of personal." Wilson looked at House and nodded his head towards the other room.

"Don't tell me Cuddy's hitting on you again, doesn't she know your married? And you only cheat with nurses." Wilson rolled his eyes. House could be such an ass sometimes.

"She didn't hit on me and I don't cheat on my wife."

"What about that nurse from I.C.U? What was her name Mary, Martha, Sue?" House was the one smirking now, turn about was fair game.

"Her name was Beth, but this isn't about me." Chase looked over at Wilson the name obliviously rang a bell.

"You went out with her?" Chase was staring at Wilson, watching his face twitch up into a small smirk at the memory.

"They did a lot more than go out. Didn't you?"

"That's not any of your business." Wilson was really starting to get annoyed. All he need to do was tell House then he could leave.

"She wouldn't even give me her number." Chase muttered causing House and Forman to chuckle softly.

"Greg your making this a lot harder than it has to be."

"Oh no your using my first name it must be big." House rolled his eyes locking up at Cameron for the first time since they were interrupted. She was playing with his fingers, her eyes trained on his hand that rested on her thigh.

"You can be such an ass. Cuddy hired Stacy she's going to be one of the Lawyers on staff here." Wilson was waiting for House to yell or throw something, but he didn't. He looked back to Cameron who lifted her head for the first time since they came in. They seemed to have a whole conversation with just that one look.

"Good for her. I think its time to call it a day. Come on." House stood up still holding onto Cameron's hand and pulling her up to stand in front of him.

"Where are we going?" It was the first thing that Cameron had said since they were interrupted.

"She can speak. I was worried for a little while there. I was afraid I had taken away your ability to speak." House put his gameboy in his bag then grabbed his jacket.

"Don't be an ass. Where are we going?"

"You'll see." House handed Cameron her jacket before heading towards the door. Where Wilson, Forman, and Chase were watching their little exchange from.

"How long has this been going on?" Chase never seemed to know when to keep his mouth shut.

"What do you think he could be talking about?" House turned to Cameron a light of amusement in his eyes.

"I don't know Dr. Cameron." House stopped in front of the door waiting for Cameron to get her bag. He looked out the door just in time to see Cuddy and Stacey headed for his office.

"Great the gruesome twosome." House muttered limping into the other office where Cameron was gathering her things.

"You ready?" House needed to get out of there before Cuddy or Stacey saw him.

"Yeah." Cameron grabbed her bag and followed House to the door.

"Dr. House, Dr. Cameron." Cuddy called out to them just as House had his hand on the door handle.

"Damn. Come on lets make a run for it?"

"We can't." Cameron placed her hand on his arm to keep him from opening the door.

"Spoil sport." House turned to Cuddy who was now standing behind them. "Can this wait? As you can see we were just about to head out."

"Your leaving together?" Cuddy was watching them closely. Something was different, she wasn't sure what yet. She would have to ask Wilson about it.

"Can't get anything past you. Now was there a reason for your visit? Or did you just miss me?" Cuddy rolled her eyes, then glanced into the other room where Stacey was waiting.

"I hired Stacey, her husband needs extended care here so I figured…" House cut her off not in the mood for a long explanation.

"That you might as well get something out of it, I already knew Wilson told me. Now as you can see we were just leaving. Come on." House took Cameron's elbow to lead her out the door he had just opened.

Neither Cameron or House had said a word since they left his office both of them lost in their own thoughts. Cameron's head was resting against the window, her eyes closed. Her mind was reeling, she was caught making out with her boss. Not just that now she was in his car going… well she wasn't really sure where she was going but the point was they were alone now.

House flicked his CD player on as he backed the car out of his parking spot at the hospital. He wasn't really sure where he was taking Cameron, it was all a spur of the moment type of thing. Now he was wracking his brain trying to come up with a place to go. He could take her back to his place but that might be a bit to awkward. House smiled slightly as the perfect place came to mind and it was close by too.

"You brought me to a bar?" Cameron looked out the window at the small bar. They were only a few blocks from the hospital.

"What? Did you think I was going to take you back to my place? I'm not that easy." House pulled the car into a parking spot close to the door, and got out of the car waiting for Cameron to follow.

Once inside they made their way over to a booth in the corner. House slid all the way into the seat with his back resting against the wall. Cameron followed suit stretching out on her side of the table. It had been a long week and she was more than ready to relax.

A waitress brought over a beer and a shot of scotch sitting them in front of House she turned to Cameron. "What can I get you?" Cameron glanced over at House before answering. "I'll take whatever he's drinking." the waitress nodded before walking off to get her drink.

"So do you come here often?" Cameron cringed as soon as the words left her mouth. She rested her head back against the wall closing her eyes not wanting to see the look she knew House was giving her.

"I usually grab a beer here after work, on Friday's with Wilson." Cameron looked over at House, shocked that for once he gave an honest answer. House's head was resting back against the wall his eyes closed.

"Here's your drink can I get you anything else?" The waitress sat Cameron's beer and shot in front of her.

"No thanks."

"Shouldn't you pace yourself?" Cameron downed her third shot and chased it with half of her second beer. Ignoring the look House was giving her.

"I can hold my own. Can you point me towards the restroom?" Cameron slid from the booth heading in the direction House had pointed. House shook his head before closing his eyes and resting his head against the wall again.

"Did Cameron come to her sense's and leave you alone?" House opened his eyes to find a smiling Wilson. House rolled his eyes looking over at Foreman and Chase who were standing next to Wilson. Wilson and Chase slid into the both across from House, and Forman pulled a chair over to the table.

"Hey guys," Cameron returned to the table before House had a chance to reply. Cameron stood at the end of the table by House's feet.

"Move your legs." Cameron smiled at House as she slid into the booth, reaching across the table to grab her beer.

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